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Are Golf Shoes Worth It? Or Mandatory? Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Golf Shoes

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With so many golf accessories on the market today, it can be difficult weeding out what to buy and what to hold off on. This also applies to apparel, with numerous brands ranging upwards of hundreds of dollars for a single piece of apparel. Do golf shoes, in particular, make a difference on the course, or should you consider spending your money elsewhere? Are golf shoes worth it? This article will explain why buying the best golf shoes may shave a good amount of strokes off your golf game.

Are golf shoes mandatory on the golf course?

Yes and no. If you plan on going to some of the world’s most expensive and well-known courses, expect to see a requirement for golfers to have golf shoes. Most amateur golfers won’t be spending time on these courses and should not feel mandated to buy golf shoes. (although, as stated earlier, golf shoes can possibly shave strokes off your game).

Are golf shoes worth it for beginners?

What is great about golf shoes today is that their technology has changed so much that there are essentially hybrid golf/tennis shoes. Footjoy has affordable golf shoes that look like tennis shoes and provide the same amount of comfort but are made for playing golf. Of course, one can also go with the traditional golf shoes with soft spikes or metal spikes which can be a bit uncomfortable after playing for a while in them.

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Advantages of golf shoes

The main advantage of golf shoes is their stability on the golf course. Why does stability matter? Try swinging a golf club in wet conditions or hitting a golf ball with a full swing speed with tennis shoes, and you will generally find yourself slipping or sliding quite a bit on the follow-through. This can easily lead to errant golf shots or shots that don’t quite get the same distance you are used to seeing.

Golfer swinging to show golf shoes are worth it by showing a pivot point
Golf Shoes Help Pivot

Definitely worth it to get golf shoes

Golf shoes are designed to give your foundation the necessary stability to hit a golf shot with a full swing speed. This results in added distance and more golf shots going where you want them to, which saves you strokes at the end of the day. Another advantage is that most, if not all, golf shoes have a waterproof element as well, which allows you to play confidently in wet or damp conditions. Golf shoes will allow you to swing harder, but how hard should you swing a golf club?

Disadvantages of choosing a golf shoe

Regarding disadvantages, the main one is that there are so many options on the market today it can be difficult choosing one that is suited for your game right off the racks. Should you go with soft spikes or metal spikes? What about shoes with no spikes? Is comfort a priority or having solid stability throughout the golf swing? 

If you choose the wrong golf shoe, will it hurt your feet? If this happens to you, check out the foot massage with golf ball to help you exercise the muscles. 

The best way to counteract this problem is to go to a golf retailer like the PGA superstore where the salespeople can give you a better idea of what to look for based on your preferences. Another disadvantage is that if you have a golf swing that is accustomed to tennis shoes, you may have to change up a few mechanics to compensate for the added stability that golf shoes provide.

Other than those, the advantages of golf shoes far outweigh the disadvantages of golf shoes.

Should you buy the most expensive golf shoes?

Are golf shoes worth it to spend tons of money? Is there really a difference between golf shoes that cost $50 and those that cost $500? Not really. What should matter most is that the golf shoes first fit your preferences. If you can afford more expensive golf shoes that meet your criteria, go ahead and buy them. More expensive golf shoes have added durability and last longer than less expensive ones. However, most amateur golfers will be fine getting golf shoes in the $60-$100 range.

What is great about golf shoes, in particular, is that brands generally offer shoes in a variety of price categories. For instance, Adidas offers golf shoes from as low as $50 to as high as $300. If you are a fan of a particular brand, you can simply look at the options they offer instead of going with a different brand. Check out our best golf shoes for flat feet here. 

Spiked vs. Spikeless

On the topic of the difference between golf shoes, one of the main questions involves whether one should get golf shoes that have spikes or not. Are you willing to sacrifice some comfort for added durability and stability? If so, consider spiked golf shoes, which can last much longer than spikeless golf shoes because one can replace the spikes protruding from the shoes as opposed to the entire golf shoe itself.

Spike golf shoe example
Spiked Golf Shoe
spikeless golf shoe
Spikeless Golf Shoe

However, spiked golf shoes don’t have the same comfort and versatility, so it comes down to personal preference. Regarding price, spikeless shoes are generally the more budget-friendly option, but both can be found in all price ranges. The best times to buy golf shoes are on Black Friday, when most retailers offer deals, and in the wintertime when golf retailers are looking to bolster their profits by offering deals during the off-season. 

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Should all golfers buy golf shoes?

At the end of the day, when it comes to golf apparel, all golfers should buy golf shoes. This applies not only to golfers who are new to the game but to those who have played it a long time, considering that added stability in the golf swing can help any handicap shave strokes off their game. Learn how to calculate golf handicap here. The type of golf shoe one wishes to get, whether based on price or whether or not they have spikes, depends on one’s preferences. You really can’t go wrong with getting either spiked or spikeless golf shoes, as spikeless have added comfort, but spiked have added durability. Are golf shoes worth it in this case? Of course. 


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