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Wolf Golf Game | How to Play | Best Golf Game With 3 or More Golfers

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If you have never heard of it, there is a great new golf game you can learn that everyone is talking about! The wolf golf game is quickly becoming one of the most popular betting golf games around. If you’ve never played before, don’t worry, we’ll explain how it works. So if you’re looking for a fun new way to add some excitement to your golf games, be sure to check out the wolf golf game!

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What is the Wolf Golf Game?

The wolf golf game is one of the more fun individual golf games you can play. With 3 or more people, you will team up on each hole and gain points individually. The person with the most points at the end of the round wins! One of the most fun things about this game is that you never have the same team (unless you want to).

Another great thing about this game is that it evens out the playing field if there are any experts and beginners. Everyone tees off, then the first player decides which golfer they want to choose (or themself). The rest of the teams fall in line and form automatically. This game is great for all levels because it makes it so that everyone has a chance to contribute to the team’s success, while still competing at an individual level. Give it a try next time you’re out on the course!

What are the rules of the wolf golf game?

The rules of the wolf golf game are pretty easy.

  • Each player plays his or her own ball individually as stroke play (not match play). 
  • Teams are established on the tee box of each hole. Teams will change every hole
  • Optional: Use the USGA handicap to give strokes to less skilled players.

Teeing order

The tee box is very important in this game, just keep that in mind because it is easy to forget!

  • A teeing order is established before the first tee. This order will be followed for the first 16 holes.
  • On holes 17 and 18, whoever is losing the wolf golf game will be the first one to tee off. 
  • The teeing order will alternate, with the next player in line going first as follows:
    • Hole 1 (Tee order is Player 1,2,3,4)
    • Hole 2 (Tee order is Player 2,3,4,1)
    • Hole 3 (Tee order is Player 3,4,1,2)
    • Hole 4 (Tee order is Player 4,1,2,3)
    • Hole 5 (Tee order is Player 1,2,3,4)
    • This order keeps up through hole 16. It works the same way for groups of 3 golfers. 

Establish your Team

  • The player who tees off first will be the only person on the hole who gets to establish the teams.
  • Player #1 hits their drive. If the drive is good and they want to play individually against 3 other people’s best ball score, they can opt to be the Lone Wolf.
    • If the drive is not good or they are not confident, player #1 waits until player #2 hits his tee shot.
    • YOU CANNOT LONE WOLF at any point after player #2 has hit.
  • If lone wolf is not chosen, player #2 hits their drive. Now, player #1 has the option to team up with player #2 or wait to see the next tee shot.
    • If player #1 selects players #2, teams are set. If not, on to player #3 tee shot.
  • Player #3 hits their tee shot.
    • Player #1 can no longer select player #2 after player #3 hits.
    • Player #1 can now choose player #3 or wait for player #4.
  • Player #4 hits their tee shot
    • Since player #4 is the last player and no other golfers were selected, Player #1 is on Player #4 team for this hole by default.


Each team (or individual) accumulates points on each hole throughout the round, the player with the most points at the end of 18 holes wins.

Lone wolf scoring

The incentive is to get more points by playing as the lone wolf. Now, this makes it more difficult because you have to beat everyone you are up against. 

  • If you win the hole as the lone wolf, you get the number of points depending on how many opponents you had. 
    • Ex. A player who Lone Wolf’s playing in a foursome will get 3 points for winning the hole.
    • Ex. A player who Lone Wolf’s playing in a threesome will get 2 points for winning the hole.

Team Scoring

The team scoring is pretty easy. Whichever team wins that hole, each player is awarded a point. 

Birdie Scoring

An additional way to play is to include birdie points! This would be an extra point for anyone who is on the team that wins the hole with a birdie.  

Variations of the wolf golf game

Blind wolf

Some groups of golfers give the option to do a blind wolf. This means you will play by yourself against everyone else in the group without hitting your tee shot. You can give an extra point (to the winners) to sweeten the incentive for this. Blind wolf is something that can be added to the game with little interference and great value. We highly suggest you implement this blind wolf option. 

Lone wolf can be picked last

Other groups of golfers like to play where the lone wolf can be called after seeing all players hit from the tee. This can help if everyone after you hits it out of bounds. I have played it both ways and either is fine. Some people hate it and some people love it. With all the mixed reviews, the most important thing is to establish the rules before you start the round so there are no arguments that take place regarding them. 

Add handicaps for the wolf golf game

To make the game more fair and fun, add in your golf handicaps and use them for the net scoring. If played with proper handicaps, the game can be one of the most even individual golf games you can play. Take each handicap and make a dot on the scorecard to give each person strokes. If you are an 18 handicap, you get 18 dots, 1 per hole. Once you get to a 19 handicap, you start back at the first hardest hole on the course (not hole number 1 necessarily). Learn more about calculating your golf handicap here!

high low and wolf golf game scorecard example with handicap
Scorecard example with handicap

Best Strategies for Wolf Golf Game

Along with a winning mindset, preparation is key. Those playing to win this fun golf game can utilize these strategies to give them an upper hand on the competition.

Bet money and have some fun

Everything is more fun with some skin in the game. If you have a fairly even skilled, competitive group of players for the wolf golf game, put a little money on it. There are two different ways you can bet. You can establish a set amount (like $5 a person) that goes to the winner from each person, or you can do $1 per point (or more). This way if you win by a lot, the more money you accumulate.

If you do the per point payout, we recommend starting with $1 the first few times because the points can rack up quick!  Putting money where your mouth is will always prove you are serious. Plus, if you add in the handicaps, any person has a fair chance of winning. 

Don’t Give Up – Play your best golf

The main strategy is to play your best golf and help contribute to your team every single hole (whether it’s a tie or a win). You don’t want to lose points for your team, which can be very easy to do if you are not playing well that day.

Team Dynamics – Help each other

If you are a team, act like it! You want to discuss shots with your team partner and use them just like a caddy. This will give you the best shot to play the best golf. Make sure each putt is read by your teammate and any second guesses that you have, run it by them. They are there to help! It’s also a great momentum builder if you can trust each other’s instincts and feed off positive energy. Check out more about caddying here. 

Long Bombs Golf Final Say

The wolf golf game is a fun, exciting game that will bring out the competitive side in you and your friends. This can be played anywhere at any time and it’s perfect for those days when everyone just needs something different from their normal golf round. You’ll battle against other players on different teams to see who comes up with the best individual score; building comradery while having plenty of laughs along the way.

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