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Is Tiger Woods back? – Will play PNC with his 12 year old son Charlie Woods

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Tiger Woods is Back!?!?!

Tiger Woods is one of the best champions of golf. He came into the field in 1996; since then, he has commanded over the world of golf. This 45-year-old player won almost 82 PGA tour matches and 15 dominant championships. He never fails to impress his fans with his courage, mastery, and artistry. As we all know, Tiger was in a car accident in February 2021 that put him out the entire golf season. No one knew if he was going to ever play professionally again.

Was this the end of Tiger Wood’s career?

Never! Now, it is rumored that Tiger is recovering at record speeds after this solo car crash. Tiger has faced terrible injuries and surgeries throughout his golf career, but the recent one was one of the most painful he had gone through. Even though his many injuries and golf ups and downs, he has never lost hope in his career and overcome everything that has been thrown his way. Just like a true tiger.

Tiger Woods was recently seen with his son Charlie supporting him for a junior golf event. Could it be that he was practicing for the PNC championship potentially? The rumors about the comeback of Tiger Woods started circulating. But no one is clear about which events he would take part in. Before the hero world challenge, Tiger put out a three-minute video clip on social media, as it is just a hint of his potential comeback into the world of golf. He was also seen out hitting driving range balls 3 of the 4 days.

Now we know! Tiger will officially complete with his son Charlie Woods at the PNC championship. The format is a 2 man scramble with cuts after day 2. There are 40 competitors (20 teams of 2). Most of the players play a family duo (father/son, grandfather/son, father/daughter, etc). In order to enter, the player must have won a major tournament or The Players Championship. The partner cannot hold a PGA professional card.

The winners split $200,000 from the 1 million dollar purse. They will also get a championship belt to wear as the trophy.

So, what events will Tiger Woods compete in 2022?

Last week Tiger Woods claimed, “I can hit a few shots, chip, and putt, but we’re talking about going out and playing against the world’s best on the most difficult golf courses under the most difficult conditions. I’m so far from that.”

From this statement, we will assume that Tiger Wood’s leg is recovering quick enough that he might even get back out and play a few chosen championships. Unfortunately, he will leave us all on the seat of our pants, waiting to see what he chooses for the future.

After his accident, Tiger gave his first interview with Golf Digest. He said he was trying to recover so fast that he might stand on his own sooner than expected. He is taking physical therapy regularly and badly wants to play golf again.

We know that Tiger Woods will most likely not compete full-time in the PGA tour again through some resources. However, he will pick and choose the tournaments he wants to play in. Even before his accident in February, he was already planning on playing a restricted schedule in the future.

No one can answer with 100% certainty whether Tiger will come back in full swing for sure. Although, Woods participated in 19 games after having his spinal fusion surgery in early 2017. The hope is still there.

To some extent, Tiger Woods confesses that the previous accident was one of the main reasons he competed so poorly in the year’s Ryder Cup. Also, he commits that he would not revise the same slip over again. Back in 2019, Tiger Woods played almost 14 matches. In 2020, Tiger Woods participated in only 9 competitions.

Is Tiger Woods moving towards retirement?

Tiger Woods has suffered before from playing in 14 back-to-back matches in a single year. So, we can assume that this plan would be strict if he is well enough to start playing on tour again.

The thing to be noticed is that Tiger Woods will probably never participate in the PGA tour again. It’s impossible, but possible somehow.

But now a question is in hand, and everyone is curious to know when and where Tiger Woods finally made his appearance at the event?

Where do you think Tiger Woods will begin his 2022 season?

Here are some predicted events where Tiger makes his long-awaited return to the golf world. Probably, he may start the journey with Farmers Insurance Open 2022, a traditional start of a new life.

Or we can say that during the tournament date between 26 to 29 January, Tiger is ready to hit the mark in Torrey for his 9th victory. However, Tiger and his fans have to wait for more for this.

Only four players have their tournaments on the PGA tour, including Tiger, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger has the great honor of being one of them. The Memorial was the first match where Tiger returned after the COVID breakthrough in 2020. And maybe he’ll choose to play for Jack.


Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

However, Tiger fans should fasten their seat belts for his return in the tournaments as he has seen walking without crutches, which means he is recovering rapidly. The rehabilitation progress is going great, and soon, he will be on screen again. Let’s hope for the best!


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