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Best Putters for Beginners

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What to consider when buying the best putter for beginners?

The putter is perhaps the most critical club in the bag at any game level, but it is especially vital for beginning golfers because holding more putts may save numerous shots.

If you think about what kind of putter a beginner should use, it is clear that every beginner should choose a putter with powerful, forgiving features. In golf, “forgiveness” refers to golf clubs’ structure and design features that mitigate the effects of weak swings and poor contact with the ball because these design aspects are forgiving of the golfer’s errors.

If you are new to a golf game and want to buy a putter, our best putters for beginners reviews will help you select the perfect one for you.

Buying Guide for Best Putters for Beginners

If you are new to golf and consider purchasing a flat stick, various factors to consider. Let us begin with those.

Toe Balanced / Face Balanced

If we talk about the face balanced when the shaft is balanced, the face points to an upper side. In the opposite case, the toe balance has a toe pointing toward the ground. So, for this reason, for beginners, a flat face is the best.


Putter grips are available in a variety of thicknesses and materials. Some are stiff to the touch, while others have a soft texture. The important choice you will make is between size and thickness. Do you like a regular, thin putter grip or a mid-size or jumbo grip? The best putters for novices will have a narrower grip, which gives your hands greater sensation. Naturally, the larger grips will assist you in disengaging your wrist from your stroke.


While a beginner putter is likely to be broad and forgiving, that does not mean you have to despise its appearance. Each manufacturer creates mallet designs that are truly unique and appeal to a wide variety of tastes; select one that looks well in your bag and, more significantly, down by the ball and in your hands.

Roll Quality

It is by far the most important reason why a golfer requires a putter. You’ll want to invest in a putter that can get the ball rolling as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Avoid any putter that causes your golf balls to slide, bounce, or roll unevenly.


While selecting a putter length is the most important factor to consider. Golfers were accustomed to sticking the club against their chest, gut, or chin before the USGA and R&A banned long and belly putters. Following the ban, they were forced to search for a new method of putting.

A normal putter measures 35 inches in length; however, putters up to 54 inches are still available. Your height will determine the size you choose.

Putter Heads

Putter heads are available in two forms: Mallet and Blade. So now you are thinking, what is the difference Between Mallet and Blade Putters? Let me help you in this issue by describing Mallet Vs. Blade Putters.

Blade and mallet putters are the two most popular styles, and each has its unique design and benefits that make it ideal for a certain putting stroke style.

The Mallet Putters

Mallet putters include more ornate designs and a larger clubhead. While a mallet putter’s clubface is square, unlike a blade putter, mallet putters feature big club heads that can be square, semi-circle, or even more abstract in design. A mallet putter’s weight distributes away from the clubface, providing golfers with a unique feel while putting.

Blade Putters

A blade putter is more straightforward in its design than a mallet putter. This putter derives its name from the straight, flat-style clubhead that affixes to the shaft’s end. The shaft can be attached to either the heel or the center of the blade.

Which is Best, a Mallet or Blade Putter?

In my opinion, mallet putters are the best putters for beginners. Despite their bigger size, mallet putters are often on par with blade putters in terms of weight. Due to the weight placement, mallet putters frequently have more forgiveness in their clubfaces.

1. Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG Putter

Best Overall Putter for Beginners

White Hot is the World’s most recognizable, most played, and most decorated putter. This name is synonymous with a spectacular performance and the particular design characteristics Tour players and golfers favor.

The White Hot OG 7 is a face-balanced double bend mallet suited for strokes with the very little plotline and face twisting. It has established a new standard for insert technology for nearly two decades, and there is nothing quite like it.

The original formulation of these putters was designed into White Hot OG, and the performance expresses on its own. Therefore, it is one of the best putters for beginners to insert technology. Using these putters is also attributed to the best quality and multi-material Stroke Lab shaft and Tour-proven.

These golf putters have an unbelievable matchup that combines the amazing benefits of the two-part urethane insert technology, which incorporates a rich silver PVD ending and perfect milled finishing touches.

These golf putters are available with either premium stepped steel shaft. It is one of the most world-famous putter advancements of all time in an unbelievable high-performance package with White Hot OG.


  • Best accuracy and speed
  • Classic head shape
  • Balanced putter
  • Great forgiveness
  • Elegant design
  • Maximum feel

2. S7K Standing Putter

Best Runner Up Putter for Beginners

The S7K Standing Putter is completely tournament legal and represents a significant advancement in putter technology. The putter’s ability to hold in place lets you visualize how the putt will break and adjust the club accordingly. Additionally, the putter resembles a blade putter but has the weight and feel of a mallet-styled flat stick.

The S7heavier K’s head offers a mild shot that allows the golfer to keep the putter on target. The putter’s capacity to properly align the golf ball is facilitated by its order to establish behind it. Because most putts begin offline, beginning golfers require assistance to improve their game on the green.

Combined with the thicker head, the huge base provides the putter with a stable platform on uneven and sloped surfaces. When a golfer becomes used to their schedule, setting the putter, determining the line, and executing the putt becomes second nature. The best putters for beginners have an enlarged center, which increases forgiveness on off-center strikes.

The putter’s portable shaft and durable grip help stabilize the S7 head for a more consistent swing. When used in conjunction with the milled face, the golfer receives an extraordinary result at influence. Golfers can initiate the ball’s roll more accurately by reducing the amount of bouncing on the putt.

Regardless of where the golf ball lands on the face, the S7forward K’s role is non-skid and non-hop. Having more feel helps dial in the speed and control of the putt when using a heavier putter with a wide base.


  • Have lightweight shaft
  • Have sturdy grip
  • High forgiveness
  • Maximum speed
  • Good feel
  • Affordable

3. Odyssey Golf - Ten Putter - Two Ball - Triple Track option

Best 2 Ball Putter for Beginners

The Odyssey Ten is a Tour-proven shape that emphasizes orientation and a high MOI for increased confidence and uniformity on the greens. The new Tens putters have improved significantly on those two critical performance characteristics.

The shape of these putters is designed remarkably, and it is extremely popular on Tour and among golfers. These golf putters are some of the best putters for beginners. 

 It is indeed slimmer and more forgiving, and now you can choose among remarkable orientation alternatives in 2-Ball or Triple Track. It is one of the best 2-Ball models ever, and these features are designed to assist you in framing the ball with your destined line.

These putters highlight a Stroke Lab shaft which is multi-material and designed to perform effectively. This new shaft is seven grams lightweight overall, tougher, and more stable, boosting your putting stroke’s pace and reliability.

 This high-performance insert features Microhinge technology, which promotes instant forward roll for increased speed and control.


  • High forgiveness
  • Greatest mallet
  • Increased speed
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

4. Spider Tour Black Putter, Double Bend

Best Double Bend Putter for Beginners

What Is a Double Bend Putter?

A double bend puts the putter’s head behind the hands and aids manufacturers in stabilizing the face, which typically results in straight strokes with double-bend variants. Each golfer can take advantage of the Spider Tour Black with Sightline’s Tour-proven achievement.

These golf putters have perimeter weighting, which adds stability. The sightline focuses the player’s attention and improves golfers’ confidence, allowing them to drain more putts when it counts. Resonance lessening foam is embedded between the body and structure of these golf putters to improve sound and feel.

With toe hang, this modification includes a double bend hosel that increases the visibility of the face. A lightweight aluminum core is combined with a robust stainless steel frame to provide a high MOI. Additionally, it designs to keep the face square to the path.

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black puts with increased stability, more topspin, and a square shape. Compared to solid face putters, these best putters for beginners feature Pure Roll grooves on the core.

The Pure Roll insert tends to increase spin on the ball and helps to improve forward roll for better distance control. These golf putters have a high-MOI mallet manufactured to provide greater stability and forgiveness—a modern mallet putter with an elevated MOI forgiving, stable, and reliable wrap.


  • Multi-Material Design
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Increased topspin
  • Increased stability
  • Excellent feel
  • Improved forgiveness

5. WILSON Staff Harmonized Putter

Cheapest Putter for Beginners

When you’re seeking to boost your overall performance, this putter is an excellent choice to start, as it equips you with benefits that can help you build up a good score. The stainless steel shaft is extremely shiny and bright, lending it a more trendy appearance and feel.

The mallet-style clubhead is also aesthetically attractive, with its grey/black design, including a white stripe and two vertical red lines for synchronization. Orientation instructions may be exactly everything you need to improve your stroke and put the ball in the hole.

Additionally, this putter has a face insert, and its microinjection polymer face insert significantly enhances feel when making control of the ball, which can help tremendously with consistency.

It is not the only characteristic intended to strengthen the feel; the back also features a mid-sized vertical seam grip that enhances sensation throughout the stroke. The grip of these best putters for beginners is maximum, which is ideal for maintaining a firm grasp on the club while putting.

A proper grip may make a world of difference to improve accuracy. It is an excellent putter for golfers of all ability levels, particularly for beginners aiming for par.


  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Modern look and feel
  • High-quality putter
  • Efficient putter
  • Perfect shot
  • Affordable

6. TaylorMade Spider X Putter - HydroBlast - Single Bend

Best Mallet Putters for Beginners

The TaylorMade Spider X putter has a multi-material structure and streamlined head shape. These golf putters have a hefty steel frame combined with aluminum and steel bottom weights and a lightweight composite sole for optimum MOI and flexibility.

 Additionally, they incorporate a flexible TPU Perfect Rolling cushion and the white true path alignment system. Because these putters are not coated, they have an unusual appearance.

Rather than that, they are condemned with high-pressure water, which results in a clean, silvery aluminum finish. The Spider X variant features a pure roll insert with 45-degree-angled face slots that increase spin. These putters’ attributes make it one of the best putters for beginners.

The new Spider X finishes with a revolutionary hydro blast process, which creates a sleek and expensive appearance. A high-pressure spray of water provides a smooth, durable, and aesthetically beautiful surface.

The employment of a variety of materials to provide the highest level of stability. The heavy steel frame with steel back weights is paired with a lighter weight sole to maximize MOI.


  • Optimum stability
  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Extremely consistent
  • Durable

7. Cobra Golf King Vintage Putter

Best Weighted Putter for Beginners

Cobra has not made a great deal of progress with its putter technology in recent years. Although, given their expansion into grooves and some innovative technology on their irons, it’s natural they’re attempting to establish an image as a fantastic putter company.

The new King Vintage putters are probably worth considering if you’re searching for a bulky mallet putter. These golf putters have a face insert, a revolutionary new golf technology promoting a far more accurate rolling and swing. The nicest feature of this putter is the weight-adjustable mechanism.

The Cobra King Vintage putters have a stainless steel body that resonates with sound and feels on contact. When you putt with these golf clubs, the experience is firmer and more responsive.

Every golfer’s attention is drawn to a variety of alignment lines that assist them in setting up their goal in the manner they choose. These best putters for beginners readily align square to the ball and assist users in identifying the aim line at approach.

Additionally, Cobra included the connect grip in the new King Vintage, which lets you track your putting performance over time. In general, this King Vintage putter is one of those clubs that will last a very long time in your golf bag.


  • It consists of adjustable weights
  • Incredible feel
  • Have high MOI
  • Accurate rolling
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

8. Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter

Best Beginner Putter for High Rollers

These Special golf putters keep traditional total head weight. In comparison, displaying considerable modifications in face height, neck position, hosel depth, corner radius shaping, flange thickness, and sole weight innovation to fit greater, sound better, and perform much better.

Each Special Select model creates to deliver the same sleek, classic designs that tour experts chose. Each Special Select putter includes maximum grip, which offers a lower hand profile for increased feel and performance. Tungsten is added to these golf putters for extraordinary performance. Scotty improves adjustable sole weights to fine-tune putter performance and feel at all lengths.

It results in wider sweet spots and increased stability, and these features make these putters the best putters for beginners. Scotty included his soft tri-sole technology into the blades, which gives a self-soling characteristic at approach for optimal setup and an aesthetically beautiful view of the peak level from the moment the putter is placed on the green.

These putters are designed with fundamentals of sound and feel in the United States from stainless steel for legendary performance and playability with a stable tone and soft feel.


  • Enhance stability
  • Excellent feel
  • Durable
  • Elegant look
  • Wider sweet pot


  • Very expensive


What is the Difference between Center Shaft, Heel-shafted, and Offset Putters?

A Center Shafted putter is just a putter where the shaft connects directly to the center of the putter’s head.  

A Heel-shafted Putter is quite simple to use. The shaft attaches directly to the putter head on the end closest to the golfer or the heel. Heel-shaft is the most common kind of putter.

In the case of Offset Putter, the leading edge of the shaft is somewhat ahead of the putter’s face. The term full-shaft offset refers to an offset equal to the width of the shaft.

How Do You Choose the Right Putter?

If you want the best putter for yourself, remember some vital points like your putter should be aesthetically pleasing and increase the feel of the stroke. Always determine your putting stroke and match the putter to it.

Straight putting strokes work best with a mallet putter or a putter with a flat face. Golfers with a curved putting stroke will benefit from blade putters, or putters with a balanced toe will benefit from toe-balanced putters.

How Much Does a Good Putter Cost?

Cost is an important factor in golf. The beautiful thing is that numerous putters are available at various price ranges, so you may easily spend as much money as you like.

If you want the premium product as a beginner golfer, go for it; if you’re just getting started and want to see if you enjoy the game, you can acquire multiple putters at a reasonable price.

How long should Your Putter be?

The majority of putters are between 32 and 52 inches in length. When you are in the address position, you should perfectly align the shaft of your putter with your forearm. Golfers frequently choose putters that are too lengthy for their game.

LongBombsGolf Final Review

Choosing the best putters for beginners will undoubtedly improve your performance. As such, ensure that you begin on the correct road. If one’s finds itself lost in a sea of putter options, always return to the fundamentals – the features you require and the putter that would best suit your game.

Begin with a putter of the optimal length for you, a comfortable weight, a near-vertical loft, and a forgiving face. It does not have to be expensive but invest in a putter to improve your stroke without draining your bank account.


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