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Foot Massage With Golf Ball – Benefits of Relieving Foot Pain With A Golf Ball Massage

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Do you experience foot pain while playing golf? If so, a foot massage with a golf ball may provide fast relief. Massaging the soles of your feet with a golf ball before or after a round can help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. This can save you plenty of pain on the golf course. Additionally, this simple treatment can also help relax your feet and improve your game. So, if you’re looking for a way to ease your foot pain quickly, give a foot massage with golf ball a try! If you have excruciating pain or crippling pain, seek medical advice.

What you’ll need for a golf ball foot massage

A foot massage with golf ball is very easy because you really only need two things:

  • Golf Ball
  • Hard and Flat Surface

This versatile exercise can be done anywhere you have the above two things. If you need good foot relief right before a round of golf, or you just got done playing a couple of 18-hole rounds in a day and need pain relief right after, you can use this foot massage with golf ball technique right after in the comfort of your own car.

Versitile exercise

You can also do this exercise at your house or the golf clubhouse. If you have time and get on the first tee early, you can take your golf shoes off and give it a little pre-round massage to loosen up those foot muscles. The number of places you can use this pain relief technique is up to your imagination. You should find a golf ball and try it out for 30 seconds right now. You will not be disappointed. 

We also recommend that you are using golf shoes. Click here to find out: are golf shoes worth it?

How to use a golf ball massage to relieve foot pain

Rolling your feet over a golf ball is one of the quickest and most effective solutions for foot pain!

Massaging with a golf ball will also help golfers to avoid damaging their footwear and suffering from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, or other related issues like Achilles tendonitis. As you know, golfing can stress our joints, especially since every step or swing requires intense effort and muscle movements.

Massage steps

1. Take off your golf shoes (and socks) and place a golf ball under one foot. Start from the heel and work towards the front of the foot using slow movements as you’re ready for them.

Start at the Heel and move forward slowly.

2. Next, try circular strokes with your foot on the golf ball or side-to-side movements.

Circular foot massage with golf ball
Use a circular pattern
Use a side-to-side pattern

3. You can do this massage in a sitting or standing position. The standing position makes more sense because while you’re upright, the pressure will be more intense if that’s what your body needs at any given time!

sitting down foot massage with golf ball

4. If one spot needs more attention and is tender, apply pressure to that spot and hold for 20 seconds; if necessary, repeat this process later during the massage until it loosens up and you are satisfied with the results. Don’t avoid this spot.

5. Repeat on the other foot

6. Enjoy the relaxation and relief that comes with a golf ball foot massage!

7. Repeat as often necessary

The excruciating pain you feel during exercise is an important indicator that there might be something wrong with your body. The discomfort should not be ignored because it could mean the problem area needs attention. If any major or sharp pain still exists, seek help from a doctor.

Benefits of a foot massage with a golf ball

  • Stimulate blood flow and circulation to the arch
    • Give your feet the TLC they deserve! Massaging your feet with our golf ball can improve blood flow to the entire foot, which in turn helps improve oxygen and nutrient absorption. This is important for promoting recovery and healing.
blood flow during foot massage wiht golf ball
  • Lower your cortisol levels
    • Cortisol is a hormone released when you are stressed. High cortisol levels can lead to a number of health problems, including weight gain and muscle loss. The foot massage with golf ball can help lower cortisol levels improving your mental health.
  • Helps break up scar tissue
    • Scar tissue and adhesions restrict movement and can cause foot pain. This helps permanently numb the pain signals from the foot.
  • Promotes a greater sense of well-being
    • The endorphins released with using the foot massage with golf ball promote less stress which will give you a greater sense of well-being

Many nerve endings and outlets of our body begin or end at foot levels, including major points for ailments such as back pain, digestive issues, also kidney and liver problems. Many believe specific organ systems can be accessed and corrected through your feet.

Variations on the foot massage with golf ball

butterfly stretch with golf ball
Butterfly Stretch Golf Ball Massage

If you want to get a good stretch and a foot massage at the same time. Try to get into a butterfly stretch position. Place the golf ball in between your feet and move your feet back and forth. 

Another thing that works great is sticking the golf ball in the freezer before the massage. To save time, keep multiple golf balls in the freezer. This is optional, but it will keep the golf balls very cold and help reduce inflammation while performing this exercise.

Be careful not to push down on the golf ball too hard or do it for longer than 30-minute blocks. Failure to do so can result in you being very, very sore the next day. The massage could have a negative effect if done for too long. 

Also, try to ease into the exercises. Don’t go straight to 30 minutes your first time. Start with only 1 or 2 minutes and increase the time daily.

Massage other parts of your body

There are many exercise variations of using a golf ball to massage your feet. Using the same technique as your foot, you can use this on any body part. By applying pressure to specific areas, you can help relieve pain and tension in the muscles. This is a great way to get a deep tissue massage without going to a professional.

Try it on any muscle group that feels especially tense or sore. You can really target a specific area for a self-massage and work out any knots you have in your muscles. Whether you’re experiencing tightness in your back, neck, or shoulders, this technique can be adapted for use on other parts of your body.  

LongBombs Final Say

If you’re experiencing any foot pain, we definitely recommend giving this massage a try. It’s really easy to do and can be done pretty much anywhere. The massage only takes a few minutes too so you are not wasting a large amount of time. Plus, it offers some great benefits that could help alleviate your pain. We hope you found this post helpful and that it provides some relief for your tired or aching feet!


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