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Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds | Hardest Golf Balls for Slower than 70mph Swing Speeds

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Swing speed refers to how fast your club head travels through the ball striking zone. Most amateur or backyard golfers have a much slower swing speed than any professional golfer. Data analysis of many golfers reveals that an average golfer has a swing speed of 93.4mph. Anything slower than that is considered a slow swing speed. If this is you, it is important that you get the best golf balls for slow swing speeds. It also leads us to the question: how hard should you swing a golf club?

What Kind of Ball Should You Be Using if Your Swing Speed is Slow?

If you have a slow swing speed, you should use a 2-piece golf ball. Golf balls come in layers ranging from two pieces to five pieces. The two-piece ball has a softcore and a solid outer shell, allowing you to hit the ball at a remarkable distance off the tee with a slower swing speed. The 2-piece balls are also inexpensive, so it works out as a benefit (financially) to have a slower swing speed. The downside is that you will lose spin rate with two piece golf balls. Learn more about the different types of golf balls here. 

How to determine your swing speed?

Without a trackman or some other device to track your swing speed, you can use a simple techniqute. Divide your average drive distance or carry distance by 2.3 to calculate the swing speed in miles per hour. For example, if your drive distance is 200 yards and you divide it by 2.3, you will get 86.95 mph.

However, finding an accurate swing speed is not easy. The most reliable way to estimate the speed is to measure it on the launch monitor. The tour professionals usually have a swing speed between 115 to 120 mph, while novice golfers or learners have a speed between 80 to 90 mph.

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1. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Best overall golf balls for slow swing speed

Vice Pro soft golf balls are some of the best golf balls for beginners that can bring a great difference in your game. The aerodynamic dimple pattern ball enhances the speed and improves the distance. This Vice ball is one of the best golf balls for slow swing speed. It is a 3-piece ball with a cast urethane cover and a soft and responsive feel. It also has a high-energy speedcore which improves the ball speed. 

These balls have a 336 dimple design with a matte finish. It improves their visibility during the game so you can see the ball clearly and make wise shots off the tee. It is designed to improve the spin and control on the green or around it so you can take the ball farther and cover a great distance. The ball is made using an innovative S2TG technology which allows a high degree of backspin. Overall, Vice Pro Soft golf balls have great reviews at an affordable price. 


  • Soft and responsive feel
  • Designed and optimized to go farther and near the hole.
  • Made using innovative technology
  • Best for slow to moderate swing speeds
  • Better visibility and control

2. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Best Titleist golf balls for slow swing speeds

Titleist Velocity golf balls are another great pick for your game improvement golf set. The balls are designed to make you get the distance you need and contain various features, making them a great choice for golfers with a slow swing speed. Featuring a responsive design and LSX core manufacturing, this ball levels up your game and covers longer distances. The titlist velocity golf ball also offers higher speed and a higher launch angle than ordinary golf balls. The cover is also designed to increase spin and playability on and around the green.

In addition, the sphere has a tiled 350 octahedral dimple design, allowing smooth flight and trajectory. The ball is available in multiple colors, i.e., white, matte orange, matte green, and matte white. Overall, Titleist Velocity Golf ball is a must-buy If you are a golfer with a slow swing speed. It is durable and affordable, offering a good value for money.


  • It covers an exceptionally long distance
  • Spherically-Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Design allows smooth flight
  • Soft and responsive feel
  • Higher speed and a higher launch than the ordinary balls

3. Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Balls - 12 Pack

Best callaway golf balls for slow swing speeds

Callaway is a well-respected name when it comes to golf accessories. Their golf balls are also made to optimize your playability, and Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Ball is one such ball. The ball has a super-soft feel and is designed intuitively to give you greater control on reading the golf green and the break around it.

The company uses multiple materials in its construction to provide a rare combination of durability and performance, allowing higher launch and lower spin. It has a High Energy Core engineered to increase the distance and speed.

The ball is great for putting. It features triple track lines to find the correct alignment efficiently every time. It is also great for lining up chip shots or swing paths. In a nutshell, the ball is durable, soft, and has remarkable greenside control, which makes it a must-buy. However, it is not overly soft and gives a constant soft feel upon impact with getting the distance needed. The pack contains dozens of balls in white color.


  • Intuitively designed for enhanced flight, distance, and speed
  • Super-soft core
  • Great on impact with all types of clubs
  • Best for golfers with slow swing speeds
  • Multi-material construction for better performance and control
  • The triple track lines help in alignment

4. Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

Best soft golf ball for slow swing speeds

Another softball with a super soft feel and great compression is the Callaway Hex Soft Golf ball. The ball is best for golfers with medium to low swing speeds and is engineered to optimize their performance. A low compression feel is constructed to control spin and drive the ball farther. The ball also allows straight flight and performs great off the tee. It features a HEX Aerodynamics pattern which is great for distant shots, spin control, and speed.

Callaway Hex Soft Golf balls are highly rated for their durability and performance. They are very durable at a very reasonable price. They are priced lower than my other soft golf balls but offer enhanced performance of the most expensive golf balls. All in All, Callaway Hex Soft Golf balls are as good as the PGA tour balls. If you want to buy a tour ball, try this model as they are softer and longer than the tour balls but way cheaper than them.


  • Super-durable golf balls
  • Very soft very and responsive
  • Low compression balls great for low swing speeds
  • Provides great value for money.
  • Enhances flight and distance

5. Piper Golf Premium Golf Balls

Clone golf ball for slow swing speeds

These 2-piece balls are one of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds. The Piper golf ball is a very hard golf ball that is compressed very tight to ensure the ball travels further at a slower swing speed. The balls feature bright custom green lines, which improve the ball’s visibility and make putting convenient. The balls have DuPont Surlyn cover, which also creates low spin and delivers straighter shots.

As far as the design is concerned, the balls are constructed intuitively with an asymmetrical 332 dimpled design. Each ball has a tour quality at an exceptionally low price. They are very durable and pass the test of time. These balls also have a super-soft feel around the green and great greenside control. This golf ball is a must if you want enhanced flight and extra distance off the tee. Even if you are not a professional tour player, these ball bills will help improve your golf score.

Overall, it is a win-win buy and offers great value for money. It is our favorite ball for the price, and I am sure there is no better ball out there for this low price.


  • Great value for the price
  • Super-durable golf balls
  • Very soft very and responsive
  • Feature bright green alignment lines for better visibility and put alignment


  • The ball scuffs easily

6. Vice Golf PRO Soft - 12 Golf Balls

Best Vice golf balls for the golfer with slow swing speeds

Vice Golf PRO Soft is another pack of golf balls that will definitely grab your attention. The balls are super durable and ultra-soft made, which are perfect for golfers with slow swing speeds. These golf balls are a must-buy if you expect good distance, spin control, and a soft feel from your golf swing.

Vice Golf PRO Soft is a three-piece ball. Its cover comprises very thin cast urethane for more distance and lower spin. It also has an ultra-soft impact on the clubs, keeping them from getting damanged. The balls have closed alignment lines that help track and seek your line while putting. These balls are available in light green color and are the best-performing ball for golfers with slow swing speeds.


  • Durable and super-soft impact
  • High-quality balls with great spin control
  • Drives high and distant
  • Feature closed alignment lines for better performance


  • The balls have a slick coating and spin less than other balls

7. GOLF BALL MONKEY Callaway Golf Balls

Cheapest golf balls for slow swing speeds

The Callaway Golf Ball Mix is a mix of various balls made by Callaway. The mixture includes a variety of colors and types of golf balls. These are 3A-graded golf balls that only have been used a few times. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the most expensive golf balls in the world when you have a slow swing speed (which is a great perk!).

If you buy this set of balls, you will not be disappointed. These are by far the cheapest and best golf balls for slow swing speeds. The set contains 50 balls and has Callaway’s logo stamped on them. The balls are also recycled golf balls but appear as brand-new balls. However, many people complained about the balls’ condition as they found some balls scuffed and some unplayable. You get what you pay for! As per the price point, this set of balls is great for practicing, but one should not expect very good performance at this nominal price.


  • There is a mix of different balls, so you can test which fits best for your playing style.
  • The pack contains 50 balls at a very nominal price
  • A good starter pack for amateurs and beginners


  • Some balls have arrived damaged and unplayable

8. Trust Golf Ball Bison (Soft)

Best offbrand golf balls for slow swing speeds

Trust Golf Ball is another great pick for the golfers who swing the driver at a speed of 90 mph or slower. This Taiwan-made 3-piece ball features multiple layers and a very thin soft urethane cover designed for efficient spin control and a soft feel. The ball optimizes the performance and is known for giving some extra distance off the tee.

The balls come with a very premium look. These balls guarantee you straighter shots, extra distance, and low spin. So, these balls are an optimum combination of performance and style. Trust golf balls have all the features needed to help golfers with slow swing speeds get the results they need! They are also good looking balls with efficient trajectory control, stopping power, and spin control around the greens and at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Designed specifically for slow swingers
  • Exquisite looks with great performance
  • Soft urethane covers for a softer feel
  • Low-compression ball for improved performance  


Are Low Compression Golf Balls Better for Slower Swing Speeds?

Low compression golf balls are typically not better for slow swing speeds. You will want a ball with a high compression rate meaning it is a harder golf ball. A ball with a compression rating of 80-120 is great for anyone with slow swing speeds.

If a player is a slow swinger, then it means that a ball will travel only a few miles an hour, so it is quite difficult to get the ball close to the pin. However, the higher compression balls make it easy for you to carry the ball near the hole and drive farther.

What is the best golf ball for a 90 mph swing speed?

Any golf ball with a compression from 50-90 is perfect for a 90 mph swing speed. These golf balls are manufactured to give you the best distance and spin rate possible to help improve your golf scores.

Numerous golf balls are best for the swinger having 90 to 95 mph swing speed. Some of the balls are listed below.

  • TaylorMade TP5 Prior generation golf balls
  • Callaway Super Hot 70
  • Nitro long-distance peak performance golf balls
  • Callaway ERC soft triple track
  • Kirkland Signature
  • Titleist tour soft golf balls
  • Bridgestone e6 Soft yellow golf balls
  • Piper Golf Premium Golf
  • Vice Golf PRO Soft 2020
  • Callaway Hex Soft Golf Ball
  • Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

Swing speed is something most golfers do not account for. However, it is very important to consider if you want to shoot a great golf score. Golf is about precision and not distance. You do not need to smash the golf ball to shoot low scores. There are many golfers who have a slow swing speed and can still place the golf ball wherever they want to. So, we have come up with the best golf balls for slow swing speed. I hope our research and reviews will benefit you, and you can choose the right ball according to your swing speed.


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