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The 10 Best Golf Desk Accessories for off-the-course fun | Impress your coworkers with your office desk decor

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On days cooped up inside an office, it’s hard not to have golf on the brain. Glancing longingly out the window, reveries of swing techniques yet unswung and sweet spots are a welcome distraction from the barge of emails ahead. When pristine course conditions are wasted on working hours, and when you can’t sneak out early enough to get in a quick eighteen holes, these best golf desk accessories are the perfect dose of off-course fun to help satisfy all your golfing needs.

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1. The Desktop Putting Golf Accessory

mini desk putting accessory

Our favorite best golf desk accessories

Does putting get any better on a smaller scale? These miniature putting greens, complete with their own equally tiny putters and balls (what is this, a putting green for ants?), can help test that theory out! The more traditional Desktop Golf set by RP Minis is one of the best golf desk accessories comes with a packet of sand to fill in the two bunkers shielding either side of the cup. It also includes a 32-page book outlining cool golf facts and the rules of the game. If you’re into miniature golf, you may prefer their Desktop Mini Golf set that comes with a kitschy wind-up windmill to challenge even the most proficient putters. This set also has its own book outlining the history and rules of miniature golf, sure to inspire some newfound knowledge on larger-scale greens, too.  

2. PGA Tour Portable Golf Automatic Putting Cup

putting pratice cup for your office desk

The best portable golf desk accessories

Looking to squeeze in some putting practice in between meetings? Putters rejoice at this PGA Tour Portable Golf Automatic Putting Cup, one of the best golf desk accessories that you can bring with you wherever you go. This battery-operated tool automatically returns the ball (plus you don’t have to deal with bending down to the cup) allowing for more focused practice. Keep a putter handy and you can set the hole anywhere in your cubicle or office area. Plus, practicing on those lightning-quick commercial carpets – I’d say they roll about a twelve on the Stimp – can have you reaching Tour pro putting averages in no time.

3. Golf Gifts & Gallery Golf Ball Display Cabinet

golf ball holder for your office desk

Best desk tabletop golf ball display case

Do you like to keep tokens from your golfing conquests? Perhaps it’s a ball marker or towel from a prestigious club? (I still have the pencil I used at Kiawah’s Ocean course.) If you’re a collector of golf memorabilia, this Golf Ball Display Cabinet is a great way to showcase your adventures and document those once-in-a-lifetime rounds. This mahogany case can either sit comfortably on a desk or be mounted on the wall. It holds up to twenty-five golf balls, be it a signed autograph ball you scored during a PGA tournament, that one ball you used and didn’t lose during the buddies’ trip to Pinehurst, or maybe even an ace ball. The sentimental possibilities are endless. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter! This display case is by far one of the best golf desk accessories you can get. 

4. Golfer Business Card Holder Desk Accessory

golf business card desk accessory

Cool office desk decor to hold your business cards

When you’re busy making corporate connections, this Golfer Business Card Holder is a creative way to store and hand out your cards. The piece, jolly golfer included, is handcrafted from recycled metal and finished in bronze. It’s lightweight and though it won’t take up too much space on your desk, it’s definitely an eye-catching conversation piece to segway into swapping information with potential clients or partners. Maybe the mineral man’s big grin will even spread some good vibes for your next round. I mean, how infectious is that smile?

5. Mini DIY Kit Golf Zen Garden - Desk and Cubicle Accessory

desk tabletop zen golf garden decor

A great DIY desk accessory

Some days at the office can be rough (no pun intended). Meditation is a great method to cool off after a frustrating call or crisis. What’s more zen than this Mini DIY Kit Golf Zen Garden? What I really like about this kit is that it’s DIY so you can assemble the garden to your liking. This act alone helps re-establish some sense of control in an otherwise chaotic environment. Very cathartic, indeed. Once assembled, you can soothingly trace designs in the sand with the miniature clubs. Does raking a real trap, in the aftermath of a bunker shot, induce such meditative trances? I think not.  I also really like the alligator. This is one of the best golf desk accessories that will for sure help your desk decor stand out!

6. Golf Globe Game - Water Globe Golf Ball on The Tee

golf ball desk game

Most fun golf desk accessory

Have you ever heard of the Golf Globe Game? No? Well, it’s as addictive as Angry Birds and it will consume your life. There’s a tee on the base of the globe and a golf ball that moves freely inside the water-filled enclosure. The goal is to land the ball so that it stays perched on the tee. Sounds easy? This best golf desk accessory will for sure get your coworkers going! Let me just say, the deceptive picture of the product is the only time you will ever see this done. I had one when I was younger and spent countless hours trying to accomplish said feat. It’s an admittedly perfect procrastination game if you want to push off some reports. Buyers be wary: it’s a fun way to waste time.

7. The Golf Pen Holder Desk Accessory

golf pen holder for your desk

Never search for a pen again with this Mini Golf Pens Holder. The bag holds pens cleverly disguised as a set of clubs so you are always ready to jot down notes. The zippered patch is actually a small storage area for erasers, paper clips and more. The wheels on the push cart can even roll, too! A tuft of grass acts as a base for this mini bag. There are five colors to choose from: red, yellow, green, blue and brown.

8. The Golf Planter Desk Accessory

With the amount of divots I take, I suppose this Golf Ceramic Sports Mug Planter feels like a way to give back. The glazed mug, laden with golf ball dimples, can fit a succulent or flower to spruce up your desk. Cacti are easy to care for as they require little water, which helps during the weekends when you won’t be in the office. Peace lilies are also great office plants because they tolerate low quantities of light and actually clean the air of toxins. I think I’ll plant a few to appease the golf gods for all those chunks of fairway grass I’ve ruined. There’s nothing like bringing some nature from the course right to your desk!

9. The Golf Water Bottle Desk Accessory

We all know it’s important to drink enough water both on and off the course. This Motivational Golf Player Water Bottle can help you stay hydrated throughout the day. This BPA-free, 32-ounce bottle includes hourly markers along with motivational quotes so that you can track your water intake and feel good about it. The opposite side of the bottle is adorned with a sketch of golf clubs with the quote, “Life is full of important choices.” You can even have your name printed on for added personalization. Plop the bottle on your desk and tackle this healthy challenge while you plug away.

10. The Golf Bucket List Poster Desk Accessory

golf bucket list poster for your desk

This 100 Golf Courses Bucket List Poster is a bucket lister’s dream. This interactive poster is one of best golf desk accessories you can get. The poster contains famous courses from all over the world. St Andrews, Whistling Straits and South Cape are among the noted global destinations. Once you’ve played a course, you can check it off the list by scratching the corresponding square to reveal the course illustration beneath. Hang it up beside your desk and see how many courses you’ve already played. Looking for some inspiration? This is also a great way to get ideas for new courses worthy of your next trip.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

You don’t have to make your workspace dull and boring! With any of the gifts above, you will be guaranteed to get a good reaction or a long-lasting conversation happening. You should never have an excuse not to spruce up your desk at work and bring the golf game to you!


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