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High Low Golf Game | How To Play | Fun Foursome Golf Game for Any Skilled Golfers

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Do you enjoy playing golf games during the round with your buddies? If so, you definitely want to try this high low golf game. This is a variant of traditional golf that allows for a team competition and individual play at the same time. If you have an even number of golfers in your group, you can make this game work. This is a great game for any skill level of golfer. Here is what you need to know about this fun golf format. 

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What is the High Low Golf Game?

The high low golf game is considered one of the most fun foursome golf games you can play on the golf course. Not only does it incorporate the team aspect, but each player on every hole will have the pressure to contribute to each shot and not give up on the hole or round. 

In the high low golf game, you can only play if you have 4 willing golfer participants. The 4 golfers are split into two teams with each player’s score contributing to every hole for awarded points. At the end of the round, the team with the most points will be declared the winners. 

What are the rules of the high low golf game?

The rules of the high low golf game are pretty easy. 

  • Each player plays his or her own ball individually as stroke play (not match play). 
  • Teams of 2 are established before the round and the length of the game is established before the round (9 holes, 18 holes, etc) 
  • Optional: Use the USGA handicap to give strokes to less skilled players.
  • Each hole is compromised of 2 points. One point awarded for the lowest low score and one point awarded for the lowest high score between the two teams
  • Each team accumulates points throughout the round, the team with the most points at the end of the round wins. 
  • If played with proper handicaps, the game can be one of the most even individual golf games you can play.  

High Low Golf Game Example

High Low Golf Game Example Scorecard
High Low Golf Game Example Scorecard
High Low Golf Game Example Scorecard Front 9
High Low Golf Game Example Scorecard Back 9

Using the scorecard above:

  • Hole 1
    • Team 1 receives 2 points because the low score is 4 and the low of the high score is the 5.
      • Ex. 4 beats 6 for the low score, 5 beats 7 for the high score
  • Hole 2
    • Team 1 receives 1 point because only the high score was won
      • Ex. Low score ties with 4 from 1 player on each team, so no points are awarded. The high score is won with the additional 4 from Team 1 Player A.
  • Hole 3
    • Team 2 receives 2 points because the high and low score were won.
      • Ex. 4 beats 5 for the low score, 5 beats 7 for the high score
  • Hole 4
    • Neither team receives any points because each team tied for the low score with a 3 and the high score with a 6. 
  • Hole 5
    • Team 1 receives 2 points because they won the high and low scores.
      • Ex. 5 beats 6 for low score, 6 beats 7 for high score. 
  • Hole 6
    • Team 2 receives 2 points because they won the high and low score.
      • Ex. Even though they are the same score, the 4 wins the high and the 4 wins the low score. 

Handicaps and Scoring Tips for the High Low Golf Game

How to mark handicaps on your high/low scorecard?

To make the game more fair and fun, add in your golf handicaps and use them for the net scoring. Take each handicap and make a dot on the scorecard to give each person strokes.

If you are an 18 handicap, you get 18 dots, 1 per hole. Once you get to a 19 handicap, you start back at the first hardest hole on the course (not hole number 1 necessarily). 

Learn more about calculating your golf handicap here!

high low and wolf golf game scorecard example with handicap
Scorecard example with handicap

Variations of the high low golf game

1. Play with 2 golfers

The high low golf format can be played with just two golfers if you get creative. The idea is to play two balls (different brands or markings to make it easy) and you have a high and a low score. The kicker to this is that you have to have the time and a not-so-busy course. This is a little fun variation and you don’t have to have 4 people to play. 

2. Press the points

Another fun way to play that points can really accumulate is by pressing the ties. In this case, you will take the point that tied for either the low or the high score (or both) and press them on the next hole. I wouldn’t recommend doing this your first time. You need to be experienced in keeping the high/low format score to do this. 

Best Strategies for High Low Golf Game

Along with a winning mindset, preparation is key. Those playing to win can utilize these strategies:

Don’t Give Up – Play your best golf

There is no order strategy in this game. The main strategy is to play your best golf and help contribute to your team every single hole (whether its a tie or a win). You dont want to lose points for your team, which can be very easy to do if you are not playing well that day.

Team Dynamics – Help each other

If you are a team, act like it! You want to discuss shots with your team partner and use them just like a caddy. This will give you the best shot to play the best golf. Make sure each putt is read by your teammate and any second guesses that you have, run it by them. They are there to help! It’s also a great momentum builder if you can trust each other’s instincts and feed off positive energy. Check out more about caddying here. 

Have fun – Bet some money

Put some skin in the game. If you have a fairly even skilled, competitive group of players for the high/low golf game, put a little money on it. You can do $1-$5 a point per person or per team. Putting money where your mouth is will always prove you are serious. Plus, with the handicaps, any person has a fair chance of winning. 

Long Bombs Golf Final Say

The high/low golf game is a great way to add plenty of excitement and good competition to your next foursome golf round. This golf game can be played on any course and at any time.  It is a perfect way to make everyone in the golf group strive to play their best and contribute to the team. It is also a great way to build comradery, get your heart racing, and provide plenty of laughs as you battle it out around the golf course. If you haven’t tried this golf game before, we recommend giving it a go today!

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