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Best Golf Balls for Beginners

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When you first begin to pick up golf, you realize that there are many golf accessories and techniques that can go into the golf game. From the clubs to the attire, golf can be challenging to learn all the game basics quickly. The best golf balls for beginners should not be a question you need to add to the list of things to stress about.


As a beginner when you first start looking into golf balls, you will probably be overwhelmed when selecting the right one, a critical component of a golfer’s equipment. There are very expensive golf balls and they come available in a variety of colors, each with its own characteristics. The prices of golf balls will also vary drastically. Last but not least, each golf ball rolls differently on the golf course.

Golf balls are essential in the actual game for golfers. There are significant differences between the balls in some cases, while there are just tiny differences in others. As a result, a beginner may discover that one ball provides superior performance, accuracy, and distance than others, and you’ll naturally want to play with the ball that suits you best. Learn more about our best golf ball for slicers here. 

The Anatomy of the Golf Ball

There are various factors to consider while looking to buy golf balls for beginners. To better grasp how a golf ball performs, let’s review and discuss its anatomy: Core, cover, and dimples. 


The core is the golf ball’s power center and significantly affects the spin rate, starting velocity, and, in particular, compression.


Surlyn and urethane are the two primary types of golf ball coverings. Surlyn is an ionomer resin that is stronger and more durable than urethane. Golf balls covered in Surlyn might be an excellent alternative for beginners.

The cover also affects the putting roll. Make sure to visit the best golf putting greens to practice your putting with. 


A golf ball is coated with microscopic indentations called dimples that help to minimize drag and control the ball’s trajectory by allowing you to hit a draw vs fade. The dimple system aids in reducing drag against the golf ball’s surface, allowing it to fly straighter and longer. The overall number of dimples and their shape, size, and depth can affect the ball’s flight characteristics. The majority of golf balls include between 300 and 400 dimples.


Compression is a term that refers to the amount of deflection that a golf ball experiences when it is struck. Its measure ranges are on a scale of 0 to 200. Compression ratings greater than 100 are recommended for players with powerful swings capable of lofting drives more than 140 feet. Golfers with slower swing speeds should choose for a compression rating of less than 90. Balls with a lower compression ratio are often softer and compress more to generate more distance.

Golf Ball Construction

The construction of a golf ball is significant to how it reacts when it contacts a club. The followings are the most often used constructs.

One-piece Golf Balls

A one-piece golf ball is the simplest and least expensive golf ball to manufacture. It is generally used by beginners, driving ranges, and crazy golf courses. It is rarely used as a game ball.

Two-piece Golf Balls

Two-piece golf balls consist primarily of a core and a cover. These balls are considered the Best Golf Balls for Beginners and those with a high handicap. The covers on two-piece balls are typically thick and sturdy, which contributes to the ball’s longevity.

Multi-layer Golf Balls

Golf balls with many layers are intended for advanced golfers. Additional layers between the cover and core of these balls improve control, feel, and shot sculpting. Additionally, they include a thin cover that aids in enhancing spin control and feel.

Types of Golf Balls

Tour Performance

These multi-layer golf balls are intended for experienced players with a mid-to-low handicap. The core and mantle layers improve control and grip, allowing players to mold shots and add spin around the hole.

Soft Feel

It is generally used interchangeably with low compression. Low compression allows for more significant ball deformation upon impact, reducing spin and resulting in a straighter, longer flight with low-lofted clubs.


Distance balls have a stronger cover and a multi-layer design that helps to promote maximum carry while decreasing spin that exaggerates slices and hooks.

Spin Rate

The spin rate is critical for control. Regardless of the distance, spin rate assists in stopping the ball on the green or increases the authority of your pitch and chip shots. Two-piece golf balls struggle to create high rates of spin. Golf balls with a lower spin rate tend to have less side spin, helping the ball to travel straighter through the air. The mid-spin golf ball falls between the low spin and high spin golf balls.

1. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

Overall Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Taylor Made’s Noodle Long & Soft is another golf ball for beginners or high handicappers. The name implies that these golf balls are meant to go great distances while maintaining a soft touch. The company’s dimple design enables them to fly long distances comfortably.

These are two-piece balls with a highly reactive core and an outer layer of surlyn. These balls, which include a 34 soft compression core, are designed for relatively new players and provide a high degree of forgiveness. Another great aspect of this product is the price range, which enables you to readily replace them if you lose some in the weeds or the water.

The Noodle is very long and soft, and it comes at an affordable price. This inexpensive golf ball features 342 dimples to aid in trajectory and is specifically suited for Best Golf Balls for Beginners and people with high handicaps.

It increases distance by lowering spin and drag while still providing a feel for those disappointed with the short game. Its core resists compression, while the outside layer is constructed of a slightly flexible but resilient polymer.


● The dimples give it a piercing flight
● Less drag means more distance
● Low spin core aids speed
● low compression core
● Large dual-range core
● Softly on the green


● Not as easy to control

2. Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite

Best Value Golf Balls

Srixon’s all-purpose golf ball is now available in high-visibility fluorescent hues. A softer feel on all full shots without compromising on distance or accuracy from tee to green. Increases greenside spin and provides a softer feel for all pitches, chips, and putts.

Advanced core architecture maximizes space and ball performance on every shot. Srixon golf balls have been reinvented from the ground up to offer the best golf balls for beginners that deliver consistent performance from any position on the course.

Srixon began by giving the Soft Feel a reduced compression core. Golfers may now hit shots with a smoother feel without compromising an inch of distance off the tee. Srixon has also put a sturdy yet thinner cover to the Best Golf Balls for Beginners, which is not typically found on two-piece best golf balls for beginners.

The surface of the balls provides greater spin and control for the beginner. A softer, lower compression core enhances the feel without compromising the distance off the tee that two-piece golf balls are known for.

The thinner cover adds spin to entrance strokes and pitching and chipping shots around the green. The energetic gradient growth core is a state-of-the-art technology that increases distance and performance with each drive and iron shot.

The 324 dimples along the Ionomer cover contribute to the ball’s stability throughout the flight. Affordable and high-performing, the Soft Feel is one of the best golf balls for beginners and golfers wishing to save money on better courses without sacrificing the benefit of quality equipment in terms of low scores, really one of the best golf balls for beginners on the market.


● Amazing distance and launch
● low compression softcore
● slower swing speeds
● Good energy transfer
● Balls fly straight
● Longer, smoother shoots


● Hard to clean the ball

3. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

Best golf balls for beginners with fast swing speeds

If you’re looking to try a tour ball for the first time, the Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball is an intriguing option. It multiplies as double a distance and tour golf ball but is not recommended for swinging at fast speeds. With their new revolutionary Hybrid Cover, ERC Soft has fundamentally redesigned how a distance ball operates.

This multi-material cover delivers an amazing mix of speedier ball speeds for increased distance, an exceptionally soft feel, and visibly increased spin for superior control around the green. Callaway’s ERC Soft features the company’s largest-ever Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core.

Its three-piece design is comprised of hybrid cover material and a soft graphene-infused core. Not only is the ball sturdy, but its performance and flight are rather accepted as a Best Golf Balls for Beginners.
This ground-breaking technology incorporates a bigger inner core, maximizing compression energy while limiting driver spin and promoting long-distance launches.

The spin rate and compression are suitable for beginners (low). The Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball boasts triple track technology, multicolored lines that improve putt accuracy and the aesthetics of the ball.


● Durable hybrid cover material
● Low spin and compression
● Triple track technology
● Soft graphene-infused core
● Two-year warranty
● Affordable


● Limited color options

4. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Best Hidden Value Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are softer alternatives available for beginners, with a durable two-piece structure. Surlyn is used to make the softcover (outer part), which surrounds a polymer-based (Polybutadiene) core.

Due to this, construction has a very low compression ratio, a soft feel, and a low swing speed of approximately 85mph. Its exterior shape and low core compression provide superior aerodynamics for long, straight flights.
The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are more receptive to beginners’ effort and lower spinning probability. Best Golf Balls for Beginners are available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit different preferences. The majority of which are easily visible from a distance. Golfers will appreciate the variety of colors in the pack, which provides balls in the following hues: blue, yellow, orange, and white.

While this ball has great distance on full strokes, its two-piece, low-compression design paired with a new Tri-ionomer cover provides an incredibly soft feel and improved spin on shots played around the green. HEX Aerodynamics boosts lift and reduces air drag for longer drives, and increases total distance.

Increased ball speed and reduced spin off the tee thanks to the new low-compression Core. Reduced spin rates from the tee result in more precise strokes due to less sidespin.


● Low swing speed and high forgiveness
● Amazing distance golf ball
● Various vivid colors
● Constructed of 2 pieces
● Low compression
● Affordable and durable


● The blue choice may be difficult to find.

5. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls for Junior Golfers

Because this four-piece golf ball is exclusively available online, it delivers superior quality at a reasonable price. It features a 336-dimple urethane cover, a material frequently utilized in premium balls, promoting low flight and distance. The cover is more robust than the competition while being slimmer.

With short irons, you may expect an excellent feel and plenty of opportunities to spin the ball. The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball is a fantastic recommendation and one of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds, preferably less than 90mph.

It offers a soft feel, a high level of responsiveness, and a low compression (60), making it ideal as Best Golf Balls for Beginners.
Unlike the majority of the other balls on this list, this is a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover and a huge softcore. It combines high performance with superior aerodynamics and is relatively easy to maneuver around and on the greens.

336 dimples matte coating and a “putt-in” line will entice you. The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball is available in three distinct color schemes, each of which enhances the ball’s visibility.


● Ultra-low compression rating
● Accurate ball flight
● Distance golf ball
● High forgiveness
● Affordable
● Low spin


● Dirt and scratches accumulate quickly.

6. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Most Popular Golf Ball

The Titleist ball is an excellent choice for beginners aiming to improve their scores. The beginner will immediately notice an increase in the distance of their drives off the tee. The golfer can be confident that the Titleist’s ball flight will remain steady in adverse weather conditions such as wind, allowing for greater shot shaping.
Another feature of the Pro V1 golf balls is their increased spin on pitch and chip shots, resulting from the new urethane elastomer cover with 352 dimples.

While some amateurs may be concerned about the cost of multi-piece golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 ball is the Best Golf Balls for beginners wishing to improve their game. Golf Influence’s pick for the best golf balls for beginners is the Titleist Pro V1.

The balls are known for reduced side spin on drives and iron play, which results in straighter drives. The simple design ensures a more constant flight path and increases confidence while shaping shots.
Greenside control via drop-and-stop provides a great feel on pitch and chip shots. Long-lasting durability ensures consistent performance regardless of the number of rounds played.

The Pro V1 balls perform admirably from the fairway, providing additional feel and control as the shot approaches the green. Golfers benefit from increased distance independent of swing speed, a main feature of the multi-layered golf ball.


● Faster High-Flex Casing Layer
● Tetrahedral Dimple Designs
● Urethane Elastomer Cover
● Increased greenside spin
● Reformulated Core
● Durable


● Have multiple imperfections

7. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls for Beginners - Ladies

If the distance is a priority, then this is the golf ball for you. The Callaway Warbird features the world-famous HEX aerodynamics, reducing drag and promoting a higher launch for increased carry. The larger than usual core allows for maximum ball speed and distance regardless of swing speed.

The ionomer cover works in conjunction with the core to deliver a truly pleasant feel from each club. Purchasing Callaway Warbird Golf Balls are reasonable if you are a serious starter taking your time to grow. At the very least, you’ll have the opportunity to perfect your swing by using Best Golf Balls for Beginners.

This Callaway ball’s two-piece, low-compression construction boasts a large softcore and a thin, durable outer cover. Unlike soft core balls, they can travel a great distance with little spin, even if your swing speed is slow.

Apart from its 90 compression rating, the ball offers a moderate feel and exceptional aerodynamics in windy circumstances. The Callaway Warbird is available in only three colors like yellow, pink, and white.


● Consistent flight in windy situations
● resistant to marks and cuts
● Consistently good ball flight
● Covers great distances
● Good value
● Durable


● Sometimes balls are too rough.

8. Callaway Chrome Soft Balls

Best Golf Balls for forgiveness

If you’re looking for a low-cost golf ball that isn’t overly “bouncy,” the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are a good choice. They have a relatively low compression value of 75, which results in extended driving distances. It is extremely forgiving while yet performing as a tour-level golf ball. It is constructed in four layers and features a huge central core injected with graphene. As a result, you can anticipate a low spin and a high launch while playing.

The urethane coating provides increased control, although club marks may be more visible. There is a two-color variety, both of which offer excellent in-flight visibility. Chrome Soft from Callaway is another reliable addition to the two-piece ball market.

It is deserving of being considered one of the Best Golf Balls for Beginners. The Chrome Softballs feature a newly developed Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core that promotes faster speeds and a more stable ball flight on drives.

Irons and wedges benefit from the premium dual-core construction, which increases distance and control. The tour urethane cover is extremely thin and soft, providing excellent control.

The Chrome Soft’s softcover, along with its decreased compression, makes it more forgiving of off-center strikes. The innovative core also maximizes ball compression for maximum distance while minimizing side spin for straighter drives, making this one of the best beginner golf balls.


● Low compression rating of 75.
● Four-part design
● Large graphene core
● Best forgiveness.
● Most comfortable grip


● Have no assistance markings


Should beginners use hard or soft golf balls?

The first and most vital guideline is that beginners do not require premium balls like the Titleist Pro V1. Most beginners lack the swing speed necessary to optimize distance and spin on high-end balls as pros and other skilled players. A hard golf ball is better for a beginner, gradually working your way up as your skill level increases.

What is a golf ball made of?

A golf ball is primarily composed of rubber. It is then covered with plastic. A thermoplastic resin called Surlyn, or urethane, is a synthetic crystalline chemical used in insecticides. Ultimately, the design of the golf ball will vary.

Do golf balls make a difference for beginners?

Beginners will gain the most from two and three-piece golf balls since they provide increased distance and less spin-off the tee. Advanced players will almost certainly choose three, four, or even five-piece golf balls due to their optimal combination of space, workability, and spin on the greens.

Can high handicappers use pro V1?

For golfers with a high handicap, there is no right or wrong golf ball that you should play. It depends on what works best for your swing and clubs at the time. Playing the ProV1 as a beginner may add additional expenses due to lost golf balls, so we recommend trying out different balls.

LongBombsGolf Final Review

As a starting golf ball, we recommend the Callaway Chrome Softballs. They can provide you with a beginner driver and beginner clubs to get you started in golf. They check all of the criteria that a beginner should seek in a golf ball at a fair price. Selecting the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls will also provide superior performance, but be prepared to spend a premium for them.
As beginner golfers are likely to be less precise and lose more golf balls, we recommend choosing value while still receiving premium quality.

Until you gain confidence on the course, you may even select used golf balls in this situation. Nobody enjoys being a beginner at anything. However, if you’re serious about improving at this game, you’ll need to devote some time to practice. However, remember that it is entirely up to you. To improve, all elements affecting your game should consider. As a result, selecting the appropriate equipment is critical to the golfing experience. We searched for the Best Golf Balls for Beginners in this article to better inform and aid you in choosing the appropriate equipment for this activity.

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