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How Much Are Golf Lessons? – The Cost of Private, Group, and Free Golf Lessons

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Learning how to golf can help you maintain your mental health, relieve stress, and lower blood pressure. It can also improve your overall physical health by improving balance, coordination, and the health benefits of essential exercise. Golfing also allows socialization with other people who share your interests in the game. With all of these benefits, we might ask: How much are golf lessons?

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of practice and skill. You can always ask yourself: Should I get golf lessons? Becoming good at this specific sport takes more time, patience, and dedication than you ever thought was possible. But even if you are not looking to become a professional golfer, there are many benefits to learning how to play golf. The ability to play well or even to the point where the game is delightful will entice you to play more often. This will increase your social activity and exercise and allow you to play a sport widely associated with stress relief.

Why Are Golf Lessons So Important to Your Game?

Golf lessons are a great way to learn the game of golf and improve your skills. Golf lessons help you understand the game’s nuances, rules, and golf etiquette for beginners. They also help you develop your swing technique and adjust your stance leading to a more enjoyable experience on the course.

A good coach can teach you how to manage the pressure of competing in a tournament or even a friendly match with friends. They can teach you how to play brilliant golf and keep from taking many golf penalties on the course. 

driving range golf lessons at PGA tour event
East Lake Golf Course PGA Tour Range Session With Coaches

How to Find the Right Coach for You & Get Started with Lessons!

Coaches are the ones who will help you achieve your goals more efficiently. They will help you identify what is holding you back and advise you on overcoming your challenges.

A coach is also there to provide accountability and motivation when needed.

Coaches are located in every state in the United States, but finding the right one for yourself can be difficult. You should ensure they have experience in your area of interest, a good reputation, and are qualified for the position before committing to lessons with them.

There are many ways of finding a coach for yourself. There are coaches on social media platforms like LinkedIn, coaches who offer coaching services online, or even coaches who provide their services by phone or video chat.

Different types of golf lessons

Scheduled Sessions

Golf coaches can be found all over the world and are easily accessible through the internet. They offer lessons in 30-minute blocks and can be found in person or online. These coaches have a variety of teaching styles, strengths, and weaknesses which you should consider when choosing one for yourself or someone else.

Some coaches offer lessons at various times; however, 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute blocks are the most common. Based on demand and availability, you will see prices anywhere from $25 to $200. Depending on how prestigious the coach you are working with would determine what that hourly rate looks like.

The determining factor of session length would be how much time is required to progress your swing. The coach you are working with should be able to provide you with insight about the initial session for them to collect information and what the next session would look like.

If we are speaking in absolute averages: 30-minute session = $40, 60-minute session = $55, and 90-minute session = $125. Please note again these are averages; some prices will be much more competitive than others.

Private and Group Lessons

There are few dynamics in which lessons can occur. The first is a private lesson; this is generally how most golf coaches operate. You would work one-on-one with your coach on specific portions of your golf swing to ensure an understanding of the objective and guidance on how to get there.

The second lesson variation is known as a group lesson or clinic. These settings are designed to create an atmosphere of learning. It creates a supportive workspace and encourages everyone to be involved and help one another. Whether you are a child or an adult, learning something new can sometimes help to learn with a group of like-minded individuals. Private lessons may be a better fit if you are shy or easily embarrassed.

Again, group lesson price is derivative of the age group and skill of the coach that is hosting. I have seen group lessons at $25 per person, and I have seen group lessons at $400 a person. The information you want to look into is who is teaching and what is included in the price.

How the lessons are conducted

Golf lessons are typically started on the range or a simulator. Initially, the objection is to diagnose any swing issues or thought processes that result in a proper swing sequence. Coaches often refer to this as the “Lesson Tee.”

As your game progresses, you can request a playing lesson, taking your coaching from the lesson tee to the golf course. The objectives discussed in this lesson style are built around course management and mental game. A round of golf will last much longer than a 90-minute lesson, so coaches generally would offer options on how to approach the play. A set amount for a full round or whatever number of holes you can complete within 90 minutes while maintaining the emphasis on learning while playing.

Are golf lessons worth spending money on?

Golf lessons are time-consuming but also necessary for any beginner golfer. Professionals can give you the proper form and technique, ultimately making the game easier and more enjoyable for you in the long run.

I have heard new golfers say that they are not ready to get with a coach because they are “not good enough yet.” I view this as the opposite approach those new to the game should take. Take the time early in your play to learn how to swing the club properly. This will help you more than you could imagine.

Is there a way to get free lessons?

Yes. Kind of.

The internet has offered tons of information from many different platforms, from YouTube to Instagram to TikTok; golfers can find someone willing to give swing tips. But there is a catch. This information is not personalized for you and your abilities. Practicing something on the internet that your body is incapable of can lead you to injury or an improper swing because the person online may not have explained some information well.

Someone said to me a long time ago, “Free education is worth nothing.” Think about that for a little while before you chase swing tips from the internet.

Don’t get me wrong; there are drills and training tips that are provided by great educators and coaches to help you with your golf. However, stay away from swing changes or body movements that are not provided by a professional

free golf lesson example
Free Internet Golf Lesson Example

LongBombs Golf Final Say

If you’re like most golfers, the high cost of golf lessons is a major deterrent. The average golfer can expect to spend anywhere from $75-$150 for just one hour of instruction. That price range isn’t feasible for everyone, but thankfully there are ways to get around it. With the help of technology and an ample amount of information available online, you can learn how to play golf without spending a dime on lessons. And if that doesn’t convince you, consider this – even the best golfers in the world still take lessons almost every day! Lessons might seem expensive at first glance, but they’re worth every penny when it comes to improving your game. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your lesson today!

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