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Best Golf Beanies | Stay Warm Golfing

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As chilling winters are arriving and so is the cold wind which shivers down your spine, Golfers are looking for ways to trap heat so that they may be able to play their favorite sport conveniently. This is why golf beanies are in demand nowadays. However, the use of beanies is not confined to Golf. You can wear them 24/7 in the cold weather to cover your head securely and protect your head and ears from the cold wind.

In this article, we have come up with the best golf beanies available in the market. The golf beanies are available in various shapes and materials so that you can choose from a range of beanies. Some are cozy and classic, while some come with poms. Some beanies can protect your head during rain, and some are good for the cold wind. So, quickly view our reviews and find the best golf beanies suitable for you. We hope you will stick to one of them.

How do I choose the best golf beanie?

Whether it’s about choosing the right beanie for Golfing or any other sport or purpose in the cold winter, here are the key points you should in consider in order to select the right one. Learn more tips for playing golf in cold weather here.


Material is the first & foremost factor to think about. Make sure you buy a beanie made up of warm & cozy material. If the material of the cap is not comfortable enough to trap the warmth inside and keep your head covered while you are playing Golf, then wearing a beanie is useless. Make sure that the material is also hypoallergenic and breathable so that it may not irritate your skin. Check out the 10 warmest fabrics for the winter.


Buying a durable beanie requires you to invest some extra bucks. Still, it offers long-term peace, so consider the quality of the material and assess whether it is long-lasting & durable enough to withstand machine washing.

Design & Color:

Beanies come in numerous designs, striking styles, and colors, so you have a range to choose from. Buy a beanie that securely fits your head while playing Golf and lets you play it comfortably.


Your budget is an essential factor that helps you to determine what to buy. Narrow down the choices according to your budget and buy a reasonably priced beanie that fits your requirements. 

What are the styles of golf beanies?

Here are the three popular styles of beanies among golfers.

  • Pom Style beanie
  • Athletic/Tour style beanie
  • Built-in hat style

10 Best Golf Beanies

Overall best golf beanies – Hitting Bombs

Best golf beanie while hitting bombs

If you are looking for an ideal golf beanie, then, believe me, Hitting Bombs Golf Beanie is something you will feel good about hitting with. The beanie is a perfect buy for a cozy & comfy golf beanie. This beanie is our favorite because it is comfortable and an ideal fit in a breezy, cold environment while playing golf. The beanie is 12-inch in length and has a soft fleece lining that traps heat and keeps your head warm during the shivering winters.

So far as the design is concerned, this beanie looks simply outstanding with a stylish pom on its top. The quality of the material is fantastic and seems very durable. The acrylic stitching remained the same after several washes, so you can wash it in the machine using a mild detergent.

Overall, the Hitting bomb golf beanie is an appealing winter beanie with great design and utility, protecting your head and ears from cold while playing golf. The price is also very reasonable, so it is absolutely a win-win buy.


  • Striking looks and design
  • Comfortable material
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • It is a perfect fit for all golfers
  • Cozy & warm

Best pom golf beanie

If you like pom beanies, then Titleist has brought a range of beanies for you. Their beanies are stylish, durable, and comfortable so that you can enjoy this sport in dreaded cold and windy weather. This Titleist pom beanie has an exquisite heathered design having a pom-pom on its top. It is available in numerous colors so you have a range of colors to choose from. You can also match this beanie with your outfit and flaunt it before your friends.

Titleist Pom Golf beanie offers superior comfort in freezing weather. The beanie is lined with a microfleece liner which traps the heat for a long time and keeps your head warm. The beanie has outstanding knitting with a 5-gauge acrylic tri-color knit. The material is durable and long-lasting so you can rely upon it in harsh weather. The color does not run and never fades away.

Overall, the Titleist Pom Golf beanie is a runner-up in my list of best golf beanies because it is an ideal combination of durability, quality & comfort one looks for while playing golf in chilling weather.


  • Remarkable looks and design
  • Outstanding acrylic knitting
  • Hard-wearing & long-lasting
  • Cozy & warm

Best vintage golf pom beanie

Callaway is a pioneer in making golf gear and accessories, so how could they stay behind in making winter golf beanies? This beanie is made up of a thick material that traps heat efficiently and keeps you cozy all through the game. The beanie has a unique design with a heathered dual shade design. The word ”CALLAWAY’ is knitted on the front, which looks stylish.

The beanie is equipped with a pom on the top, and the material is durable and well-knitted. Seems that Callaway employs trained craftsmen to knit these pretty winter caps. The cap is a perfect fit and covers the head securely to protect your head and ears from freezing wind. 

Overall, the Callaway Pom Golf beanie is a unique beanie with an exquisite design, pattern, and color combination. The branded beanie is reasonably priced, so it is the best bet if you are looking for an affordable branded golf beanie.


  • Unique design and color combinations are used
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Hard-wearing & long-lasting
  • Cozy & warm

Best tour authentic golf beanie

If you are looking for a tour golf beanie, the Callaway Tour Golf beanie is a considerable choice. If you don’t like pom-pom style beanies and are mature enough to choose tour beanies, then this beanie will become your favorite.

The beanie has a soft fleece lining which is very easy on the skin. It has a standard size, so one size fits everyone. The acrylic knitting is strong & durable. You can also wash this beanie in the washing machine with mild detergent. The fabric is hypoallergenic & moisture-wicking. It traps heat effectively and protects your head & ears from the cold breeze.

Overall, the Callaway Tour Golf beanie is a choice for mature players. It has a decent but striking appearance that never falls short of impressive.


  • Impressive and decent looks and design
  • Durable acrylic knitting
  • Hard-wearing & long-lasting
  • Cozy & warm

Best PGA-styled golf beanie

If you are looking for a premium Tour golf beanie, the PGA Tour laser pattern golf beanie is the golf cap you are looking for. With a cool sporty design, this is one of the best golf beanies with built-in moisture-wicking technology. The beanie is perfect for all-day wear and offers a perfect fit for everyone. It has a standard size which offers a secure fit as well as ease of movement while you play golf.

Machine washable, these best golf beanies maintain their smoothness and good looks wear after wear, even with regular washing. Sun protection built right into the fabric prevents damaging UV rays from penetrating the material of the golf shirt to help protect covered skin.

Overall, the PGA Tour Golf beanie is the best tour golf beanie in my list of best tour golf beanies, with a unique laser pattern that will definitely grab your attention. In addition, it has a very affordable price so you will not have to spend a fortune to buy a great beanie.


  • Exquisite looks and unique laser-pattern design
  • Comfortable & moisture-wicking material
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Standard size fits everyone
  • Cozy & warm

Best TaylorMade Golf Beanie

Here is another great winter cap that keeps the head and ears warm in winter. It is important to wear a comfy winter beanie while you are playing golf. The TaylorMade golf beanie is made with a fleece lining that keeps the head comfortably warm. The lining is made keeping your sensitive skin in mind, so it has a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. However, one of its downsides is its size. It is not a good fit for all head sizes. Anyone with a big head size will struggle to fit in with it. 

So far as the design is concerned, the TaylorMade Golf beanie comes with a pom top which looks pretty cool. The pom-pom is present at the top of the hat. The beanie comes with multi-colored bobbles, and you can buy any color you want. This beanie also has a crested TaylorMade logo on its front which adds style to its looks.


  • Unique design and color combinations are used
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Cozy & warm
  • Stylish cap


  • Size is not suitable for big heads

Best Mizuno Golf Beanie

Lightweight beanies are more wearable than those with bulky and heavy fabric. So, the Mizuno golf tour beanie is a considerable choice for those who are looking for a lightweight material. The beanie is lined with fleece which is soft and cozy. It traps heat efficiently for a long period to keep you warm. It features a durable fabric construction with double knitting.

The fabric is hypoallergenic & moisture-wicking. It protects your head & ears from the cold breeze. This is one of the best golf beanies that are available in several colors.


  • Striking color
  • Comfortable material
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Cute design with a pom
  • Cozy & warm

Best Nike Golf Beanie

Don’t worry if you have a big head, as Nike Golf Beanie is made for those who have larger-than-normal heads. The Nike Golf Beanie will keep your head and ears secure and traps the warmth to keep you cozy when you are playing a golf round in freezing cold weather. The beanie has a decent design available in a variety of colors.  

It is a unisex beanie, great for both men & women. It is also made up of 100% acrylic knit, making it durable and comfortable for any golfer. The fabric is cozy and washable in the machine. It is moisture-wicking & breathable and does not cause itching like most ordinary beanies.

Overall, Nike Golf Beanie is a reasonable option if you have a medium budget. The brand name speaks about the quality and does not fall short in providing warmth while you are playing outdoors.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Cozy & warm
  • Stylish Athletic design
  • Available in fast color

Funny golf beanies

funny golf beanie - I love golf

Some people like exclusive designs and looks, and the “I hate Golf” Spreadshirt golf beanie is perfectly made for them. The beanie has a classic design with the statement ” I hate Golf. Nice Shot. I love Golf”. It is a perfect example of a round of golf and is guaranteed to get a few laughs.

Available in a grey heathered design, this beanie exhibits cool vibes. It is slightly longer from the back & shorter from the front. Along with its look, the comfort it offers is great too. You can wear this cap indoors as well as outdoors.

So far as the fabric is concerned, it is made up of cotton, which is easy and comfortable for all skin types. It has a moisture-wicking nature and is thick enough to trap heat for a longer time period. Overall, the “I hate golf” beanie is one of the best golf beanies and is a must-buy if you want to impress your peers with a contemporary outfit paired with a stylish golf beanie.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Versatile cap for indoor as well as outdoor
  • Contemporary design with a cool statement

Best golf beanies for work

A bad day of golf beanie

Another cool golf beanie on our list is this funny saying beanie. The beanie states ‘’A Bad day of Golf Always Beats a Good Day of Work’’. The saying is absolutely right when it comes to golf lovers. This golf beanie comes in three decent colors, i.e., White, grey & black, and gives it a cooler vibe around the office. This beanie is versatile, and you can wear this cap indoors as well as outdoors.

This funny saying golf beanie is made up of cotton, which is easy on your skin and comfortable for all skin types. It has a moisture-wicking nature and is thick enough to trap heat for a longer time period. Overall, the beanie is the best bet if you are looking for a cool contemporary beanie to pair with any outfit.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Versatile cap for indoor as well as outdoor
  • Contemporary design with a cool statement
  • Versatile unisex cap


Are beanies allowed in Golf?

Yes. Beanies are allowed in golf. They are not part of the golf dress code, but they are something any golfer must wear in cold weather. It is excellent to cover your head with a cozy beanie that traps warmth and prevents cold wind from reaching your head and ears. If you want to wear a casual dress in cold weather while playing golf, then a beanie is an excellent addition to your dress code.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

Winter is arriving, so you may be worried about how you would be able to manage to play Golf in freezing cold weather. So, we have got you covered. I hope you will be able to choose the right beanie in order to keep yourself cozy and enjoy Golf to the fullest.


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