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The Coolest Golf Belts | Stay Looking Stylish With These Top 10 Best Belts For Golf

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If you’re a golfer who’s looking to spruce up your wardrobe on the course, then look no further. Golf belts are an essential item that can take any golfing outfit from boring to stylish in just a few seconds. They keep your trousers secure during long rounds and give you that extra edge as far as style is concerned. Plus, there’s nothing quite like finding the perfect belt for an updated look-and we’ve got some of the coolest golf belts out there for you! From subtle designs to bold colors and patterns, learn about all of our top picks today so you can start hitting those greens in style.

It must look classy and beautiful, so we should select a perfect sleek width of the belt. The next part you want to look for the is the best matching color. It is not required to wear belts of specific colors. But you must coordinate your belt color with your shoes and shirt to be trendy and stay up with the modern times.

However, golfers often have an extensive belt collection to match their clothing, shoes, and more. Sometimes you want a flashier look. Sometimes you want to be subtle. Styles for all golfers, but they all meet today’s trends. And then we think about the width of the belt that which belt will be suitable to wear with khaki.

Pair these with the best golf visors for men to complete a stylish look.

Buying Guide for Coolest Golf Belts

Most golf players prefer to wear belts in both situations, like while playing or not. So, if you also want to wear a belt, you should consider some essential factors that make your choice best. Below mentioned factors should be compulsory whenever anyone thinks about purchasing a new belt. You can also use your golf belt for your every clothing, making it versatile

Cost Affected

Suppose you decide to buy a belt, then always make sure that it will be super budget friendly. Because most of us prefer brands for our products, brands never compromise on quality and prices. So always go for a brand that facilitates you with perfect quality at a suitable price. The cheaper the route, the worse quality in the belt.


After visiting any shop or online shop, you get the thing for sure that belts are also available in different and pretty colors. So always select a belt that can suit every outfit, not only for one. In this way, you can save money to buy a new one for every new outfit.


Notably, while most models are one size fits all, certain manufacturers use more precise sizing specifications, which is vital to keep in mind. The size factor is an important one.


The important point to think about is the material for the belt. Belts are no longer exclusively made of leather; nylons, polyesters, and other materials and fabrics are now employed. Each of them imparts a precise fit, feel, and appearance, so determining the material you desire will aid in narrowing your search.


If you decide to choose the coolest golf belts with high durability, choose one with excellent elasticity. The elasticity factor is vital to consider because it makes the belt suitable for heavy-duty wear and tear. It also is much more versatile and comfortable to the everyday golfer.

1. Under Armour Men’s Magnetic Closure Golf Belt

Overall Coolest Golf Belt

When it comes to the coolest golf belts, then considering a Magnetic closure golf belt is the correct approach at the right time. This belt possesses all the characteristics that a wearer desires in a belt. The following characteristics contribute to the belt’s astounding status:

It is composed of 1: 50% Nylon, 27% Polyester, 23% Rubber. It is imported and seems to have a magnetic closure. With ease, you may wash it in a washing machine, and you don’t need to bother with handwashing it.

It is easily adjustable, and a person finds himself at complete ease while wearing it, and custom-fit size is available (One Size Fits All), which you desire when acquiring a one-size-fits-all property. Elastic webbing adds more flexibility, which is a highly comfortable feature that also looks great. It incorporates a raised jacquard design.

It has a magnetic clasp for metal ball markers and a robust plastic buckle for plastic ball markers. It has an Elastic Belt Loop with a wordmark-detailed design.


  • Adjustable
  • Jacquard pattern
  • Plastic buckle with magnet
  • Machine Wash
  • Cut-to-fit sizing

2. Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belt

Coolest Webbed Golf Belt

Under Armour’s objective is to improve the performance of all athletes through passion, design, and an unwavering pursuit of innovation. So, when the light falls on the Men’s webbed belt, then Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belts are the coolest golf belts, and should be the priority; why?

Because while the science underlying Under Armour’s wide product range for men, women, and youth is sophisticated, the program for reaping the benefits is straightforward: wear Heat Gear in hot weather, ColdGear in cold weather, and All-Season Gear in between the extremes.

It is easily washable with the use of a washing machine. And it is made up of Polyester. Its sizing is adaptable. It fits men’s sizes 42 and above. Buckle in metal with embossed UA logo on the back with bottle opener. It features a great buckle with a luxurious feel. It is crafted of durable webbed fabric and measures 1.5″ / 3.8 cm in width. It’s an imported item that’s exceptionally comfortable.


  • Machine Wash
  • 100% Polyester
  • All Season Gear
  • Customizable sizing
  • It fits up to a Men’s size 42

3. FAIRWIN Ratchet Belts for Men, Golf Web Belt

Cheapest Golf Belt

Every day we must wear pants, and it’s a need of the hour to wear a sleek and nice belt that enhances our personality image. If you are looking for coolest golf belts, then ratchet-style belts will be best for you. Do you know why? Let’s see

Because it is designed for everyday usage, you can utilize it for various jobs and outdoor activities, including camping, golf, hiking, fishing, climbing, traveling, and field training.

It is a new style of nylon webbing belt with an automatic slide ratchet buckle. This ratchet belt buckle is constructed of zinc alloy, which renders it indestructible. The braided belts are 0.14″ thick, which is thicker than most men’s web belts.

This metal duty buckle is resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches. A nylon sliding belt is not just a fashionable mesh belt; the automated buckle design allows it to be worn with jeans, casual pants, suit trousers, and work pants.


  • Versatility
  • Simply put, it’s perfect.
  • Nylon Duty Belt
  • Multi-function Everyday Belt
  • Lightweight

4. CHAOREN Elastic Stretch Golf Belt

Coolest Elastic Golf Belt

CHAOREN golf belts are the best golf belts that adopt the most recent elastic solid look. Stretchy nylon stuff is flexible to fit your waist entirely. It is also able to allow freedom to soft your waist when squatting or bending. It is enjoyable without movement limitations.

Unlike other belts requiring a finger underneath the belt to tighten, this belt has an outer tail design that requires only a second to tighten, making it considerably more straightforward and quicker. A person doesn’t need to bother about adjusting it; again and again, you need to set it by a single button, and it is done.

Its buckle is zinc alloy with a carbon fiber weave. These stretch golf belts are also thicker than regular webbing belts. They are made of high-quality stuff that is pilling-resistant, comfortable, and sturdy.

The nylon ratchet belt’s automatic buckle and 4mm micro-adjustment system allow for higher and easier regulation for a comfortable fit. The belt strap slides easily. The redesigned removable buckle allows you to clip nylon ratchet belts to your perfect size with a scissor


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Maximum Durability
  • Stretchy sport Belt
  • New External Sliding Design
  • Thickened Nylon Cloth

5. Fairwin Ratchet Golf Belts, 2 Pack Golf Belts

Coolest Rachet Golf Belts

Fairwinds Ratchet Belts are designed to wear with most casual or tactical pants. It comprises Classic Business Buckle for men and women. The Fairwinds adjustable belt is ideal for everyday carry or a belt that can tolerate damage without sacrificing comfort.

It is suitably sized for everyday usage, and can be utilized for various indoor and outdoor activities, including camping, golf, hiking, fishing, climbing, traveling, and field training.

In contrast to leather belts, the No-hole nylon belt will not deteriorate or break over time; this belt has a concealable belt tail style, so a person won’t have to worry about extra waistbands. This metal duty buckle is resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches.

Its nylon sliding belt is not only a trendy mesh belt; the automated buckle design allows it to be dressed in jeans, casual pants, suit trousers, and work pants. The thick belt also functions as a tactical belt!


  • Adjustable
  • New Invisible Belt
  • Versatility
  • Highly comfortable
  • Lifetime Warranty

6. Nylon Ratchet Belt – 2 Pack

Coolest Golf Belts for Men

This belt comes equipped with an automatic sliding buckle for nylon ratchet belt, one press to release, one press to lock, heavy-duty material, and a secure latch. Our web belts for men are more accessible to adjust than traditional pin belts; there are no more in-between sizes; each belt fits flawlessly.

This men’s nylon belt buckle is elegant and durable, with a simple black design. You can utilize it with suit pants for formal occasions and with jeans, overalls, or casual pants for more casual occasions. Nylon worker belts made of heavy-grade webbing are incredibly durable.

These men’s nylon belts are the coolest golf belts for golfing, climbing, and trekking. Moreover, you can use this ratchet nylon belt to secure a holster, spare mag, flashlight, wallet, keys, phone, or notepad.

Due to the high-quality buckle and webbing, this men’s ratchet web belt is ideal for work, golf, and casual men’s belts. There are no holes to punch with these ratchet belts! It has 3mm flexibility with no strain for daily use. The ratchet’s design gives a better grip and prevents buckle wear.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Thicken nylon ratchet webbing
  • For formal or casual dress
  • Automatic slide metal buckle
  • For formal or casual dress

7. Lavemi Stretch Elastic Woven Sports Golf Belt

Coolest Braided Golf Belt

Lavemi’s Fashion Ratchet Belt features 38 adjustment points for ultimate comfort and is one of the coolest golf belts. The easy-to-remove buckle lets you cut the belt to your desired size, creating a more refined and custom-made appearance!

This belt has elastic fabric that enables a smooth and boundless adjustment for the right fit at the waist; you will feel supported not only by the pant but also embraced by the arms.

This woven stretch braided belt allows the buckle to be locked in any place along the strip, allowing for the optimal fit and tightness around your waist. 1 3/8″ Width. It has multi colors coordinated with multicolor stripes and is attractive to fit your jeans, streetwear, golf attire, etc.

You can’t feel it, but it always holds your pants in place, making it ideal for any activity such as golf, fishing, or skating. If the belt strap is too long for your size, you can shorten it yourself.


  • Light Weight
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Always Fit
  • Perfect for Golf

8. Nike Men’s New Tech Essentials Reversible Web Belt

Coolest Reversible Golf Belt

It is a Reversible web belt from Nike tech basics. Nike reversible technology lets you easily switch between two distinct color selections by unlocking the buckle clamp and reversing the strap.

 Additionally, with Nike’s personalized fit one-size technology, you can adjust the strap’s length to fit your body perfectly for optimal comfort. Bottle opener linked to the back of the buckle. Nike men’s new tech essentials reversible web belts are the Best Golf Belts.

Its buckle pivots at the base, providing modern sportspeople with two distinct belts ideal for travel. Advanced fibers that twist and spin with each movement, extending your range of motion. There is no room for hesitation when Nike technology is on your side.

Nike’s reversible and customizable fit technologies provide an individual’s comfort. The perforated strap allows air to circulate through the belt for those long days, wicking away moisture. Its width is 38mm, which ensures your comfort.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Clamp closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Reversible webbing

9. Callaway Men’s V Logo Golf Belt

Coolest Callaway Golf Belt

The Callaway cut-to-fit V Logo cool golf belt has a very relaxed casual style and will look fantastic when paired with the appropriate shorts or pants and prove to be the coolest golf belts.

Belt of superior quality and design. It is a one-size belt, and the directions include information on how to cut it to fit your specific size. You do not need to chop it in any way. It comes already assembled; if you have a smaller waist, you will simply need to add more to your belt loops.

It is a comfortable belt with an easy-to-close buckle. An elastic stretch cloth belt provides ample room for movement. It’s 1.5″ wide. It can be easily washable with hand, and hand wash is recommended. It is made up of 100% cotton, and it is imported. It will put you at ease, and you can enjoy every moment without any problem with your belt.


  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Cut to Fit Solid Webbed Belt
  • 100% Cotton
  • High quality

10. Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt, Men’s Golf Belt

Best Tactical Golf Belt

When it comes to hiking, a person needs a robust belt, but it should also be eye-catching, high quality, and attractive. Thus, the Best Golf Belts are scarce, but fear not; here are Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belts, which boast the following astonishing properties:

This Military Belt is with a One-Second Quick-Release Buckle; it is ideal for military, SWAT, firefighters, work, sport, and other tactical applications. The buckle fastening is 65″(165cm) in length, 1.5″(3.8cm) in width, It fits waists 55″-60″. Learn more about why you should use a tactical belt.

Buckle Dimensions are 2.4″ (6cm) wide and 5/16″ (8mm) thick. It is suitable for men and women who are large and tall. This work belt features a heavy-duty metal military buckle and a convenient V-ring for attaching gear and accessories. Its maximum bearing weight is 1100lb/500kg. This item is frequently used in military training and outdoor camping expeditions.

It is made up of a high-strength, quick-drying, environmentally friendly 1000D nylon material. It is breathable, flexible, and extremely pleasant to wear regularly. These hiking belts come with a two-year warranty and a hassle-free 60-day return policy.


  • V-ring Rigger Belt
  • Tactical Belt Big and Tall
  • Heavy-Duty Belt
  • Buckle Quick Release
  • Advanced nylon belt


Do You Have to Wear a Belt While Playing Golf?

While playing golf, we can’t wear pants because we don’t feel comfortable. Usually, golf slacks or khakis are worn during golf playing. But it doesn’t matter whether we are wearing pants or khakis; there is always a need to wear a belt to keep the golf slacks or pants in place to feel comfortable.

Should you wear a White Golf Belt?

Yes, it’s preferable to keep things basic rather than choose something exaggerated, such as a giant belt buckle. Belts should, in general, blend in with your shirt and jeans. Golfers frequently match their white belts to their shoes. Learn more about what should you wear golfing here.

LongBombsGolf Final Review

I’ve reviewed many of the coolest and best golf belts because I want to assist you in selecting the proper equipment for your game. And believe it or not, selecting the appropriate golf belt is a factor in this equation. When it comes to selecting a golf belt, there are numerous possibilities.

Some are bold and proud, with buckles and vibrant colors that make them stand out. Others are more straightforward and traditional in design. Whichever golf belt you choose, ensure that it complements your style and provides you with the convenience and mobility necessary to swing and play at your best.


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