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Marietta Golf Center Driving Range Review – Metro Atlanta’s Best Hidden Golf Driving Range

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The Marietta Golf Center is a top-notch golf facility offering a wide range of amenities for golf enthusiasts of all levels. Located in East Marietta, this clean and polished range stands out as an excellent option for those looking to improve their game or simply enjoy a pleasant day at the range. As soon as you enter the premises, you’ll find a secluded and private environment with easy access and no distractions, making it the perfect place to focus on your golf skills.

At the heart of the operation is a well-stocked Pro Shop, offering everything you could need, from snacks and refreshments to a comfortable place to unwind and watch professionals in action. Once you’re ready to hit the range, you’ll be greeted with well-maintained grass tees and a variety of automated ball dispenser mats to make your experience hassle-free. In addition, the center offers a dedicated short-game practice facility and professional golf lessons to help you really hone your skills.

Marietta Golf Center Key Takeaways

  • Provides a clean, secluded facility with various amenities for golfers.
  • The Pro Shop caters to all your needs, from snacks to relaxation
  • Range offers well-maintained grass tees and automated ball dispenser mats.
  • Golfers can also benefit from a dedicated short game practice area
  • Professional lessons available to improve your overall skills.

Facility Accessibility and Cleanliness

At Marietta Golf Center, they pride themselves on providing a clean and accessible environment for golfers. Upon arrival at their facility, visitors will be greeted by shaded mats situated at the upper tees, with easy access directly from the parking lot. Their dedication to accessibility, cleanliness, and user-friendly amenities makes the Marietta Golf Center a top-tier practice facility for golfers.

Marietta Golf Center Pro Shop Features

The Marietta golf center pro shop provides everything a golfer needs in a Pro Shop. From cold drinks, snacks, and beers to a cooled-down place to relax, they have you covered. You can even watch some pros perfect their game as you take a break and relax in the nice cool air conditioning.

You can buy the golf balls directly from the shop or the outside ball dispenser.

Driving Range Amenities of the Marietta Golf Center

The Marietta Golf Center also prides themselves on offering a wide range of amenities and options for every golfer. Their facility is carefully maintained, and they strive to provide a peaceful and secluded environment for golfers to practice and improve their skills.

When golfers enter the driving range, they will find a clean and polished environment. There are both shaded mats on the upper level and approximately 40 grass tee stalls available, with well-maintained grass that is shifted daily.

For those who may need yardage information, yardage books are provided at the end of the stalls for their convenience. In addition, the facility offers 26+ targets for golfers to aim at and practice their shots.

Grass Tees

Tired of hitting from golf mats? At the Marietta Golf Center, the grass tees are a standout feature that stands testament to their commitment to golfers. They are known for “The best grass tees in Georgia” with around 40 stalls in pristine condition. You can tell they take extra care to tend to the grass daily. Their dedication to maintaining these tees also shows their appreciation for their valued customers.

While practicing at their grass tees, golfers should remember that they are in the hands of a facility that truly cares about their golfing experience. It’s important to clean up those divots because this is very important to keeping the range in great shape!

Automated Ball Dispenser Mats

The Marietta golf center is above the technology curve. One of the things you need to check out here is the fully automated ball dispenser mats. These advanced mats make practice even more convenient for every golfer and will save their back in the process. All you will need to do is feed the golf balls directly into the silver box and let the magic of automation work. Your golf balls will appear from underneath the matt automatically, allowing you to focus on your swing and get more repetition.

Short Game Practice Facility

Now to the real bane of any golfers score, the short game! At Marietta Golf Center, they offer a private practice short game facility that includes bunkers and rough to help refine those crucial par-saving shots. As golfers, they know the importance of practicing short game shots to lower their scores.

Professional Golf Lessons

“A Pro will help you go low”

At Marietta Golf Center, they offer private lessons from three certified instructors with proven track records at four private hitting bays equipped with multiple amenities and tools.

Their private practice short game facility has bunkers as well as rough to dial in those par saver shots. Honestly, everyone needs to practice those short shots more if they want to lower their scores.

Tired of watching YouTube videos and not getting any better? Remember, seeking guidance from a pro is something that will help you exponentially advance your golf game. Read more on should you get golf lessons here.

LongBombs Golf Final Say

We would like to emphasize the impressive aspects of the Marietta Golf Center, making it an excellent practice facility for golfers of all levels. The cleanliness and polish of the range, the secluded environment, and the great range of options and amenities make it a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts in the Atlanta metro area. No wonder it has been in the top 100 driving ranges in America before!

We would like to express our gratitude to the Marietta Golf Center for giving us the opportunity to visit and experience the fantastic practice facility firsthand. We highly recommend this golf center to others, and we are confident that it will help golfers hone their skills and ultimately lower their scores.


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