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Best Magnetic Golf Towels | Golf Towels with Magnetic Clip Attachments

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Magnetic golf towels are one of the newer golf products on the market. The convenience and quickness of these products can add a huge benefit to your golf etiquette. Golf can take a very long time and be strenuous on your body. With these new products, you can speed up your time and keep your body in tip-top shape!

From keeping clubs clean to cleaning your sweaty hands, a golf towel is necessary to help you succeed in every shot. There are several places where a towel would be used in golf. From your clubs to your body, towels can greatly help you look great and shoot better scores.

However, there are a lot of the best magnetic golf towels available on the market. They come in a variety of types and materials with different price ranges. In this article, we have come up with reviews of the best golf towels so that you may be able to make a wise buying decision.

How do magnetic golf towels work?

Magnetic golf towels are an awesome way to keep your golf club clean and free from dirt, grass, or whatever else may be clinging to it after a stroke. When you’re out on the course, simply attach your magnetic golf towel to the side of your bag or onto another metal surface like a cart or fence post. Then when you need to grab a towel for cleaning purposes, all you have to do is lift your club up in the air, and voila! The power of magnetism does its thing as your trusty towel attaches itself securely before falling harmlessly into place.

One word of caution when using magnetic golf towels: make sure that nothing else gets stuck onto them! Your keys are probably safe, but if there are any other metallic objects lying around they might just get attached too – make sure they don’t hit any other players during their swing!

What are the benefits of using a magnetic golf towel?

Magnetic golf towels are a fantastic and convenient way to keep your towel handy while playing golf. They provide a number of advantages over traditional cloth or velcro models, including faster and more convenient towel pickup, as well as easier attachment to your golf bag.


The most obvious benefit of using a magnetic golf towel is speed. The magnetized rings make it easy to grab onto the clip on your bag and quickly bring the towel up without having to manually wrap an elastic string around it or secure it with Velcro. This means less time wasted fumbling around trying to locate the correct part of your towel, which can be especially important in rounds where every second matters.


Another great advantage of magnetic golf towels is their superior attachment capabilities compared to cloth or velcro models. Since they use magnets instead of strings, Velcro strips, or buttons, they stay much more firmly affixed even when struck by wet towels that may have been thrown from some distance away from the bag itself. This provides greater assurance that you’ll always have access to your towel at any point during play rather than being worried about its potential for getting lost along with other items in the back pocket!


Finally, magnetic golf towels come with durability benefits too since they don’t rely on elastic cords that stretch out easily or Velcro tabs that lose their adhesiveness over time – two issues associated with typical cloth models and their accessories like plastic clips and elastics loops etc.

1. STICKIT Magnetic Golf Towel

Best overall magnetic golf towel

By far the best and first product of its kind. Here is a cool and innovative grab-and-go towel that should be on number one on your wish list. The towel is equipped with a powerful industrial-strength magnet. You can attach your towel to any of the best golf accessories, your golf cart, or the bag so that it may remain easy to access. The magnet holds the object tightly, so there is no fear of losing the golf towel. In addition, you can also remove this magnet to wash the towel conveniently.

The towel is made using high-quality microfiber, which amazingly absorbs water and dries up quickly. This best golf towel also has a waffle texture to clean the clubs and grooves more deeply than any ordinary towel. The StickIt brand is the first of its kind.


  • Equipped with an innovative magnetic clip
  • The great water absorption capability
  • Dries up quickly

2. ZOEA Magnetic Clip Golf Towel

Cheapest magnetic golf towel clip

The ZOEA Magnetic Towel Clip is one of the best magnetic golf towels perfect for keeping your towel handy while golfing. The unique design easily attaches to your golf cart, clubs, or any other metal object. The powerful magnet offers a strong hold and eliminates any worry about the towel falling off. The lightweight and easy-to-carry design is perfect for taking with you on the green. The jumbo size and professional microfiber waffle weave make this towel perfect for any golfer. The easy cleaning design allows you to remove the magnetic patch for safe washing.


  • Attaches to any metal surface
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles


  • Magnet loses strength over time

3. TAG Golf Co Magnetic Golf Towel

Strongest magnetic golf towel

The TAG Golf Co Magnetic Towel for golf bags is one of the best magnetic golf towels for on-the-go. The towel magnet conveniently sticks to metal objects, golf clubs, golf carts, and more, and it’s always within club reach! The ultra-premium 18” x 36” high-grade microfiber towel material has a waffle weave pattern that will help remove dirt and debris with ease. The industrial strength magnet will easily stick to your club, bag, or golf cart without falling off. It has been tested at golf cart speeds up to 25 mph so you know the magnetic attachment is durable. You can also use this towel to measure “gimmies” with your friends! Don’t know what a gimmie is? Check out our golf terms for beginners guide.


  • Industrial Strenght Magnet
  • Use the towel to measure “gimmie” lengths

4. Handy Picks Clip for Golf Towel

Coolest magnetic golf towel clip

Looking for a better way to keep your golf towel attached to your golf bag? Look no further than the Handy Picks Magnetic Clip for Golf Towel! This handy little clip is made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy and features a specially treated surface that will not be easily damaged by moisture in the air. The clip is also removable/detachable from the towel for easy cleaning or replacement. This magnetic clip attaches to any golf towel with an eyelet and turns it into a convenient portable towel holder. It comes with 2 carabiners and is packaged in a gift cardboard box.


  • Industrial strength magnet
  • Two clip parts for universal use
  • Not easily damaged

5. Stripebird Clip for Golf Towel

Most convenient magnetic golf towels clip

The Stripebird Magnetic Towel Clip is the perfect way to keep your golf towel nearby while you’re on the course. The two-round neodymium magnets have a strength of N50, making them some of the strongest magnets available on the market. This allows the clip to securely hold ANY golf towel to a golf cart, clubs, or the Stripebird Golf Hub. The clip is easily removable and can be used on any towel you choose. The item does not come with a golf towel, so you will need to purchase one of those separately.


  • High strength magnet
  • Fits all golf towels
  • Easy to use


  • Does not come with a golf towel – sold separately

6. SisterAling Clip for Golf Towel

Best industrial magnetic golf towel clip

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your golf game, look no further than the SisterAling Magnetic Clip for Golf Towel. This handy little device attaches to any ordinary golf towel and features powerful industrial magnetic absorption that will help keep you strong on the field. And with its TPU protective sleeve, your golf towel will be well-protected from wear and tear. The clip will fit any golf towel and is a perfect gift for any golfer.


  • Long-lasting industrial strength magnet
  • Great upgrade for your current towel
  • Removable and convenient


  • Does not come with a golf towel

7. SUNLAND Magnetic Golf Towels

Most versatile magnetic golf towels

Looking for an easy way to keep your golf game organized and your towel always within reach? SUNLAND has the perfect solution with their innovative Magnetic Golf Towel. The powerful magnet offers ultimate convenience, allowing you to stick it on your Golf Cart, Golf Clubs, or any conveniently placed metal object. The high-quality top-tier microfiber material provides superior water absorption and quicker dry time after the round. Deep waffle pockets help clean grooves faster and more thoroughly while trapping dirt and debris. The removable magnetic patch allows for safe washing/drying. All-weather silicon patch defends against water and moisture. With the ability to stick it somewhere in easy reach, there will be no more searching for your towel in your bag or bending down to pick up your dropped towel.


  • Super strong magnetic attachment
  • Easy to clean and keep clean


Can you wash a magnetic golf towel in the washing machine?

Yes, the majority of golf towels available in the market are machine-washable. Especially the microfiber blends. They are durable, and their color does not fade away with the machine wash. The magnets in most of these towels are removable, so you don’t have to worry about washing them. However, some golf towels may lose their color or may not be durable enough to be washed in the washing machine. Make sure you buy the easy-to-maintain and resilient enough to tolerate machine washing.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

Magnetic golf towels seem to be an under-privileged accessory, but it has great utility and allows the golfer to participate actively in the game. They are quite similar to that ordinary towels but serve the golfers in a better way. However, the market is full of choices with varying materials, prices, and designs, so we believe that our quick guide and comprehensive reviews will help you make a wise decision.


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