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Best Jumbo Putter Grips | 10 Large Golf Putter Grips

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Putter grips are an essential part of the golf game. The putter grip is the point of contact between you and the putter, making it crucial that you have a comfortable, strong grip. Choosing the right or, most importantly, wrong putter grip can impact your performance to a great extent. However, there are various types of grips, i.e., tapered or non-tapered, thick or thin grip, and so on. The choice will mainly depend upon your preference and skill level, whether you choose to buy a square grip or a triangular one. Here, we have the 10 best jumbo putter grips that will greatly enhance your putting game.

You will come across a lot of putter grips having different styles and types because we want you to make an informed decision. There are various factors to consider while buying grips, like the shape, size, weight, and texture of the grip. We have picked the best grips on the market and hopefully one of them matches your preference.

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Do jumbo putter grips make you putt better?

Yes. There are various advantages of an oversized putter grip. The grip is good for those who hold the grip very tightly, causing them to loosen up their putting grip. It helps to reduce movement and hand, wrist, or finger twisting. It is great for those having arthritis or other issues related to bones & joints, giving better control over the putter, with little to no movement. Not only do jumbo putter grips feel better, they also improve strokes, and reduce the risk of missed putts.

Do any tour pros use jumbo grips?

Yes. Many Pro golfers use oversized putter grips like Bryson DeChambeau’s putter grips, who has very large hands so naturally, he feels comfortable using a bigger putter grip. The JumboMax grips that he uses give him better control over the smaller ones. Retief Goosen also used the JumboMax grip and managed to win PGA Tour seventh time using this grip. Cara Gainer, Justin James, and Tadd Fujikawa, just to name a few, are some other Professional players who play with jumbo putter grips.

What types of jumbo grip shapes are there?

Grips come in various shapes and understanding the shape of the grip is important because it governs how we move our body in relation to a putter. Typically, grips are available in five shapes: circle, oval, flat oval, pistol, and flat wide.

best jumbo putter grip types

1.   Overall best jumbo putter grip

Choosing one in a million is a challenging task especially when there are a lot of good options in the jumbo putter grip industry today. This is why we picked the SuperStroke Traxion Tour golf putter grip as the number one selection. Trust me, this putter grip will not let you down. The SuperStroke Traxion Tour golf putter grip is great for all types of golfers no matter their handicap. This grip comes in various sizes and styles, so you can choose according to your preference. The grip has a unique parallel design which helps you to strike a consistent stroke and minimize pressure on the grip.

The design along with the unique texture of this grip offers greater comfort and playability. Advance Spine technology is used in its construction which allows you to put stable, repeatable putting strokes on the ball. The grip is huge and feels better for anyone with bigger hands. so if you have big hands. It is made up of synthetic material, which is neither sticky nor very slippery. The SuperStroke feels soft and comfortable, making it our number one on the list.


  • Feels comfortable and easy to handle
  • Comes in striking colors
  • Easy to install
  • Minimizes hand pressure

2.   Most patriotic large putter grip

For all the patriots out there, JumboMax ST/1.3 Oversized putter grip is what you are looking for. This is a grip with an exquisite design of the USA flag. This item has a large-sized grip which ensures superior stability and control. The outer has a textured non-tapered design which minimizes pressure and helps in consistent hand position. The grip feels great and the texture provides better tackiness. The patented grip is approved by USGA for tour play.

The grip is one of the best golf grips the market has to offer, and a great value for the money. It is suitable for players who like the soft stroke style. The right level of tackiness and textures makes this grip feel outstandingly comfortable. However, it is quite large and takes up a lot of space in the club bag so those who are using light bags need to take this into consideration.


  • The USA flag design makes it exotic
  • Minimizes grip pressure
  • Great or those who like a soft grip style
  • Great texture and feel
  • It is a huge grip


  • Need a larger bag to fit the grip

3.   Best oversized putter grip with Winnlite Technology

Winnie technology is used in putter grips to reduce grip pressure and improve feel in the putting game. The grips manufactured using this technology have better performance than most ordinary grips, which makes these grips a little more costly. The WinnPro X has a less-tapered design which aids minimum wrist movement and the same performance/tackiness, so your putting strokes are more stable and consistent when you use this grip.

This oversized golf grip is suitable for golfers with large hands, as well as for those who have medical issues. Usually, the feel of the club is compromised when you minimize the wrist movement but this is not the case. Overall, the value it delivers to the golfer matches the price point, so it is a great buy if you are looking for a techy over-size putter grip and have the budget for a higher price point.


  • Instructions are simple to follow.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Limits wrist action during your stroke
  • Minimizes grip pressure

4.   Biggest legal jumbo putter grip

SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter is a well-known putter grip that a lot of golfers choose to buy. The features include a great combination of excellent feel, unmatchable performance, and traction. SuperStroke Fatso is the most popular grip on the market. It has a thick design that restricts wrist movement, giving you better control to strike the ball at the desired path.

The outer layer of the grip is tacky and made up of Polyurethane which causes greater traction with a softer feel for the golfer. All in all, we recommend you buy this grip confidently because it offers great value for money and remarkable performance that ordinary grips do not deliver.


  • Restricts wrist action during the strike
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Lightweight over-sized grip
  • Offers superior traction and comfort
  • Minimizes grip pressure

5.   Best pistol jumbo putter grip

If you are looking for the best pistol over-sized grip, Saplize is a reasonable grip for you. This jumbo putter grip has premium quality with an intuitive design that supports efficient play. Not only is the grip made using a durable multi-compound rubber material, but it is also packed with cost-efficient materials making it more affordable.

SAPLIZE features a unique shock-absorption technology that limits the stinging feel when the ball strikes the putter. This is why the users feel comfortable. Overall, SAPLIZE Golf putter grips are great for those who want to buy large pistol-shaped putter grips. However, they are not as sturdy as we expected but still manage to deliver excellent performance & feel.


  • Comes in many colors, so you have a range of options to choose from
  • Anti-slip rubber grip ensures a secure grip
  • It is not pricey
  • Offers shock absorption
  • High-quality putter grip


  • Difficult to install
  • The lower section is small

6.   Best jumbo putter grips made of rubber

Huaen Golf Putter Grip is our best rubber putter grip in the list of best jumbo putter grips. The construction is unique and also contains a waterproof layer between the inner and outer layers, keeping the putter from getting damaged in even the toughest weather conditions. It is suitable for novice players as it is very easy to install. High-quality material is used, so this grip will last you a long time.

Other considerable features are consistent performance, lightweight design, slip resistance, and huge size that is great for golfers with big hands. It is available in a range of colors, so you can choose any color according to your preference. Overall, the Huaen Golf Putter grip is the best rubber grip because the material delivers tackiness, support, and feedback to the fullest.


  • Comfortable anti-slip grip
  • Softer feel and tackiness
  • Well-constructed grip
  • Lightweight and durable

7.   Lightweight jumbo putter grips

For all those, who find lightweight grips easier and more comfortable to play with, the CHAMPKEY USA Pistol golf putter grip is a reasonable choice for you. It is the best-tapered grip we have come across along with the lightweight construction that gives you greater control over the club. It gives you an advantage when you feel that the club is loose. The material used in its construction is Polyurethane which is a durable bet.

CHAMPKEY USA Pistol Golf Putter grip is good for all golfing seasons. Generally, every grip does not perform well in all seasons, but CHAMPKEY USA is perfect for the challenge. It has a vibrant USA flag printed on it and is a reasonably oversized grip that guarantees an enjoyable golf game.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Superior traction and softer feel
  • Superior feedback with a great finish
  • Comes with an attractive USA flag design

8.   Easy to install large putter grip

If you are looking for a hassle-free putter grip that is not only high-performance golf gear but also easy to install, Zenesty Golf Putter Grip is our pick for you. The grip has a state-of-the-art design with a vibrant black & red combination & silver line design which looks simply striking. This grip is oversized, so it is suitable for big hands.

Zesty Golf Putter Grip is made up of slip-resistant material. In hot weather, the grip will not slip out of your hands like other ordinary grips. This grip is also very lightweight because the exterior is made up of PU material and EVA foam. These are not only lightweight but also absorb shocks efficiently. Overall, Zenesty Golf Putter Grip is one of the best jumbo putter grips to play golf with. Its key feature is the ease of installation which prevents you from wasting time & energy.


  • Comfortable and lightweight grip
  • Superior softer feel
  • High-quality material is used in the construction

9.   Jumbo putter grips that include a ball marker

This tour grip will prove to be a state-of-the-art addition to your golf gear. With a funky design and tour-proven RD3 shape, this grip is something you should never miss. It has a super tacky feel which the loudmouth fans admire about. This grip not only has an exquisite design and shape but it delivers exceptional performance and feedback as well.

This optimum combination of style and functionality comes with a ball marker. It is a valuable addition that makes the grip a considerable choice. The slip-resistant material ensures that the grip may not slip out of your hands in sweaty weather like ordinary grips. It is equipped with reverse taper technology and a unique reverse dimple which make it tacky and reduces grip pressure. The unique design allows the sweat to slip away through the dimple channel so that your putting can be on par.


  • Unique design and shake
  • The optimum combination of style and functionality
  • Comes with a ball marker
  • Treat for loudmouth fans

10. Waterproof jumbo putter grips

Waterproof Jumbo putter grips are preferred because they absorb sweat efficiently and allow confident putting strokes. Monster Equips Pro Golf Putter is a great oversized grip made from PU material. It has a great feel while playing on any type of golf grass.

The grip is lightweight and minimizes grip pressure. It has an updated design which helps to putt consistent strokes. Exclusive advanced technology is used in its construction, which makes it easier to make the same putting swing every time. This putter grip also absorbs sweat effectively, making it a great buy.


  • Waterproof putter grips
  • Great or those who like a soft grip style
  • Great texture and feel

LongBombs Golf Final Say

Jumbo putter grips are a great way to give your putting game a boost. Our team has reviewed the best jumbo putter grips on the market so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. All of our recommended designs are lightweight, easy to install, and weatherproof so that you can enjoy using them for seasons to come. Don’t wait any longer – grab one of these today and start seeing improved results on the green!


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