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Best Indoor Putting Greens and Golf Putting Mats

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Is your putting not good enough? Are you looking for the best indoor putting greens so you can work on your putting? Well, indoor putting greens are excellent all-year-round golf trainers meant for golfers who can’t make it to the course every day.

The best part about these mats is that you can practice your putting anytime, whether there’s rain or sunshine outside. It is also perfect for practicing your lag putting. Leanr more about what is a lag putt here.

Several options are available in the market, which could be confusing because each has a different style and surface, built-in holes, and practical aids. But, what makes a great indoor putting green great?

What to consider for the best indoor putting greens?

To pick the best overall, you’ll have a lot of things to consider, including the ability to play break, its size, the turf quality, wrinkle resistance, and of course, your budget.

Here is a review of seven different putting greens and the comparison based on the price, quality, customer reviews, and design. You can use these putting greens at home, in the office, or anywhere you can find enough space indoors.

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1. Rukket 2-in-1 Indoor Putting Green

Overall Best Indoor Putting Green

If you’re looking for versatility, then this Rukket 2-in-1 golf mat will save your day. You can use it both indoor and outdoor to practice your putting. This excellent golf mat comes with four cups to putt to, which is a fantastic feature you can’t find in any other portable mat.

Along with four cups comes four holes to practice your putts on. One of the holes has an automatic ball return feature to minimize your movements while practicing. This mat, measuring 2.5 ft wide and 12 feet long, has a slope you can easily adjust. For this reason, you can practice your putts with various breaks.

Also, you’ll see distance markers and an alignment tool to sharpen your alignment and show you how far your putts have traveled. When you purchase a Rukket 2-in1 best indoor putting greens, it comes with three other external features to make your practice complete.

  • Three practice balls
  • A putting ring which you can take anywhere since it’s portable
  • Two turf bumpers to ensure the practice balls don’t roll off the mat.

More interestingly, you also get a lifetime warranty on this product when you buy it.

Though it’s a bit pricy, this indoor putting green mat offers you everything you need to practice your putting indoors. See all the fantastic features it has, the versatility, four different cups for your putting practices, adjustable slope, distance and alignment markers, etc.


  • It allows a 2-in-1 setup, which means that you can put in four different distances and holes
  • The slopes are adjustable to allow you to practice at different breaks
  • It comes with three other external features
  • It has a ball return feature
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • Storing it is a significant challenge
  • It’s expensive


2. Perfect Practice Indoor Putting Green Mat: Standard Edition

Best Value Indoor Putting Green

First of all, this indoor golf mat is Dustin Johnson’s world’s number-one official choice. It is one of the best indoor putting greens on the market today. You can check out his video review on the product here. The perfect practice indoor putting mat comes with several models and options for you to choose from. That is the standard, acrylic, compact, barstool, and XL versions. Plus, it has many positive reviews on Amazon.

The standard edition of this mat is 6 inches in width and nine ft. in length, which is more than enough size for putting practice. This mat looks great right from the box. The construction itself is impressive: ramp, holes, rail, which comes in several pieces, and the mat itself.

You may feel a little concerned about the long rail staying in one place the first time you see it. However, that shouldn’t bother you since each rail piece has a magnet on its ends to ensure the ramp stays firm and doesn’t come apart when returning your golf ball. 

This mat has two different-sized holes on it, small and big. Its surface is smooth, with different marks on its left side to show other putts in length. There’s also one straight line running to the big hole to give you feedback on the shape of your stroke.

To also add to its features, there’s a ball return system on this fantastic mat. With this feature, you don’t have to retrieve the ball after each putt.

This indoor putting green mat will surely give you the best value for your money. It’s so perfect in many ways, the magnets to put it in place, its length, two holes for a different purpose, and the smooth surface. We rank this one the best value because the putting matt is endorsed by one of the world’s best golfers. You can use this to play the 3 putt golf game called snake.


  • It has a golf ball return feature
  • It’s of high-quality turf material
  • The surface is smooth
  • The rail has magnets to keep the ramp in place
  • It’s long enough, i.e., 8, with different alignment tracking, 2ft, 4ft, and 6ft.
  • The ball rolls the same way it does in an actual golf course because of the crystal velvet material.


  • It’s a bit costly compared to others


3. SKLZ Accelerator Pro indoor putting green

Best Indoor Putting Greens Under $50

Do you want to practice your putting skills on a budget? The SKLZ accelerator pro indoor putting green is the way to go. It’s a long strip golf mat with different markings from 3 to 7ft to help you practice your putting at various distances. This golf mat also has a ball return feature to ensure you don’t walk around to get the ball once you hit it.

Most golfers are concerned about the best indoor putting greens creasing with time. SKLZ accelerator pro golf mat will put you at ease since it is of premium fabric as its surface doesn’t wrinkle. Also, since this mat is narrow and straight, you get to perfect your alignment without playing at the golf course.

Remember, this mat comes with a cup, and there’s a steep incline feature where the cup is. This steep incline is here to help you work on your putting speed. SKLZ accelerator pro indoor putting green measures 16.25 inches in width and 9 feet in length. With it, you can only putt it in a straight line since its primary purpose is to help you perfect the speed of your stroke. Plus, it’s pretty light and portable as it weighs only 5.8lb.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro is one of the best indoor putting greens under $50. You get a lot of things to help you perfect your putting skills at the least amount possible.


  • It’s portable
  • You can play golf any time of the day
  • This mat is cost-effective
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Any golfer can use it, both novices and professionals, as long as you understand the fundamentals of golf
  • It comes with a cup and a ball return feature
  • It helps improve your alignment


  • You can only putt in a straight line
  • The ball can sometimes get stuck in the return
  • The slope may not allow easy storage


4. Putt-a-Bout Par 3 Plus indoor putting green

Best Indoor Putting Green Under $100

This Putt-a-About Par 3 indoor golf mat represents a tiny golf course. It comes in a bean shape to make it challenging for you when practicing your putting strokes. The surface of this mat is of premium fiber material that will never crease when you’re folding it. The bottom is also sticky enough to keep it firmly in one place and ensure it doesn’t slide when put on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the non-slip base ensures your safety when standing and putting on the mat.

You can consider this one of the best indoor putting greens designed for the golfer in mind. It’s big enough for your putting practices, measuring 36 inches wide and 11 feet in length. With this size, you can practice more effectively.

Since the putt-a-About Par three indoor mat is portable, you can take it with you anywhere you want to play. There’s no limitation to use this indoor putting matt. You can place this anywhere in the office, your living room, or in the backyard, as long as you have the space. With all these fantastic features, this golf practice mat sells for under 100 dollars.

These features are excellent for an indoor putting green mat with such a price tag.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s portable
  • You get to improve your putting at the comfort of your home
  • It saves on time as all you have to do is to roll it down and begin putting
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has a perfect size
  • It has a high-quality surface
  • It doesn’t slide on smooth surfaces


  • The mat doesn’t have any alignment lines
  • It does not come with flagsticks


5. ProAdvanced ProInfinity Golf indoor putting green

Best Indoor Putting Green Under $200

This is one of the best indoor putting greens you can buy. It is similar to the VariSpeed putting green looking at their physical appearance and design. It has various alignment marks to show how far your golf balls are traveling along with the mat. You can choose to either practice your putts on 6ft or 4 ft.

Moreover, you can control its speed to determine how fast the ball moves on the surface. Thanks to the various speed options available, slow, medium, and fast, this speed control feature is possible. Another notable feature is the slope simulators which will help you create multiple breaking putting.

You can also trace the path each one of your putts has taken. This feature enables you to see if there are issues with any of your strokes. Later, use a trace eraser/ trace brush that comes with it to remove any path available on the putting surface. This tremendous indoor putting green mat measures 10ft long and 20 inches wide.

Besides slope simulators, this golf mat also comes with six foam wedges to help in break simulation. Additionally, you’ll find two bumpers to put in the two ends of the mat. These bumpers help keep your golf place on the putting surface and prevent it from rolling off—also, the booklet in which there are several training practices to perfect your putting.

The fabric swiper that also comes with this mat serves two purposes. The first purpose is to change the stimp speed of your putting green mat, i.e., between 8 and 12.5. Secondly, you can use it to remove all the trace paths created by your putting balls after analyzing them.

There it is, one of the best indoor putting greens that you can purchase at under 200 dollars.


  • It has alignment marks to keep track of your putting paths
  • This mat emulates four stimp speeds
  • It has an anti-slip backing at the bottom of the mat to ensure it doesn’t move when you’re practicing
  • It also comes with a silicone hole
  • It enables you to track the traces of your putting balls as you shoot
  • It is of sturdy material to offer durability
  • It gives golfers various ways to practice and perfect their putting skills.


  • The slope is too steep
  • The traces may fade and become less effective after a while
  • The corners may also curl up
  • It has a narrow rectangular shape which only allows straight putting practices.


6. JEF World of Golf Hazard Deluxe Indoor putting green

Best Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

Do you want to have an accurate simulation of your putts as those found on an actual golf course? The world of golf hazard deluxe will provide you with just that since it is what it focuses on. It emulates actual green-like conditions, making your indoor putting practice just as convenient as a golfer on the course.

This golf putting green mat comes with two putting holes, each with a flag to strengthen your accuracy while practicing. Also, there’s a bunker, simulated water hazard, and a non-directional turf to increase your accuracy further.

The turf putting surface of this mat has borders to prevent the balls from rolling off the surface. Additionally, you’ll feel a soft touch on your feet when you stand on this mat because there’s a padded foam right under the turf surface.

Because of its unique features and design, this mat catches the attention of most golfers, both novices and professionals, even though it is narrow. The cup sits at the topmost part of the ramp to make it a bit challenging. For convenience, there’s an automated ball return system.

This JEF world of golf hazard deluxe wins the best ball return category with the automatic ball return system in place.


  • This mat is lightweight, making it much more convenient
  • It’s portable
  • It’s affordable
  • It automatically returns the ball
  • It has an accurate simulated surface


  • It is too narrow



7. VariSpeed Indoor Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Green with Break

This golf mat will take your putting practice to a different level with its unique functions and setup. It emulates the conditions of an actual golf course by offering different putting speeds and breaks. This feature is only found on a natural green. But thanks to this mat, you can bring it home.

The mat is 100% polyester, making it highly durable. Also, its surface is of premium fibers to trace the ball as it moves. How about you creating your custom breaks? That’s possible since you get to have four different speeds.

This putting green mat’s 10 feet length also comes as a bonus, with different feet markers to show you just how far your putts travel. The feet markers are a great feature, especially for golfers who love building up their muscle memory.

Don’t forget that it also comes with a booklet with various recommended exercises for you and a cup. VariSpeed is undoubtedly one of the best indoor putting greens when you want to perfect your putting.

Additionally, this putting mat is easy to store as you only need to roll it up and it back in the box. It is a great golf accessory!

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It can fit well in your closet. Still, it will roll and spread out flat whenever you want to play. You get to have all these fantastic features at only $99.00.

The fact that you can custom-make your breaks is impressive, making VariSpeed the best indoor putting greens with a break.


  • It has four different speeds so that you can choose your speed
  • It comes with a mat brush to remove your previous ball trace marks
  • You can visibly trace your putts
  • You can create your custom breaks and slope
  • It’s easy and convenient to store
  • It spreads out flat after storage


  • A bit expensive for golfers on a budget
  • It’s light, hence not firm enough on the floor
  • It’s too narrow, i.e., less than 2 ft wide.



Does an indoor putting green help?

The putting drills a golfer uses to practice can help improve their putting technique, accuracy, grip, consistency, and ball stroke. Additionally, it can increase and enhance your ability to judge different putting distances and your ball position. Therefore, you can check out our best golf putting tips for beginners here.


Are indoor putting greens worth it?

Yes. Any indoor putting mat that you can practice in the comfort of your own home is beneficial to you. The more practice the better you will become over time. These mats will give you better feedback on your putting stroke since your home carpet has weaves and speed. There are two fundamentals of putting that golf putting mat improves in both novices and professional golfers. The distance control and hitting straight, which make these mats worth it.

Is Carpet similar to an indoor putting green?

Not at all. First, a carpet is cheap and doesn’t emulate putting greens. These two may have similar functionalities, but a rug can’t in any way improve your golf putting skills because of the various issues it has.You see, the design and features of a putting green mat make it possible for you to play as if you’re playing on an actual golf course.


LongBombs Golf Final Say

Now that you know all about the best indoor putting greens on the market, there is no excuse for not getting one for yourself. You can try these best golf putting drills to help you lower your golf score. Not only will you improve your golf game, but you can also practice anytime you want without having to go outside. Don’t wait any longer, grab one of these top-rated putting greens and start practicing today! Next you have to check out our best golf practice nets so that you have the full setup!


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