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Floating Chipping Greens – Top Pool or Lake Floating Golf Greens

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Are you looking for an innovative way to practice your golf game this summer? Why not try a floating chipping green? Floating chipping greens are the newest trend in outdoor golfing, providing avid and beginner golfers with a means of honing their short-game skills from the pool or lake. With so many options available, however, how do you know which is right for you? In this blog post, we will explore the top 8 pool or lake golf chipping greens that give players maximum enjoyment while improving their technique.

What are Floating Chipping Greens and How Do They Work

Floating chipping greens are specialized putting and chipping surfaces that can be placed in a swimming pool or lake, which are different from the best golf chipping nets. They help you practice your chipping drills for beginners from the water’s edge, providing you with an opportunity to improve your chipping game and accuracy no matter small the space is.

These greens generally come in two types:

  • Inflatable mats designed for use on calm waters
  • Floating platforms can be submerged up to eight feet below the surface of standing water.

The mat type usually features multiple cups at various distances and provides holes that work well as targets for chip shots;. In contrast, the platform type serves as an artificial island that is surrounded by mesh nets providing a realistic target to aim for with those all-important chip shots.

Advantages of Having a Floating Chipping Green at Home

Having a floating chipping green differs from an indoor putting green and can have numerous advantages. Firstly, you can practice in the convenience of your own pool or lake house without having to worry about weather conditions. By having control over all environmental elements and terrain, you can be sure that you will have a reliable location to practice at any time you want/need.

Another benefit of having a floating chipping green is that it allows you to customize the shot types and range being practiced. You could also install obstacles such as flags or bunkers around the perimeter of your chip surface to increase the difficulty and complexity of each approach shot. This not only increases skill level with long irons but also confidence when playing with your friends.

Creative Ways to Use Your Floating Chipping Green

A floating chipping green can be used for a variety of creative purposes! For starters, you could attach the floating chipping green to your pool sweeper. This will give you a great way to keep your swimming area clean while still practicing your golf skills.

You could also use it as the centerpiece of an entertaining game like ‘floating golf’ – simply set up some flags with various points and challenge friends and family members to see who can hit them with their golf ball first. Add golf alignment sticks for obstacles.

Furthermore, you could even attach a remote control boat and challenge players to navigate around the green in order to get more accurate shots.

If all of those options fail when you have no guests over, then why not play golf drinking games on it? Your imagination only limits your options!

8 best floating chipping greens on the market

1.     SwimWays Pro-Chip Spring Golf Floating Pool Game

Best overall floating chipping greens

Introducing the newest way to add excitement to your pool – SwimWays Pro-Chip Spring Golf Floating Pool Game! Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just picking up a club for the first time, this game is fun for everyone. The floating green and practice balls are perfect for players of all skill levels, and the included chipping mat makes it easy to chip onto your floating island or set up in the backyard for multi-use play. Best of all, the carry bag folds back into its original size for easy portability and storage. Play a quick round at the pool or take it with you on your next vacation – either way, Pro-Chip Spring Gold will surely add excitement to any day. As with most of these, the golf club is not included.

2.     GoSports Splash Chip Floating Golf Game

Cheapest floating chipping greens

GoSports is excited to bring you our new Splash Chip Floating Golf Game! This is a fun new challenge for the pool that players of all skill levels can enjoy. The set includes an inflatable Splash Chip target, 16 foam golf balls, 1 golf chipping mat, and 2 tethering ropes for fun games. The huge 4ft. diameter chipping target is designed to float in the water and features 2 built-in tether grommets. You can use the included ropes (15ft. each) to anchor the target in your pool or at the lake. Practice your skills while having fun with this game! The chipping mat comes with foam golf balls that mimic real golf balls for realistic chipping.

3.     PLBBJH Floating Golf Green for Pool

Most portable floating chipping greens

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend time with family and friends? Look no further than the PLBBJH Floating Golf Green for Pool. This 2-in-1 golf green game is perfect for all skill levels and can be played in either the pool or on land. The included Pro-turf 8″x20″ Chipping Mat is great for practicing your short game, while the 5 floating Golf Balls let you take your shots to the green. The non-slip, odorless, and wear-resistant construction means this set can be used again and again. Plus, the rubber backing has excellent shock absorption to prevent balls from bouncing away when they hit the bullseye. Whether you’re at home or at the pool, the PLBBJH Floating Golf Green for Pool is sure to provide hours of fun for everyone.

4.     BAOJIAFU Floating Golf Putting Green for Pool or Lake

The best universal floating chipping greens

Do you love spending time outdoors and enjoying some golfing action? If so, why not do it on the water with this Floating Golf Putting Green for Pool or Lake? Unlike traditional golf greens, this floating green makes things easy and enjoyable – perfect for family and friends’ backyard fun. The mat is surrounded by high-quality nylon grass up to 2 inches high, simulating the real golf course scene. The floating golf mat gives you the true tee-to-green feeling of hitting, driving, chipping, and putting actions – making you feel like you are on an actual golf course. The green is great for home & travel, making it a great gift choice for your loved ones – friends and family will love it!

5.     Lesmart Floating Golf Green for Pool

Coolest floating chipping greens

The Lesmart Floating Golf Green for Pool is a great way to enjoy water golf. Replacing the grass court with the rippling water course, this floating green makes it easy to swing and hit the ball. Made of high-quality nylon grass, this durable mat can withstand thousands of hits. The 5mm-high nylon is realistic and can truly restore the golf course. The bottom of the EVA has a strong impact force and is not easy to run when floating on the water. There is a crisp ding-dong sound when the ball enters the hole, which increases the joy of scoring. Love golf even more with the Lesmart Floating Golf Green for Pool!

6.     Low Country Pastimes Float N’ Chip Floating Golf Green

Most durable floating chipping green

If you’re looking for the best-floating golf green on the market, look no further than Low Country Pastimes’ FLOAT N’ CHIP. This green is the ideal size at 45″ x 65″, with raised edges and high-performance turf that provides a true grass experience. It’s made with durable EVA foam and woven nylon turf, which makes it weather-resistant and long-lasting. The green also comes with two 12′ tether kits, making it easy to attach to a dock or poolside. Plus, it comes with 12 orange and 12 yellow floating foam balls that perform just like real golf balls. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just looking for fun in the sun, FLOAT N’ CHIP is a perfect choice!

7.     Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Chipping Green Game

Best velcro floating chipping greens

Introducing the Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Chipping Green Game – the perfect way to improve your golf game without ever having to leave your backyard! This top-quality set includes a 32″ x 45″ floating green, 12 practice golf balls in 2 different colors for competitive play, and a 12″ x 24″ chipping mat with a rubber tee. The matt also comes with 2 flags and 2 cups, so you can start playing right away. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this awesome set will help you sharpen your skills and have a blast doing it. So don’t wait – get yourself one of the best floating chipping greens on the market today!

8.     GemonExe Clouds Rectangular Floating Golf Green for Pool

Most realistic floating chipping greens

Introducing the GemonExe Clouds Rectangular Floating Golf Green for Pool – an exciting new 2-in-1 golf green game for land/pool use. This unique product offers a different way to have backyard fun with your family and friends, and can also help improve your cutting ability. The design patent is pending, so you can be sure that you’re getting a unique product. The golf Hitting mat is made of woven nylon turf grass, which simulates a real fairway or Tee box and offers a true feeling of hitting. The heavy rubber backing minimizes sliding at impact and helps soften the strike to better protect your hands, wrists, and clubs from scratches and damage.

Tips for Maintaining Your Floating Chipping Green

Maintaining a floating chipping green is essential if you want it to last. If not properly taken care of, the material and features on your floating chipping green can quickly break down and degrade over time. Here are some tips for keeping your chipping green in top shape:

  • Spray It Off: After each use, spray off the mat using a garden hose or pressure washer, and make sure to get all of the grass clippings off. This will help keep dirt and debris from getting embedded into the fibers of your floating chipping green which can cause premature wear and tear.
  • Clean With Soap & Water: You can also use soap and water to scrub down your mat with a towel or brush once it has been sprayed off with water to give it an extra thorough cleaning before storage. Avoid any harsh chemicals as they may damage the surfaces of your chipping green over time.
  • Lay Out To Dry Before Storage: Make sure you completely dry out your mat before storing away, as moisture trapped within its fibers will increase chances for mold growth or other issues that could ruin its performance over time.

Learn more on how to clean your floating chipping green here!

LongBombs Final Say:

A floating chipping green will surely be a great addition to your summer golf practice routine. Not only will you perfect your short-game technique, but you’ll also have the opportunity to cool off in the pool or lake while honing your skills. Furthermore, these stylish pieces of equipment come in many shapes and sizes, allowing for incomparable customization based on your needs and preferences. Make sure you select one that strikes a perfect balance between the sturdiness of the material and buoyancy, making it don’t want to drown in deep waters. So make the most of the summer months and take your golf game up a notch with an exciting floating chipping green.


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