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Best Golf Tees for High Handicappers | Top Rated Golf Tees for Distance

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Golf tees have been around for a while, but not since the very beginning of golf. In the beginning, golfers used to use a tiny stack of sand scrapped together, and the ball placed on top of the pile to get loft of the ball for their driver. Over time, the technology of golf tees has evolved drastically, and now you can find some of the best golf tees for high handicappers here!

They can now be made of plastic, wood, bamboo, or mesh materials. Golf equipment, gear, and game-improvement space are necessary to discover the most fantastic products for your game. Selecting the best golf tees for high handicappers might assist you in gaining distance off the tee and shooting lower scores.

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They are elevated from the ground, allowing golfers to avoid contact with the ground and strike the ball low. Additionally, it keeps the golf ball on the golf grass, which lowers the impact and dramatically decreases the distance traveled by your swing.

Every golfer requires golf tees. Apart from the putter and golf ball, it is the only equipment utilized on every hole. Some even use it to repair a divot mark on the green. (See our best divot repair tools here)

At least the majority of us do; only the most confident ball-strikers place a ball on the ground for a tee shot. Before exploring our list, you should first learn what to consider while shopping for the best golf tees for high handicappers.

What are golf tees made out of?

So the first thing you should keep in mind is the Material of the tees. Because quality, durability, and performance mainly depend upon the Material used. Especially four Materials are used in the composition of tees.


These bamboo tees are the strongest wooden tees available. Bamboo tees are an excellent deal due to their endurance, and unlike painted or plastic tees, they do not mark the bottom of your clubs.


Wooden tees are the most often used tees by golfers of all abilities since they can be molded and tailored to your specifications and are biodegradable. It’s easy to embellish a wooden tee with paint and other embellishments.


Plastic tees have grown in popularity in recent years and are one of the best tees available. These tees are available in various lengths, colors, and tee lengths; they offer just as many alternatives as wooden tees. Additionally, plastic tees are available with no restriction and included in the category of Zero Friction Tees, which have a prong shape that reduces friction at impact and allows the golfer to place the ball on a smaller surface area with less friction.


Rubber golf tees are inserted into the carpets to easily replace and withstand a beating without losing shape. Rubber tees frequently use on practice ranges’ hitting mats. So in this way, these are the best golf tees for turf mats.

What length of golf tee should I buy as a mid handicapper?

For a mid handicapper, we recommend that you get a golf tee that is longer than 2 3/4″. This allows you to tee the ball higher and give the driver club face more room for contact with the golf ball. Golf tees typically range in length from 2 1/4″ to 4.” As a general guideline, if you’re going for maximum distance, longer tees are ideal, while shorter ones can aid inaccuracy.

Style of golf tees for high handicappers

Standard Tees

The majority of professional golfers prefer standard tees. They are composed of wood and come in various colors and lengths ranging from 2 14″ to 3″ to 4″ inches in height tees. A standard tee shirt can easily be purchased in bulk and customized in any way desired.

Brush Tees

A Mike Dean favorite. Brush tees are constructed from various heights and colors of plastic and then topped with soft bristles that are sturdy enough to hold the ball in place. These bristles result in a significant decrease in friction at the point of contact and increased distance.

Zero Friction Tees

Zero friction tees, composed of plastic, claim to increase distance by up to five yards with each drive. The reasoning for this claim is that the tees lessen the amount of friction produced by standard tees.
These tees are often built with several prongs to elevate the golf ball into contact with the club’s hitting area. Tees with zero friction are available in the exact sizes as traditional hardwood tees.

Best golf tees for high handicappers list:

1. Martini Step-up Golf Tees

Overall best golf tees for high handicappers

These are three and quarter-inch tees, as the name implies. Furthermore, they are composed of a polymer resin blend (plastic). However, the exciting thing about these tees is that your shots will fly straighter.

Martini tees are manufactured in Michigan, USA, and adhere to the USGA Rules of Golf, making them legal for tournament use in events governed by the USGA.

These would be perfect tees for taller players due to the cup’s depth and the ball’s elevation. Martini Step-up tees feature a big cup that tilts toward the target during impact, lowering club-head resistance by up to 20%. These tees independently verify to result in farther and straighter drives than standard hardwood tees in laboratory tests.

These unbreakable tees are made of a polymer resin combination and are renowned for their extraordinary durability. They available in a range of vibrant colors and are easily identifiable. There is no possibility of it depositing paint on your golf clubs, which means that you can save every time you shoot.

These tees paired with the best golf balls for beginners, you will be all set for your next round on the golf course. 


  • Excellent ball support
  • Versatile tees
  • Best for tall players
  • Simple yet effective
  • Vibrant colors
  • Durable


  • Resting the ball on the small cup

2. Four More Yards Golf Tees – Zero Friction Golf Tee

Best Brush Golf Tees for High Handicappers

Four More Yards tees are made of plastic with an elastomer crown and feature a flexible six-prong top that flexes at contact, reducing friction for more accurate drives that travel “4 Yards More.” Less friction equals less sidespin. The goal behind these tees is to reduce friction between the ball and the tee. It always has a steady tee height.

It is available in lengths of 1 ½ inch, two ¾ inches, and three ¼ inches. The longer tees are more suited to drivers and fairway woods, while the shorter tees are better suited to hybrids and irons. The perfect tee height constantly achieves by using a solid color on the bottom of the tee.

The six-prong top lowers friction when opposed to the original design, which features a hollowed-out tee top. The manufacturer guarantees a minimum of 100 shots off the same tee without it breaking due to the combination of materials and the flexible design. It is beneficial to both saving you money and helping to keep tee boxes clean.

Additionally, this is the only Best Golf Tee that has increased distance when reviewed by robots. The soft top makes it difficult to push the tee into firmer turf and makes tracking difficult once it has bounced off the ground. A positive side is that the ball is more likely to remain stationary in windy conditions when you tee it up.


  • Longevity
  • Less friction means less spin off the tee.
  • The best choice for big-headed drivers.
  • The color bar shows the tee’s lenght.
  • Uniform tee height
  • Reduces ball spin


  • It’s sometimes hard to press into the earth.

3. Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

Best High Handicappers Golf Tees for Distance

It is one of the best-performing tees in golf, having been the top-performing tee on the PGA Tour since 2005, guiding golfers to 70 victories and more than 320 top-10 finishes. The Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong tees comprise bio-composite materials and have a three-pillar design for less resistance.

Due to the fewer contact areas with the golf ball, the Zero Restriction design enables golfers to hit the ball forward and straighter off the tee. The Tour 3-prog is available in various colors, and lengths range from 1 inch, two ¾ inches, and three ¼ inches. These are excellent for those who want to achieve maximum drives. The tour 3-prong design aids players in both distance and accuracy by decreasing contact points with the golf ball.

Take pleasure in the ability to tee at a regular height. You and your golf clubs determine the tee height. The three-prong design allows for maximum ball speed and minimizes sidespin by nearly eliminating friction at impact.
Tour 3-prong tee has been proved to add at least two yards to tee shots and improve accuracy for golfers of all abilities and is an ideal Golf Tee for seniors.


  • Everything is Zero Friction.
  • Biodegradable
  • Easier to tee off
  • Minimal ball contact
  • Various sizes
  • Colorful


  • A bit unstable if not put into the ground correctly. 

4. Izzo Plastic Golf Tees

Best Hidden Value Golf Tees for High Handicappers

With unique impact ribs that absorb the force of impact, this tee outlasts wooden golf tees. Because of the four-prong tip, golfers may be confident that their ball will remain put on the tee in windy circumstances. Reduces friction between the ball and the clubface, resulting in less spin and a higher launch angle.

These tees feature five distinct color patterns, making them easy to locate and reuse after each stroke. The tee’s extended head design significantly reduces friction and enables you to achieve ideal accuracy and distance capacity. Izzo Plastic Golf Tees provide golfers of all skill levels with a unique plastic tee for fairway woods and irons.

Izzo Plastic golf tee is reinforced with impact ribs, making it easier to insert the tee into the ground. The Izzo’s four-prong tip provides reduced friction between the ball and clubface, allowing for low-spin shot selection. Best Golf Tees for Iron Shots from the tee box.


  • Reduced friction design with extended head
  • Designed to outlast wooden tees
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • One pack lasts a year
  • Easy to find
  • Durable


  • Insufficient top circumference

5. Pride Performance Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees

Best Professional Golf Tees for High Handicappers

The Pride Performance Professional Plastic Golf Tees are available in three distinct sizes, ensuring the durability and balance of your drives and opening strokes. These best golf tees for high handicappers are durable plastic and include a four-prong tip that provides a stable platform for the golf ball. A low-friction tip ensures smoother contact while giving less resistance during impact.

Outstanding balance achieves by using a four-prong tip that keeps the ball stable throughout the swing. The Pride PTS (Professional Tee System) is a unique color-coded tee system that quickly identifies the tee’s length and suitability for the club in use. According to the firm, more professionals wear Pride Professional Tees than any other tees. PTS Tees are available in simple white plastic and conventional hardwood in the wood’s natural color.

These are the Best Tees with Hight Marks. There are five standard lengths for various applications, but it is entirely up to you which clubs you wish to connect to each measurement, the first three lengths design for drivers, the fourth for fairway woods and long irons. In the same way, the fifth for hybrids and short irons.


  • Low-Resistance Tip
  • Uniform height
  • Plastic Material to Last Longer
  • 100% Natural Hardwood
  • Enviro-Friendly
  • Unbreakable
  • Affordable


  •  The white paint can transfer to clubs.

6. Consistent Tee Beveled Biodegradable – 10-Pack Tees

Best Golf Tee For High Handicapper Seniors

These tees’ narrower heads are ideal for getting more balls on each drive and producing a faster ball. These tees are Ideal for Perfectionists, as they are constructed entirely of wood and feature a natural wood grain finish. These are consistent and used to last for up to four rounds.

Each set has 175 figures that measure three ¼. To be precise, we measured the diameter of the head to be three-eighths of an inch, significantly smaller than conventional tee sizes. The Consistent-Tee makes use of longer tees and eliminates the ambiguity associated with tee height.

Teeing the ball consistently in the correct position enables you to hit consistent drives and make the most of the features built for your significant driver. It is an all-rounder tee. It outstandingly performs all the tasks that a good golfer needs. It full fills all the requirements of a golfer. Because of all these features like sustainability, unbreakableness, and many others, it is one of the best golf tees for high handicappers.


  • Consistently delivers optimal ball height
  • Sound fantastic
  • Longer drives
  • Quite attractive.
  • Sustainable
  • Unbreakable


  • Hard to Fix

7. Callaway Par-tee

Best golf tees for driving mats

These tees have a rubber “cupped” head that securely grabs the ball and a pointed tip. This three-and-a-quarter-inch tee develops for use with large 460CC drivers. They are composed of rigid plastic. Due to plastic presence in the composition, it also reduces the friction for making the game better. It also counts among the best golf tees for high handicappers.

The normal range in size is from 2 to 4 inches to fit snugly in the tee box. The crown’s prong design reduces contact points with the ball, resulting in reduced friction and sidespin for longer, straighter shots with fairway woods.

These tees are composed of plastic and will last longer than wood tees. These are the Best Tees for Driving Mats. The Callaway par tee is designed to create low spin and provide more distance with your driver and long club. Additionally, they include a hard, pointed tip that makes them ideal for sticking in the ground or any kind of mat.


  • Work as groove cleaners
  • Easy to insert the ball
  • Encourages low-spin launch
  • Rubber coated head
  • Enduring
  • Unbreakable


  • Costly
  • No variety in colors

8. Zero Friction Victory 5-prong

Best Golf Tees for the Occasional High Handicapper Golfer

They have a five-prong suspension mechanism that significantly lowers the ball’s amount of contact with the tee. As a result, driving distances become more manageable. These tees are available in blue, purple, and green. These are most emphatically best golf tees for Distance, and these are constructed of rigid plastic.

Independent laboratory testing indicates that golfers can achieve a swing speed of 100 mph, accuracy of up to 5 yards, and a distance of 4 yards. Additionally, it is a more secure solution for golf course mowers. Reduced surface area results in less friction, which results in straighter and longer drives.

These Zero Friction Golf Tees measure two ¼” in height, making them ideal for golfers who prefer shorter tees but still want to maximize driving distance. These are constructed entirely of biodegradable materials.


  • Made of bio-composite materials
  • Increases driving distance
  • Superior performance
  • Indestructible
  • Longlasting
  • Zero Friction


  • It is not easy to put into the ground sometimes


What Golf Tees do the PGA Pros Use?

Tour professionals utilize wooden tee pegs, and the majority prefer an essential white variety to avoid diverting their attention away from the ball. Find out what type of golf tee tiger woods uses here.

Why use a golf tee?

In the simplest terms, a tee helps you hit the ball higher and farther. It also makes the ball quicker to beat for many beginning golfers, who may struggle to strike down and through the ball, but let’s set that aside for a moment.

Do certain golf tees make a difference?

Tee height is significant, particularly for the driver. Although the Material makes little difference, there are now options such as brush tees that claim to increase yards to your tee shots. So yes, golf tees make a difference.

LongBombsGolf Final Review

Golf tees are critical Tees, whether made of wood or another material, are sometimes overlooked as important golf equipment. Some considerations for the environment should make when selecting tees. Plastic Materials offer Zero Friction Golf Tees and thus more distance, and they are also more resilient, as they are less likely to crack but rather bend when subjected to significant strain.

Golf tees assist you in providing additional distance and a more constant height for your shot. Their lengths range from 1 inch to 3 inches for golf tees and up to 4 inches. Due to the difficulty of golf, leaving anything at all to chance with your equipment can be costly. To my mind, the Four More Yards Golf Tees is the most versatile of the tees reviewed since it accommodates a more comprehensive range of club lengths and resistance levels.


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