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Golf Exercises at Home – 10 At-Home and Weightless Golf Workouts to Strengthen Your Core Muscles

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Most golfers who go through pains or have a few terrible games believe that there’s indeed something wrong with their swing. However, while poor swing techniques might be the root cause, it’s likely, inflexibility and weakness. And if you’re like most golfers, you are looking for ways to properly hit the ball and shoot lower scores. That means you are ultimately trying to upgrade to the latest equipment and increase swing speed. In this article, we’ll share with you some golf exercises at home to help you strengthen your core muscles.

Not stretching before golf will lead to injuries

It is not “if,” it is “when” it will happen. Undoubtedly, golf involves sudden moments of exertion, which makes it ballistic. It can also lead to overuse injuries. Golfers swing 70 to 100 times from one side of their body, creating muscle imbalances. If only we could play standard on the front nine and switch to the other side on the back nine.

What are the 10 Best At-Home Golf Exercises?

The top 10 best at-home golf exercises are as follows: 

  • Mini-Band Walk Forward
  • Seated Rotations
  • Mini-Band Sideways
  • Standing Y’s
  • Glute Bridges
  • Quad Rocking
  • Hip Crossovers
  • 90/90 Stretch
  • Lateral Squat

These workouts at home help loosen those hips and stabilize your shoulders. In addition, these workout options will help you build strength in your core golf muscles. If you pair this with the best golf warm-up routine, you will definitely see improvements on and off the course. 

Mini-Band Walk Forward – Best Golf Exercises at Home for your Glutes

All you need is one set of ten steps of this exercise. First, the entire resistance of the stretch bands against your leg and strengthens the glutes, a core part of what helps to maintain a stable base when you swing at faster speeds. To do this, play a mini-band around your legs. The mini-band should be above the knee, and one should be around the ankles. Now walk forward in small steps, and keep your two knees bent. Also, alternate the elbows driving back with each step. If your elbows are hurting during this stretch, you can wear one of these best golf elbow braces here. Finally, don’t forget to keep your back straight and your knees over your entire toes all the time.

At-Home Seated Rotations

Seated rotations is one of the best golf exercises at home. This workout will improve your rotational mobility, a core component of swinging. To do this, squeeze a towel between your knees while straddling the bench you are lying on; hold a club to your back with both arms, making it sit in your elbows’ crook. Your arms should be placed flat on your stomach while maintaining your posture. Next, rotate your torso to the right without moving your hips. Do this on the other side and hold for three seconds. Continue to alternate sides. Do this ten aside.

Mini-Bank Walk Sideways

The stretch bands’ resistance against your legs will strengthen your hips, quads, glutes, and groin, which is essential to maintaining a stable base, especially when you swing faster. One set, ten steps on your left and right side, will do the trick. It would be best to place a mini-band around your legs above the knee while alternating the elbows driving with every step. But remember, keep your back straight while at it, and your knees should be over your toes.

Stand Ys

Stand Ys will improve your shoulder mobility. The workout helps to counteract all the negative effects of sitting. Start by standing bent- over at the waist with your back lying flat and your chest up. Now, hold a golf club with your palms facing up. Next, pull both shoulder blades down while simultaneously raising your arms over your head to form a Y shape, just as the name of the exercise suggests. Return to the starting position, and voila, that’s one rep.

Glute Bridges

One set of ten reps of glute bridges can also do the trick. It’s a great exercise for, you guessed it, the glutes. It also strengthens the lower back and hamstrings. The extended position is quite similar to your position as a golfer when you thrust your hips toward the target through impact. To get started, lie face up with both arms out. Next, bend your knees; your toes should be off the ground. Next, squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips upward until your entire body is straight from your shoulders to your knees.

Quad Rocking – Best Quad Golf Exercises at home

Quad rocking is as effective as the other workout routines on this list. It mobilizes your hip region, thus, allowing them to perform as they should while playing a round of golf. All you need is a set of ten reps, and you’re good to go. How do you get started? Start by getting down on all fours with hands tucked under shoulders and knees tucked under hips. Next, pull your belly button in a while, maintaining a natural curvy posture in your lower back region. Finally, move your hips back until you feel your pelvis rotating. Hold your pelvis still as you do the exercise and breath normally.  

Hip Crossovers workout

windshield wipers at home golf exercise

For this exercise, we will do a set of six reps, each direction of hip crossovers. But why does it work? The twisting of one’s lower body helps stretch the tendons and muscles in the hips and on the lower back. It ultimately stimulates the torque on the hip region with both arms to the sides. Next, you should bend your knees while your feet stay wider shoulder-width apart. Put your heels on the ground. Twist your bent legs to the left of your body until they reach the ground. Twist your legs to the right too. And continue to alternate between the two sides while keeping your shoulders on the ground.

90/90 Stretch

90/90 Stretch opens up your shoulders, thus, helping to build flexibility, and of course, it also helps with mobility. How do you do it? Start by lying on one side with the bottom leg straight, while the top leg should be bent with the inside of your knee placed on the ground. Now, rotate your trunk to put your top shoulder blade on the ground. Now, hold for two seconds. Next, return to the starting point and repeat the process for ten reps. Don’t forget to switch sides.

Lateral Squat – Best Golf Workout for your Hip

As usual, take a set of six reps in each direction. The lateral squat works by stretching the hip adductors. The legs play a vital role in the lower part of the core. Start by standing with your feet spread wide than your shoulders. Next, shift your hips to the left and down by bending your left knee. Keep your right leg straight. Your feet should always be pointing straight while you do this. Your feet shouldn’t just be pointing straight; you should also keep them flat. Next, push through the left hip. Now return to the starting point and do this with the other leg. Shift your hips to the right and repeat this same exercise while repeating the entire process. Keep your back flat and your chest straight up while at it.

Kneel Hugs – Best At-home Golf Workout for your Posture

Kneel hug is a terrific exercise that helps to maintain posture throughout swinging. The exercise stretches the hamstrings, the flexors, and the glutes. So how do you do it? First, stand with your back stretched straight, keeping your arms at your sides. Lift your foot off the ground, squat back down, grab the bottom part of your knee and pull it close to your chest while also contracting your glute for two to three seconds. Now, return to the start ad switch the leg position. For instance, if you started with your left leg, you should now use your right leg.

LongBombs Final Say

Not only does stretching help you on the golf course, but it will help you out in everyday life. One last thing you can try for your feet is a foot massage with golf ball. You cannot be too flexible and this will help loosen your muscles.

Give these 10 golf exercises at home a try and see what you think. You can also more to this routine by checking out these 5 simple stretches to improve your flexibility


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