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Best Golf Ball for Slicers Who Struggle To Hit It Straight

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Are you a golfer who finds it hard to keep your golf ball straight off the tee and suffers from some serious slice issues? If you have ever had this happen to you, you know this can really put a damper on your confidence. Fortunately, there are golf balls specially designed for slicers that help prevent wildly curving shots – they’re almost like cheat codes in golf! So get ready to go from slicing misery to sweet victory with the best golf ball for slicers.

Best Golf Ball for Slicers – Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you slice the golf ball?

A slice is caused by an inside-out swing with an open clubface, meaning rather than the club head swinging on the same path as your body, it swings in an outwards direction at impact. This causes you to miss hit the golf ball and impart sidespin onto the golf ball, which is what causes the slice.

To prevent slicing a golf ball, you will need to ensure that your swing path is heading slightly inside at impact so that there isn’t any sidespin imparted onto the golf ball which would lead to a slice or a hook. To do this most efficiently, you should focus on positioning your feet correctly and getting your swing on the same plane as your feet/shoulders.

Will a golf ball fix my slice?

Unfortunately, using a golf ball alone will not completely fix the slice, but it can definitely help.

When choosing a golf ball to decrease your slice, you should first look for balls that have a low compression rating and are designed for slower swing speeds. A low-compression golf ball will reduce the amount of spin produced at impact which reduces sidespin and helps straighten out your shot.

There are certain alignment aids you can use on your golf ball that also help in fixing a slice such as line markings or dimple patterns on the surface, so you don’t aim too far left or right when taking address position on the tee box.

Also make sure you pay attention to your grip position, stance width/angle, and posture. All of these are important factors in influencing whether or not your shot flies straight or not. You can also check out our best golf balls for slow swing speeds here.

Which type of golf ball is best for the slice?

2-piece or 3-piece golf balls can be considered some of the best golf balls for the slicers. That’s because they are said to have a lower spin rate which could reduce the likelihood of spin. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to buy the most expensive golf balls to correct your slice.

Compression determines how much the ball will compress upon impact with a club, which helps determine flight trajectory. The lower the compression, the less side spin added by your driver which translates into straighter shots.

Also, consider selecting either 2 or 3-piece golf balls because they tend to have much lower compression. A lower compression allows for better control over launch angle and reduces side spin on off-center hits – perfect for those trying to reduce their slice.

What are the disadvantages of playing a golf ball to correct a slice?

You can get disqualified. There are certain golf balls on the market that you can buy from Amazon, however, if you use these in a tournament, you run the risk of using illegal equipment and getting the DQ. Not all golf balls are illegal. Only the Polara self-correcting golf balls from this article are illegal to use in tournaments.

List of the Best Golf Ball for Slicers:

1.      Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls:


This 2-piece golf ball by Polara offers to reduce slices and hooks by about 75%. Made using plastic material, this golf ball is said to be for golfers who experience problems in persistent and significant slicing or hooking off the tee. Its 2-piece unique construction involves an outer cover alongside a central core. The sellers claim that these self-correcting golf balls fly straight since the aerodynamic lift exhibited by them is less compared to other golf balls.

In addition, this Polara golf ball is said to have been designed to improve the performance of golfers by correcting the slices and hooks. In other words, if a golfer slices a golf ball 100 feet, the same swing with this anti-slice golf ball would be around 25 feet. As a result, it will leave the golfer in the fairway rather than the rough. However, keep in mind that these balls are made to be played by recreational golfers and not in a tournament play. Every box has 12 balls, and each of them weighs 46 grams.


  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Less aerodynamic lift
  • Advanced technology


  • Illegal to use in tournaments
  • Received a complaint for being very hard

2.      Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball:

If you are looking for the best golf ball for slicers that can maximize distance, then you may want to consider getting this Kirkland Signature 3-piece golf ball. According to the sellers, the ball features a highly elastic and softcore that can be helpful in maximizing the distance. The item is said to weigh around 1.3 kilograms. It includes two boxes of 12 counts, which means the total number of balls is twenty-four.

Another feature highlighted by the sellers is that it can interact with a soft cover to generate an optimized spin. It means that the golf ball can be helpful for wedge and iron shots. For better greenside control and spin, the Kirkland golf ball features a durable urethane cover. Golfers who are searching for a golf ball at a reasonable price should definitely check out this product. As far as value for money is concerned, this one seems like a good deal that won’t be too heavy on your pocket. With an inexpensive golf ball, it only can you improve your performance, but you also worry less about your budget.


  • Good value for money
  • Durability
  • Soft and elastic core
  • Mantle


  • Received a complaint for being average

3.     TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls:

This TaylorMade golf ball is said to feature a 342 aerodynamic design pattern which makes it aesthetically pleasing. As per the sellers, this ball offers a two-layer construction, mid launch, mid/high spin, max distance, an Ionomer cover, and a softer feel. A soft feel can improve the overall golfing experience for you as you aim for a long distance. Thanks to the inclusion of 77 compression and two-piece construction, this ball is said to provide an ultra-soft feel. The sellers also claim that this ball is designed to make your ball speed maximized.

What’s more, this gold ball offers performance with high velocity for distance on all shots. The overall design of this ball is not only for aesthetics, but it impacts the performance as well. That’s because this pattern is created to promote fast ball seeps off the tee and reduce drag. In addition, it is also said to provide new plus alignment aid that can be helpful in draining more putts. However, golfers need to ensure aiming at their line and roll their ball on the intended line. The new plus alignment aid can be helpful in making you better at both.


  • 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Two-layer construction
  • Ionomer cover


  • Received a complaint for wobbling while putting

4.     Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

This golf ball gives you an opportunity to bring full-throttle distance to the game. They are said to have been designed to provide high launch, high speed as well as low game spin. As per the sellers, this ball is made to provide the golfers with faster speed on full-swing shots. The ball also claims to deliver maximum distance, which can be helpful in improving your overall performance.

No doubt that Titlist is the best golf ball for slicers on the market. It was created to create a playable greenside feel and speed. This ball features a spherically-tilted 350 octahedral dimple design that encourages a high flight and consistent trajectory. Moreover, it is available in interesting colors to add a little fun to your game. You can get it in matte orange, white, new matte blue, and matte green colors. Other benefits offered by this golf ball include long distance, greater iron stoppability, low long-game spin, and high flight on all shots.


  • Playable greenside feel
  • Low long-game spin
  • Longer distance
  • Greater iron stoppability


  • Received a complaint for not being able to see them on the course

5.     Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls:

Here is another option for the best golf balls for slicers that can help with log distance. This Bridgestone golf ball is not only claimed to provide long distance, but it offers a soft feel. Playing with a softball can be beneficial as it’s likely to provide you with a higher degree of spin compared to hard balls. Furthermore, softball can also make the shots easy for skilled golfers.

The sellers also claim that this golf ball has been re-engineered to provide you with more feel and power. Featuring a softer and larger core, the golf ball can also provide long-distance and faster compression. When it comes to the cover, the Bridgestone golf ball offers a soft, seamless cover so you can enjoy a better feel and spin. In addition, the ball is said to have been represented proudly by Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar, Fred Couples, Bryson DeChambeau, and Lexi Thompson on international professional tours. The cherry on the top is that, according to the sellers, the product offers a #1 ball fitter as per the 2021 Golf Datatech Survey.


  • More power
  • More feel
  • Represented by renowned golfers
  • Longer distance


  • Received a complaint for not spinning on the greens as much

6.     Vice Golf PRO Soft

Vice Golf is a German-based company that sells high-quality golf balls in Germany, the U.S., and some parts of Europe. This golf ball by Vice Golf features a 3-piece cast urethane cover ball construction alongside an extra-thin cover to provide a high short game spin. It is the best golf ball for slicers. It can be significant for golfers having low to medium swing speeds who are planning to maximize their overall score performance. As per the sellers, this golf ball provides an extra soft feel and outstanding spin control, both of which can help in fixing the slice.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to working on a better aim, you would be pleased to know that this Vice Golf PRO golf ball offers a newly created closed alignment line to provide better aiming. In addition, the pattern featured in the ball is not something you would find very commonly. It is said to be a unique DRIP pattern that is available across two models in three styles.


  • Three-piece cast urethane cover ball
  • Extra soft feel
  • It offers outstanding spin control
  • Unique DRIP pattern


  • Received a complaint about the color being too difficult to see

7.     TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance:

TaylorMade is a well-known brand that aims to be the best golf brand in the world in terms of performance. It consists of passionate people who, every day, try to be better than yesterday. This golf ball by TaylorMade is said to be designed to go and last. As per the sellers, it features an explosive core alongside max compression to provide a spring-like energy transfer at impact. Moreover, the ball is designed to be more durable with a cross-linked material construction and anti-sheer cover. For golfers who are searching for a long-lasting and durable golf ball, this product is worthy of consideration.

In addition, the brand also offers a variety of the best golf balls for slicers at different expert levels, like beginners and weekend warriors. This ball is also said to feature an impact propulsion core to provide long carry. The sellers also claim that it has an increased spin and great feel around the greens. Furthermore, in order to provide a straight flight, the ball is made by using a patented dimple design, which makes it worth checking out.


  • Soft sheet cover
  • Patented dimple design
  • Impact propulsion core
  • Increased spin and great feel


  • N/A

8.     Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls:

This Srixon Z star golf ball is designed for players who want to aim for maximum performance. It is believed to deliver unmatched technology alongside an incredible feeling to help golfers level up their game. When you have a ball that helps you improve your game, your overall performance is more likely to improve. Furthermore, it also features energetic gradient growth (E.G.G.) core technology which can be helpful in providing better launch conditions off the tee for category-leading distance.

Furthermore, this golf ball is one of the best golf balls for slicers. also claimed to have a more aerodynamic 338-speed dimple pattern. It can be helpful in improving the flight performance to give an additional gain as well as full shot control. The third-generation spin skin coating is another great feature offered by the brand. Moreover, this golf ball is also said to provide good value for money, which, combined with its promising features, can be a win-win for you.


  • Third-generation spin skin
  • New 338-speed dimple pattern
  • Energetic Gradient Growth (E.G.G)
  • More elastic spin skin coating


  • Received a complaint for feeling too hard

9.     Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls:

This Titleist Tour golf ball is one of the best golf ball for slicers. It is also worth considering for every golfer who wants a long distance, shot-stopping control, and a penetrating flight. This ball is believed to be very fast and helpful for golfers to execute all types of shots. In addition, this ball features the proprietary urethane cover that is made for delivering optimized greenside spin to ensure short game control. This ball also offers an incredible combo of distance, control, spin, and speed.

A casing layer and reformulated core are included to make sure the ball lives up to its name and generates a high speed off the clubface. Additionally, thanks to the 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design, you can enjoy a penetrating flight trajectory on long game shots. Some of the promising player benefits offered by the sellers include optimized short game spin, proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane cover, and reformulated proprietary casing layer.


  • Exceptional distance
  • Soft feel
  • Precise scoring control
  • The penetrating flight on long game shots


  • Received a complaint for not being able to hold well on greens

10.     Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Balls

Our last option for the best golf ball for slicers is this Callaway 2021 ERC triple-track golf ball. This golf ball is said to be built to provide total performance and more control around the green. As per the sellers, this golf ball features a new multi-material hybrid and high-performance cover, triple track alignment, high energy core, and high-speed mantle. In order to increase the distance and ball speed, a high-energy core is designed. Furthermore, it can also boost speed and resilience by working with the high-speed mantle.

In addition, the new hybrid cover is said to feature an innovative PARALOID™ Impact Modifier that helps in creating a multi-material and highly versatile construction. The sellers claim that this golf ball is their longest ball with a soft feel and is one of the best golf balls for beginners. As for multi-material construction, it enables a great combination of durability, a soft feel, and excellent greenside control.


  • High-speed mantle
  • High energy core
  • Soft feel
  • Maximum ball speed
  • Triple track technology


  • Received a complaint for not being soft enough

LongBombs Golf Final Say

Undoubtedly slicing can be a very irritating experience whether you are a beginner or an expert. Being at the tee and feeling like you have finally made great contact with your ball, only to end up watching your ball flight changing magically and your shot veering off far into the trees. By buying the best golf ball for slicers, you can have a chance to finally say goodbye to the slice and level up your game. We hope that you enjoyed reading the above-mentioned information about each golf ball and found it interesting.

However, keep in mind that slicing is a technical problem, so getting a new golf ball may not be the perfect solution. The key is to pick the best golf ball as per your preferences and combine it with a better swing technique. When you do that, you will get one step closer to leveling up your golf game and removing the slice.


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