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SM8 vs SM9 – Titleist Vokey Wedges – Bounce, Grind and Loft Comparison

Are the SM9 Titlelist Vokey Golf Wedges worth it? In this article, we discuss how to choose between the SM8 vs SM9 Vokey Golf Wedges. Should you fork out the money on the newest set? 60-65% of all golf shots are hit from less than 100 yards, which means this could be a perfect time to upgrade your wedge game to an SM8 or SM9 Titlist Vokey Golf Wedge!

Coolest Putter Covers Ever | Best Mallet and Blade Putter Headcovers

best putter headcover featured image

Your putter is normally one of the most expensive golf clubs in your bag. It is a wise idea to keep the head of the putter covered at all times when you are not using it. Making a decision for the right putter cover for you can be difficult. In this article, we talk about the best putter covers for your blade or mallet putters to help you choose!

How to regrip your golf clubs


Are your golf clubs slipping out of your hands? Have you been needing to regrip your golf clubs? Ever thought about doing it yourself? Think no more! In this article, we explain what you need and the steps you need to take to regrip your clubs.

PGA shortens driver length – How does this affect you???

pga shortening driver length featured image

With a new year comes new changes on the PGA tour. This rule change definitely has a controversy surrounding the outcome of this new rule change. The PGA Tour has shortened the max driver length from 48′ to 46″ for the PGA professionals. The rule will be implemented starting Jan. 1, 2022. How long before this rule affects you? Do you agree with the changes implemented?