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Half Set of Golf Clubs – Advantages and Disadvantages Playing Golf With A Half Set of Clubs – Golf Half Set

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Go to any major retailer or golf store these days, and you will likely come across half sets of golf clubs, generally geared towards junior golfers, but that is not always what they are designed for. Is a half set of golf clubs worth purchasing for beginner golfers, or should golfers steer more toward complete sets instead?

Half sets and generic golf clubs still have their value, and this article will discuss why you should incorporate this strategy into at least 1 round a year.

How many golf clubs are in a half set?

an example of a half set of golf clubs

Regarding half-set configurations, there are two main ones to consider. The first consists of a 5 club set of the following: driver, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron, and putter. This type of set is generally geared towards junior golfers.

The other configuration consists of seven clubs total: driver, 4 iron, 6 iron, 8 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter. While both configurations provide a solid option to golfers starting out, each golfers swing is different. 

Building the Ideal Half Set of Golf Clubs

The keyword when it comes to ideal half sets is flexibility. You need to have clubs that can be used in a variety of situations, and the following seven clubs do just the trick:

  • On the golf greens

Putter – Every half set should include a putter, no matter how curious you may be about trying a three iron on the greens. Check out our best putters for mid handicappers here. If you are a beginner golfer, you need to learn how to putt on the greens with a proper club, and low handicap golfers need a club they can trust in the same area.

  • Off The Tee

Three wood – It is preferable to go with three wood over a driver for its added flexibility. You won’t be losing many yards off the tee as opposed to a driver, and it can provide better accuracy and the option to use it on long approach shots. Hitting a driver off the fairway is a difficult shot even for professional golfers, making the three-wood a better option. Learn more about the best fairway woods here.

  • Long Iron

5 iron – While many half sets go with a four iron, a five iron is a much more comfortable club to hit for amateur golfers. The added loft makes it easier to hit punch shots when difficult lies come up and can still be used as an alternative when hitting chip shots around the green or even putting. Check out our best iron set under $500 here. 

  • Approach Irons

7 and 9 iron – Both irons cover the mid-approach range well. They essentially act as four clubs, as choking all the way down on a 7 iron can turn it into an 8 iron, while the same can be said of turning a 9 iron into a pitching wedge.

  • Chip Shots

Gap wedge and lob wedge – While traditional half club sets only go with a sand wedge, having two wedges instead provides added flexibility around the greens. A choked-down gap wedge can serve as a sand wedge, while the lob wedge can be used on most chips and bunker shots. The main focus is to get the feel of each club and the loft. You can adjust the stance and setup for more or less loft at impact. Check out our best lob wedges for beginners here. 

This list gives you the basic different types of golf shots you will have on the golf course. This is just a guide and a personal preference. You can find different These clubs can be interchanged based on which club you are most comfortable with. Learn more on building the perfect half set here. 

Benefits of playing with a half set of golf clubs

There are two main reasons why playing with a half set can make you a better golfer. The first and most important reason is that it helps to develop a better strategy for attacking courses. Not having the luxury of 14 clubs will force you to think your way around a course, which many amateur golfers do not do enough of these days.

Many just hit driver off the tee and hope they have an approach shot that matches an iron they like to hit, and this isn’t the right way to strategize. Secondly, playing with a half set can make you a better golfer because it forces you to improve in areas you generally don’t practice. Having to hit a three wood off every tee or a mid-iron on every approach provides added experience, and the more experience gained, the better one generally gets. 

mismatched half set of golf clubs example

Potential Issues Playing with a Half Set of Golf Clubs

That said, there are some potential issues to consider regarding half sets. First, they should not be used full-time, as it can create reliance upon using some clubs over others. While half sets can cover many of the shots amateur golfers generally hit throughout a round, 14 club sets can provide the best opportunity to become a low handicap golfer or better. Learn how to calculate your golf handicap here. For instance, you may have a second shot into a par 5 that is in-between a three wood and a 5 iron. A seven-club half set would require you to either lay up or hit an awkward shot into the green, while a 14-club set would have a 5 wood or 3 iron that is just the right club for the shot.

Half sets simply do not provide the same amount of flexibility that 14 club sets do, and as a result, amateur golfers are potentially adding strokes to their game when they should not have to. 

Should you use a half set of golf clubs?

All golfers should consider using a half set for at least one round per year, more so for junior or beginner golfers. Half sets are a great budget-friendly option to consider when starting to play golf for the first time, but you are not sure if you fully want to commit to it yet.

Mid-to-low handicap golfers can improve their course strategy, while junior and beginner golfers can learn how to hit each type of club before completing sets later. You can also grab the best golf balls for beginners here. 


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