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What should you wear golfing?

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This question has many different answers based on exactly where you are golfing and what that golf club deems acceptable. The caliber of the club generally determines where the bar is set when it comes to a dress code.

What is unacceptable attire for golf?

Before we jump directly into what you could wear, let’s talk about what is widely not accepted on any golf course level. While there may be a few courses out there that let some questionable attire pass, this is for the remaining 99% of golf clubs that will not let it fly. Not leaving the obvious left unspoked, do not wear anything vulgar or that can be construed as offensive to others playing.

Don’t wear these tops

There are quite a few on the list that you won’t want to show up to the course wearing. If you are heading out to your local club, leave your T-shirts, athletic jerseys, hoodies, and tracksuits at the house. Unless you are wearing a top that is considered “outerwear,” golf courses will expect you to have that shirt tucked. When it comes to headgear and accessories, be mindful not to wear oversized hats or jewelry that could distract other golfers around you.

Don’t wear these bottoms

The first item on this list is denim, more commonly known as jeans. Whether shorts or pants, denim is a no go on the golf course under almost all circumstances. Additionally, the counterparts to the tops that are not permitted follow suit — athletic shorts, sweatpants, and tracksuit bottoms are not allowed to play in. Footwear is another area where some golf courses will vary in their standards; however, most will not overlook sandals or flip-flops. Some courses will also include work boots and metal cleats based on how the footwear impacts the greens.

What is acceptable attire for golf?

Now that we covered the basics of what not to wear, let’s jump into the topic that brought you here – What should you wear golfing?

Wear these tops

Golf shirt vs polo shirt, which one is better? Once you know what is acceptable in the golfing world, it becomes straightforward to prepare for your round. Collared shirts are commonly associated with golf as the standard, under the assumption there are no massive logos or advertisements. If you want to wear a short-sleeved mock turtleneck, be sure to reach before the golf club before your round, as some courses will classify them as a T-shirt. However, turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks will also fit the bill at most clubs. Sweaters, windbreaker jackets, and vests will match the dress code and prepare you for the elements depending on the weather and season.

Golf hats will help keep the sun from your face. You will either need to get a golf hat or a golf visor. You can get the best golf visors for men or the funny golf hats here. 

Wear these bottoms

Things couldn’t be more transparent as far as the lower body goes. Khakis or slacks are the standards for the most widely accepted attire. Shorts also receive the nod of approval as long as they fall at or above the knee. Some clubs may state that you are out of the dress code if they get too long.

Where can you get your golf gear?

Now that you have a good grasp of what golf courses will be looking for and what they consider proper etiquette, your prep should be much more effortless. However, let’s assume that you do not have these items in your closet at home and looking to get your wardrobe updated without breaking the bank. None of the companies listed below are paid advertisements, nor are they the only options in which to shop for apparel for both men and women.

·       All Golf Apparel | TGW.com

The Golf Warehouse is a great spot to find many options for all price ranges and styles. Brands of all sizes are available through this site.

·       Golf Apparel | Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy is an extension of Dick’s Sporting Goods dedicated to the golfing community. You will find some of the best brands and quality products here.

·       Holderness & Bourne | Premium Golf Apparel & Accessories

For those out there looking for the best of the best when it comes to your golf attire, look no further than Holderness & Bourne! If luxury is your style, this site will be everything you could expect.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say

Having a basic understanding of what you should and should not wear golfing, mixed with a bit of common sense around what is not commonly deemed appropriate, you can take the struggle out of getting ready.

There are so many different styles out there; I am sure you will be able to find something you like inside the dress code that will let you play the course in comfort. If an event allows for something outside of the standard attire, by all means, enjoy your time. If you have an item you are unsure of, give the club a call and get their approval.


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