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Magnetic Rangefinder Straps | 10 Best Quick Release and Convenient Rangefinder Case Holders for the Golf Cart

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Rangefinders are a great golf accessory to have to help you dial in your distances on the course. Some rangefinders are bulky and do not fit conveniently in a golf cart cup holder or get lost easily in your golf bag. Luckily, there is a newer product called a magnetic rangefinder straps. These rangefinder holders can allow you to mount the rangefinder on the golf cart or the golf trolly to keep it easily accessible and out of the way.

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What’s the purpose of magnetic rangefinder straps?

The primary purpose of magnetic rangefinder straps is to always keep your rangefinder accessible and within reach. Whether you’re out on the golf course or in the field, having your rangefinder close by can make all the difference in keeping up the pace of play. Learn more about how long does a round of golf take here. Additionally, a strap can also help prevent you from misplacing your rangefinder in your bag or around the cart.

Is it safe to put a magnet near my rangefinder? 

Rangefinders do not contain any magnetic-based storage components, therefore; putting a magnet near a rangefinder is perfectly safe. If you decide to grab one of these best golf magnetic rangefinder straps, you do not have to worry about it messing with the electronic components of your expensive rangefinder. 

1. STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

StickIt Magnetic golf rangefinder strap

Overall best magnetic rangefinder straps

The StickIT strap is our top pick for the best magnetic rangefinder straps on the market. With a new design, this rangefinder strap is proven to fit over 50 different rangefinder models. Manufactured with a slimmer band and a strategically positioned cutout, this magnetic golf rangefinder strap can fit all the big-name brands such as Callaway, Garmin, Bushnell, Nikon, etc.

This strap features quick and easy access to save time. You can magnetically position your rangefinder to any metal spot on the golf cart or your golf pull cart. The StickIt mount has a super strong hold and is guaranteed to get you top-quality performance on the golf course. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.


  • Universal design to fit any rangefinder
  • Quick and easy magnetic strap release
  • Super strong hold

2. HomeMount Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder

HomeMount Magnetic Rangefinder strap

Cheap magnetic rangefinder straps

The HomeMount golf rangefinder magnetic holder is great for any golfer trying to save time and keep their golf etiquette for beginners on par. With 4 industrial strength neodymium magnets, this magnetic strap is guaranteed to keep your rangefinder easily accessible anywhere metal on the golf cart. Anti-skid straps keep the rangefinder tight in the holster and keeps your rangefinder safe even on the bumpiest of golf course paths.

Not only can you strap a rangefinder to the golf cart, but this magnetic rangefinder strap will hold all your golf accessories: anything from a drink can to a speaker, to the best golf towels in your bag. This is the easiest universal rangefinder strap you can use anywhere on the golf course.


  • Strong magnets
  • Adjustable strap to fit any small golf accessory
  • Easy stick contraption

3. Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder Mount

Blue Tees Magnetic Golf Rangefinder holder

Slim magnetic golf rangefinder straps

The Blue Tees rangefinder magnetic holder strap mount is considered one of the best straps on the market. Not only does this holder come with a quick and easy access design but is smaller than most other golf holders on the market. The strap can easily be attached to golf cart rails, push carts, and even your clothing!

Designed with new quad magnetic technology, these best golf magnetic rangefinder straps will attach to any metal surface with a tight and secure grip. You will not have to worry about the magnets coming lose or the Velcro strap coming undone. This must have golf accessory will add a style of convenience to your game that you never knew existed. One you get one of these, you will never go back. The Blue Tees magnetic holder fits all standard sized rangefinders and most small golf accessories.


  • Universal fit
  • Quick and easy install/dismount
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Easy to forget on golf cart

4. ZOEA Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap for Golf Cart Railing

ZOEA magnetic rangefinder strap mount for golf cart

Most universal magnetic rangefinder holder

With the ZOEA Magnetic rangefinder mount, you will never have to worry about misplacing your rangefinder ever again. You can place the magnetic strap within an arm’s reach so that you can quickly access to get whatever distance you need. The strong magnet that attaches to any metal object is durable enough to keep your rangefinder safe even with the golf cart bouncing around. You can also place this on the steering column for easier access.

If your rangefinder is 11” or less in circumference, this universal golf magnetic rangefinder strap is guaranteed to fit and work perfectly. The Velcro strap has been sent through brutal research and development to come up with the best design to fit the golf rangefinder and not obstruct any buttons.

The anti-slip fabric on this magnetic rangefinder mount will give you a piece of mind while riding throughout rough terrain on the golf course or taking really sharp turns. If you have ever had an item fall from the cart down a hill, you know the item can get destroyed in a heartbeat.


  • Fits Most Golf Cart Railings
  • Attaches to Golf Cart Steering Column
  • Super Strong Magnet
  • Made of Anti-Slip fabric

5. Stripebird 2.0 Slim Golf Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap Mount

Stripebird Magnetic Rangefinder Holder

Ulta-Slim magnetic golf rangefinder holder strap

The Stripebird 2.0 magnetic rangefinder strap is one of the best golf rangefinder holders on the market. Not only is it constructed of high-quality stitching materials with a luxurious finish, but the high speed nylon elastic band allows for maximum tightness on your rangefinder or any other small item. The Stripebird is built with SBR for shock absorption with anti-skid and soft Velcro to really improve its grip on the rangefinder.

The Stripebird fits pretty much all rangefinders and if you cannot fit yours, you should be able to return it. Some reviews say this strap is one of the strongest magnets in golf, meaning you do not have to worry about your rangefinder falling from this holder. The buckle less strap allows for a slim fit around any device or small object you want to keep within an arm’s reach.


  • Fits all rangefinders
  • Fits other small objects
  • Super Strong Magnet
  • Made of Anti-Slip nylon straps

6. Bushwhacker Magnetic Multi Purpose Mount for Golf Cart Railing

Bushwhacker magnetic multipurpose mount

Convenient magnetic golf rangefinder holder

Bushwhacker Magnetic Multi-Purpose Mount for Golf Cart Railing is designed to hold your rangefinder, ball marker, or other small accessories. It uses three ultra-strong magnets and non-slip material to keep your gear secure. Place the magnets on the left or right side per your preference. The mount is made of durable plastic with a rubber coating to keep your accessories safe from bumpy cart rides.

This best magnetic rangefinder strap is the perfect way to keep your gear secure. With three ultra-strong magnets and non-slip material, your rangefinder will stay in place while you play. The two straps wrap around your rangefinder snugly, and the three magnets arranged in a circle allow any angle placement needed.

You can even put your golf cart cover over this and not worry about it falling off!


  • Stays secure on any metal surface
  • Universally fits all rangefinders
  • Keeps you prepared to get distances fast


  • The straps are hard to get into place

7. SPOT - Magnet Mount for Laser Range Finder

SPOT magnetic rangefinder strap

Quick release magnetic golf rangefinder strap

The SPOT Magnetic Rangefinder Mount is the must-have golf accessory for your addicting golfing hobby. This golf magnetic rangefinder has all the magnetic power you need to keep your golf range finder device secure to the cart. You can even pick up your range finder using a golf club. Unlike other bulky mounts that cover over half of your range finder, our slim mount comes with 3M self-adhesive backing to attach your rangefinder and easily remove it when not needed. This magnetic mount is designed to give you the best on course experience possible.

Looking for a way to keep your rangefinder close by without having to worry about it falling off? SPOT is the answer! Our sturdy Magnet Mount will keep your rangefinder in place, no matter how rough the terrain. Plus, our Universal Fit means that it will work with any rangefinder on the market. Installation is easy – just peel the sticker off our 3M adhesive and stick it to your cart or bag. Don’t lose your rangefinder again. Make sure you get your SPOT Magnet Strap Mount today!


  • Easy Installation
  • Made of durable materials
  • Slim mount
  • Must have golf accessory

8. "Less is More" Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder Band

Less is more golf magnetic rangefinder strap

Silicone golf magnetic rangefinder holder

We are golfers who love our game and we have been frustrated by the lack of quality accessories made for those who play golf using laser rangefinders, GPS, or speaker devices. The “Less is More” golf magnetic rangefinder strap is designed to be simple, functional, and easy!

This best golf rangefinder holder contains is a silicone strap with an industrial strength neodymium magnet. It looks great, it attaches easily like a watch bracelet. If it is too long, just cut the extra length with scissors. Fits most rangefinders.

If you’re like most golfers, you’ve misplaced your rangefinder at least once. Well, say goodbye to lost rangefinders and hello to never leaving it behind! This handy silicone band attaches to a cart pole, or golf irons, or use the included adhesive magnetic plate to put it on your best golf push carts. With this device, you will always have your rangefinder at arm’s reach.


  • The silicone material is very durable
  • Easily attaches to any small surface like a watch bracelet
  • Contains an industrial strength magnet for strong mounting

9. Gaialoop Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder Mount Strap

Gaialoop golf magnetic rangefinder mount

Easy-to-use rangefinder band

This Gaialoop Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder Mount Strap is perfect for keeping your rangefinder safe and secure while you’re on the golf course. The two big magnets ensure a strong magnetic attraction and stability, even on bumpy roads, so you can be sure your rangefinder will not fall off. The small size of 0.9inch strap width keeps the strap fixed between the two buttons and does not block the buttons. The universal rangefinder holder is widely suitable for a variety of models of brand rangefinders. The adjustable Velcro design makes it easy to install and uninstall on any surface.

This is one of the best golf magnetic rangefinder straps that has turned out to be a reliable quality product time and time again. The magnetic band is wrapped with cowhide fabric and the magnet is wrapped in a high-quality nylon strap, which is strong and wear-resistant and has a long service life. The power and durable water-resistant materials make this an ideal product for use in all unexpected weather conditions.


  • The Strap keeps your rangefinder safe and secure
  • Very Slim – Less a 1” strap
  • Adjustable Velcro mounting design
  • Durable and water-resistant

10. Craftsman Golf Universal Magnetic Black Nylon Rangefinder Strap

Craftsman Universal Golf Magnetic rangefinder strap

Nylon magnetic rangefinder holder

This Craftsman Golf Universal Magnetic Black Nylon Rangefinder Strap is a great golf accessory for holding your rangefinder securely to the cart post and steering column for convenient positioning for every shot. The magnet makes it easy to pick up and stick to the club, and the strap can be adjusted to fit most brand golf rangefinders. There is a hole designed into the strap that allows you to touch the rangefinder buttons easily.

This is one of the best golf magnetic rangefinder holders around. It is the perfect way to keep your rangefinder close at hand. The strap is buckle-less and fits snugly around any small object, making it easy to take with you on the go. It’s made of a secure and shock-absorbing material and contains a high-quality magnet to keep your rangefinder in place.


  • Attaches easily to the golf cart or any small surface
  • You can attach this to your golf club shafts
  • Fits most type of rangefinders
  • Contains secure and shock absorbing materials


How much should you spend on a golf magnetic rangefinder strap?

The average price for a good magnetic rangefinder strap is around $30. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can find one for as low as $15. just make sure to do your research to ensure that you’re getting a quality product. After all, you don’t want something that’s going to break after just a few uses.

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LongBombs Golf Final Say

The magnetic rangefinder strap is one of the best golf accessories that you can buy to make your game easier. It is perfect for any beginner golfer or someone who has a low handicap. With this strap, you will never have to worry about losing your rangefinder again. Not only is it convenient to use, but it is also very affordable. Make sure to check out our selection of the best golf rangefinders here and purchase yours today!


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