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Best Ladies Golf Bags | The 2023 Buyers Guide

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Ladies! Are you looking for the perfect equipment to carry your golf gear in a stylish and efficient way? If so, you’re in luck! We know that there are plenty of the best ladies golf bags on the market designed specifically for female golfers – but which one do you go for to get true value for your money?

When you are looking for the best ladies golf bags, you want something that is comfortable as well as fashionable. If you plan to carry the clubs for a round (not using a golf cart), you will want to make sure the bag is not too heavy for you. There are many things to look for in a new golf bag, and sometimes it can be very challenging to find the best fit. However, it doesn’t hurt to look around! We have shared some options for the ladies’ golf bags that you can check out and see if any of them fits perfectly into your criteria.

Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Best Ladies Golf Bag:


When selecting the perfect golf bag for ladies, weight is a critical factor and must be taken into serious consideration. For stand bags, you’ll be toting it around on your shoulder or back throughout your day of golfing, which means you will want a lightweight golf bag. Also, when choosing a cart bag instead of a stand bag, you still need to transport it in and out of your car, and to and from the golf cart. Your golf clubs plus your best golf accessories are heavy, so you need to get a lighter bag to compensate for this!


Shopping for a bag can be overwhelming when faced with an abundance of styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or want your look to stand out in the crowd – find exactly what you need! From classic designs and colors to funky patterns, and floral prints, whatever style suits is sure to make a statement. Perfect for a mothers day golf gift!

Color and Look:

A unique look will not only make you stand out on the course but also provide comfort and durability with lightweight materials so your game can stay strong throughout 18 holes! With countless colors available, why settle for anything less than finding that perfect golf bag?


Do ladies need different bags than men?

Absolutely! Men and women have different needs when it comes to their golf game, and ladies’ bags are made with that in mind.

For one, ladies’ bags tend to be more stylish than men’s. Whether you’re looking for a functional shoulder bag or a designer clutch, the styles of ladies’ bags are much more varied. On top of that, they often come in colors and prints that reflect the trendiest fashion trends. You can also check out our best value golf bags here!

What is the difference between a men’s and ladies’ golf bag?

The pockets on ladies’ bags are typically smaller and placed strategically around the body of the bag at an angle so that women can easily access their essentials without having to search through too much clutter.

Practically, there is not much difference between golf bags for ladies and men other than the weight and size. Women tend to be smaller compared to their male counterparts. Hence, you may also find their bags to be smaller in size than those for men. Other than that, their bags are more fashionable with different colors and patterns. Basically, they have more personality and are designed to be more stylish.

Is a cart bag or a stand bag better for ladies?

Ah, the most common question – stand bag or cart bag for ladies? To be honest, both have their pros and cons, and it really depends on your specific preferences.

Cart bags are larger and heavier than stand bags, making them perfect if you tend to carry around lots of gear or accessories such as extra clubs or snacks when out on the course. However, they can be harder to haul around due to their bulkier design and size – not ideal if you’re planning long walks around a long course! If you are using a golf cart, check our our best golf cart accessories to go with your bag.

Stand bags on the other hand offer convenience with their shorter body and folding legs which allow them to be easily maneuvered from hole to hole without having to carry too much bulk about with you. They also come with straps for carrying so provide greater versatility compared to cart bags!

1.     TaylorMade Golf Ladies Select ST Stand Bag

Best overall ladies golf bags

Our first option for the best ladies golf bag is this stand bag by Taylor Made. If you value your comfort and convenience more than the style of design, then this item is worthy of your consideration. This bag offers a padded adjustable dual strap system which can provide more comfort to the golfers. Thanks to this feature, carrying the bag can become more convenient on the golf course. Furthermore, you can also save yourself from unnecessary fatigue and strain while walking on the golf course.

In addition, the bag also features an anti-stand system, which makes the design more sturdy. Another great benefit of this bag is that it can be helpful for you to stay organized due to the significant number of pockets. The total number of pockets included in the bag is six. It includes ball pockets, a veloured lined dry pocket, a lined valuables pocket, and an exterior water bottle pocket. The overall weight of this bag is 4.9 lbs., and it is said to be quite a lightweight bag, thereby offering a combination of lightweight and sturdiness. Other features highlighted by the sellers include durability, 7-way top dividers, and multiple grab handle tops.


  • Anti-split stand system
  • Padded adjustable dual strap design
  • Integrated pocket design
  • Six pockets


  • Received a complaint for being falsely advertised by showing the wrong picture

2.     Callaway Golf Fairway C Stand Bag

Runner-Up of the best ladies golf bags

Here is a bag with a more feminine style and design that would definitely be much appreciated by many female golfers. It is available in a variety of colors so you can pick your favorite one. In addition, this Nylon bag is said to feature a double strap that can provide more comfort. Furthermore, it also offers durable and rugged fabric, which indicates that the bag is likely to last long.

What’s more, new metal zip pulls are added that can offer more security to the equipment you add to your bag. The sellers also claim that the bag includes an alloy towel ring, 4-way top w/full-length dividers, and new quick clips. The overall weight of this bag is 4 lbs.


  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Double strap
  • Metal zip pulls

3.     Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Cheapest ladies golf bag

This ultra-lite stand bag is claimed to be perfect for out to take to the course. It weighs only 3.2 pounds, which indicates that it would be easy to transport and carry. As per the sellers, this bag is engineered using high-strength polyester and is long-lasting and durable. Other highlighted features of the bag include customizable ball pockets, valuable waterproof pockets, an integrated SmartGRIP handle, and a dual strap carry system. Furthermore, this bag is available in four different colors, so everyone has a choice to choose the best one as per their style.

According to the sellers, this bag is equipped with a Smartgrip handle that lets users load and unload the bag from their car, truck, or SUV with convenience due to its easy-to-carry design. It is also said to feature a 4-way padded top alongside two dividers of full length for easy shaft protection and organization. Other than that, the bag offers a premium feature of four pockets, which include waterproof valuable pockets, an umbrella holder, a dual carry strap, a rain hood, and a towel clip.


  • Effective organization
  • Easy to transport
  • Durable construction
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Received a complaint for not being sturdy enough

4.     Hot-Z Golf Ladies HTZ Sport Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Coolest ladies golf bag

If you still haven’t found the best ladies golf bags, maybe you should check out this stand bag by Hot Z. You may find it more expensive compared to other available options, but if it’s promising you good value for the money, you can surely consider it. In addition, the sellers also claim that this bag contains all the features that you require in a stand bag. For instance, it offers five zippered pockets, which include velour-lined valuable pockets, a 6-way top, a scorecard sleeve, a rain hood, and more.

The overall design of this bag is also quite unique and fashionable. It offers a padded dual carry strap along with an extra thick hip pad to deliver more comfort to the customers. Moreover, it is also said to feature an 8-inch 6-way graphite-friendly separator top and full-length club/shaft dividers. It also offers pen sleeves, a tee holder, a towel ring, and more features.


  • Received a complaint for the straps to be on the wrong side

5.     Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag

Best lightweight ladies golf bag

The golf bag by RAM seems to be a great combination of style and performance due to its captivating looks. If you consider its looks, it provides a beautiful style with a color scheme of grey, black, and pink. If you are an organizing geek and like to keep your bag well-organized to easily access every piece of equipment, you should definitely check out this golf bag. That’s because it offers a 14-way divider top to keep your clubs organized. It also includes an oversized putter slot.

If you are worried about storage, you would be interested to know that this bag offers two full-length apparel pockets/soft-lined valuable pockets/ insulated drink pockets and three additional side pockets. In addition, it is also said to include a dual glove, external umbrella holder, rain hood, quick grab top handle, towel clip, and padded shoulder strap. Lastly, as per the sellers, the weight of this bag is 5 lbs.


  • 14-way driver top
  • Extra umbrella holder
  • Two full-length apparel pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap


  • Received complaints for being too short.

6.     Sun Mountain Women Divided Stand Carry Golf Bag

Most durable ladies golf bag

This stand-carry golf bag by Sun Mountains offers ten pockets, which include a velour-lined valuable and water-resistant pocket, multiple accessory pockets, a hydration pouch, and a full-length apparel pocket. Furthermore, it also offers 14 individual dividers so you can up your organizing game and ensure the protection of your club. As per the sellers, this golf bag is engineered to be an inch shorter compared to that made for men in order to accommodate women’s clubs in a better way.

What’s more, the carry straps included in this golf bag are said to be made using a high-density thick foam that’s contoured to be wide at the shoulder’s top to provide carrying comfort. It also includes a matching rain hood. The total diameter of this bag is said to be 10.5″ while its weight is 4 lbs. As for the design, it is quite sporty, giving off elegant and sophisticated vibes.


  • Ten pockets
  • Fourteen dividers
  • Matching rain hood
  • Thick and high-density carry straps


  • N/A

7.     MacGregor Golf VIP Ladies Cart Bag

Best rolling ladies golf bags

Getting all the equipment inside your golf bag can result in a really heavy bag, which can be troublesome for you. To get rid of this problem, check out this VIP ladies cart bag by MacGregor. This golf bag comes with wheels, so you don’t have to feel burdened carrying the weight on your back for a long time. With this golf bag, you will find it easier to move around without feeling exhausted or hurt. In addition, the bag also offers a 14-way divider system of full length so your clubs can be kept organized and separated.

For effective storage, this bag is said to have a total of seven pockets, which include a jewelry/valuable pocket, full-length apparel pockets, drink cooler pockets, and more. Other features of this bag highlighted by the sellers include a rain hood, quick grab handles, umbrella holder, Velcro glove tab, and golf towel buckle. In terms of design, this bag can be yet another great option for the best ladies golf bag having attractive looks.


  • Built-in wheels
  • Quick grab handles
  • Golf towel buckle
  • Seven pockets


  • Received a complaint for having small storage pockets

8.     Majek Ladies Navy Blue Pink Golf Bag

Best padded ladies golf bags

The Majek ladies golf bag offers the ultimate protection for the clubs. It is said to feature a 14-way separator, due to which each club can get a protective slot. As a result, locating your clubs can become pretty convenient. Each separator is designed to be 9 inches in measurement and graphite friendly. Moreover, this golf bag can incorporate several features that users would expect from a good-quality expensive bag. As per the sellers, there are three easy lift utility handles that are placed on the bottom front, rear and top front of the bag.

The sellers also claim that the bag contains five zippered accessory pockets, which include velour-lined valuables along with a lower front position insulated hydration container compartment. In addition, a rear position padded single carry strap with an elastic band is added for securing the strap when you are not using it. Other exciting features offered by the bag include an umbrella holder, towel ring w/ Velcro glove attachment, and rain hood cover.


  • 14 separators
  • Five zippered accessory pockets
  • Easy lift utility handles
  • Rain hood cover


  • N/A

9.     Hot-Z Golf Ladies Deluxe Cart Bag

Best ladies cart golf bag

The Hot Z brand is basically an American institution that began after the Civil War. This Hot Z golf bag is claimed to be much more than a priced bag because, as per the sellers, it contains all the features that you would need in a cart bag. This bag offers a 9-inch top alongside a graphite-friendly 14-way divider top, pen sleeves, a velour-lined valuables pocket, a scorecard sleeve, a rain hood, and more.

In addition, this bag also offers three club/shaft dividers of full length, three lift handles on the lower front, middle, and top front, and six zippered pockets. When it’s not in use, you can secure the strap by using a padded rear position single carry strap alongside an elastic band. Just like many other options for the best ladies golf bags, this cart bag by Hot-Z also offers different designs for your convenience. There are three styles offered by this bag, with the themes including Black/Pink/White, light blue, and Black/White.


  • Graphite-friendly separators
  • Three lift handles
  • Padded rear position single carry strap
  • Six zippered pockets


  • Received a complaint for not being long-lasting

10.     Golf Girl Ladies 14-Way Cart Bag

Ladies golf bag with the most storage

Finally, our last option for the best ladies golf bags is this pretty and captivating girls’ bag by Golf Girl. Just like other competitor golf bags, this bag also offers a variety of useful features other than its pretty design. For instance, with the help of a 14-way divider, you can make sure to keep all the clubs well-organized and easily accessible. This bag also offers an insulated drink pouch that is said to have been capable of fitting two bottles or four cans in it. As per the sellers, this feature is perfect for having cold refreshments on hot days.

In addition, you can also keep your accessories safe because this bag offers plenty of pockets, including tee pockets, large ball pockets, jewelry pockets, and more. Moreover, some of its bonus features highlighted by the sellers include a Velcro glove holder, rain hood, padded carrying strap, external umbrella holder, and tee slots.


  • 14 dividers
  • Insulated drink pouches
  • 5 lbs. weight
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Received a complaint for having narrow club dividers

LongBombs Golf Final Say:

When looking for the best ladies golf bags, comfort and style are both important factors to consider. If you plan on carrying your clubs for a round of golf (instead of using a golf cart), it is especially important to find a bag that is not too heavy for you. There are many things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect golf bag, but with a little bit of research, you will be sure to find the best fit for your needs. Look stylish and cool on the golf course with the perfect ladies golf bag!


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