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golf bag shoulder straps

Golf Bag Shoulder Strap: Top Comfortable Add-On Bag Straps

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Golf is a popular sport that provides both physical exercise and mental relaxation. Carrying a golf bag filled with clubs, balls, and other accessories around the course is an essential part of the game. However, the weight of a fully loaded golf bag can lead to strain on your back and shoulders, which is where a golf bag shoulder strap comes in. A comfortable and functional shoulder strap can make all the difference in your overall golfing experience, allowing you to focus on your swing and enjoy your time on the course.

Golf bag shoulder straps come in a variety of materials, designs, and styles, catering to the needs of different golfers. They help to distribute the weight of the bag evenly across your shoulders and back, thus providing better support and reducing the risk of injury. Some straps even feature padded or ergonomic designs, offering additional comfort during long rounds of golf.

When choosing a golf bag shoulder strap, there are a few critical factors to consider, such as the material, adjustability, padding, and attachment system. These factors can greatly impact the durability, comfort, and ease of use of your strap. Given the wide variety of choices available, it can be challenging to determine which shoulder strap is best suited for your needs.

We have dedicated numerous hours to researching and evaluating various golf bag shoulder straps, assessing their features and performance to help you find the perfect match for your golf bag. Our aim is to ensure that you can enjoy your time on the golf course without the burden of an uncomfortable golf bag, making your game more enjoyable and less exhausting.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best golf bag shoulder strap, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure your investment is worthwhile. In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through the key features to examine when selecting a reliable and comfortable strap.

Comfort and padding are two of the most important factors to look at when choosing a shoulder strap. Thick and well-padded straps will provide a comfortable carrying experience, reducing stress on your shoulders and back. Adjustability is crucial, as you need a strap that fits your body correctly, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed.

Another element to take into account is durability. The materials used in construction play a significant role in the strap’s lifespan. Opt for straps made from high-quality materials such as nylon or polyester, as they can withstand wear and tear.

Apart from the strap itself, it’s wise to consider additional accessories that could improve your golf bag organization, such as a Golf Tee Holder for your Golf Bag or an external putter holder like the Best Putter Holder For Golf Bag. These attachments can increase your convenience on the course, speeding up the game.

Lastly, you should think about the golf bag’s protection from unpredictable weather conditions. A golf bag rain cover is an excellent investment to shield your clubs from the elements, such as moisture and dust. Keep this in mind when evaluating a shoulder strap, as some models may come with built-in rain protection.

By taking these factors into account when selecting your golf bag shoulder strap, you’ll ensure a comfortable, well-organized, and protected experience on the course.

Best Golf Bag Shoulder Straps

We have gathered a list of the best golf bag shoulder straps, ensuring comfort and quality for your next round on the green.

LZFAN Golf Bag Shoulder Strap, Single Padded Adjustable Straps Universal Replacement All in Black

LZFAN Golf Bag Shoulder Strap

We highly recommend the LZFAN Golf Bag Shoulder Strap for golfers seeking a comfortable, adjustable, and durable strap for their golf bags.


  • Easy on and off with secure swivel clips
  • Soft, breathable, and fully adjustable for comfort
  • Non-slip design and universal fit for various bags


  • Potential for metal clips to scratch bag
  • Heavier than some competing straps
  • Limited color options (only available in black)

We recently used the LZFAN Golf Bag Shoulder Strap, and we were impressed by its ease of attachment to our golf bag, thanks to the premium metal swivel clips. As we carried our bag around the course, the soft breathable cloth made for a comfortable experience. Additionally, the strap is fully adjustable, fitting a wide range of golfer heights.

The non-slip design of the dual clasps was another standout feature. The clasps stayed stable and did not change the length of the shoulder strap as the weight of our golf bag shifted. Moreover, the strap’s universal fit is a significant advantage, making it compatible with most luggage, bags, briefcases, duffels, or equipment.

While we enjoyed using the LZFAN Golf Bag Shoulder Strap, there are a few minor drawbacks. The metal clips may potentially scratch your golf bag, so be cautious when attaching or detaching the strap. The strap is also heavier than some competing products, but the high-quality aluminum alloy material adds to its overall durability and can support weights up to 18 kilograms. Finally, the color options are limited, as it is only available in black.

Overall, we found the LZFAN Golf Bag Shoulder Strap to be a reliable and comfortable option for golfers seeking to replace their bag’s strap. Its features such as secure swivel clips, soft breathable cloth, and non-slip design make it a worthy addition to your golfing equipment.

Intech Single Adjustable Golf Bag Padded Shoulder Strap Replacement, Black

Intech Single Adjustable Golf Bag Padded Shoulder Strap Replacement, Black

We highly recommend the Intech Single Adjustable Golf Bag Padded Shoulder Strap for its comfort, ease of use, and compatibility with most golf bags.


  • Comfortable extra-thick padding
  • Easy attachment with dual snap hooks
  • Suitable for a variety of golf bag types


  • Possible slippage of the clip thread
  • May not be an exact fit for some bags
  • Strap not available in multiple colors

After trying out the Intech golf bag shoulder strap, we appreciated its nearly 2-inch extra-thick padding that made carrying our golf bag much easier and more comfortable. This strap proves to be a convenient replacement for any damaged or uncomfortable straps on our current golf bag.

The dual heavy-duty metal snap hooks allowed us to quickly attach the strap to our golf bag. In cases where the lower hook may not be suitable, it can be removed and the strap can be attached using an existing 1.5-inch buckle down. This feature enhances the strap’s compatibility with a wide range of golf stand bags and cart bags.

The only drawback we experienced was occasional slippage of the clip thread. However, this issue can be resolved by replacing the clip with a carabiner or other suitable alternative. Additionally, although the strap may not be an exact fit for all golf bags, its adjustable nature allows it to work well with most models.

In conclusion, the Intech Single Adjustable Golf Bag Padded Shoulder Strap Replacement is a great investment for golfers seeking to enhance their comfort on the course. Its versatility with various golf bag types and its comfortable padding make it an ideal choice for anyone needing a new or replacement golf bag shoulder strap.

BIG TEETH Golf Bag Strap

BIG TEETH Golf Bag Strap

The BIG TEETH Golf Bag Strap is an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable, adjustable, and easy-to-use single padded shoulder strap replacement.


  • Quick installation with secure swivel clips
  • Thick padding for extra comfort
  • Adjustable length for various user preferences


  • Limited color options
  • May not be as durable as other high-end options
  • Not suitable for bags with unique attachment designs

We recently had the opportunity to try out the BIG TEETH Golf Bag Strap, and we were quite impressed with its performance. The quick installation process and secure swivel clips made it easy to attach to our golf bag without any hassle. We appreciated the 0.65-inch thick padding on the shoulder strap, providing increased comfort during our round on the course.

Furthermore, the adjustable shoulder strap, which ranges from 47.2 to 29.5 inches in length, allowed us to find the perfect fit for our individual needs. This versatility also makes the strap suitable for other luggage items such as briefcases and duffle bags. However, we did notice a limited range of color options, and some users may desire a more stylish design.

During our testing, we did not experience any durability issues, but it remains to be seen how well the strap holds up under long-term use. It’s essential to note that this strap may not be suitable for bags with unique attachment designs, so double-check your golf bag’s compatibility before purchasing.

Overall, we believe the BIG TEETH Golf Bag Strap is a reliable and affordable option for those looking to replace their golf bag’s worn-out or uncomfortable shoulder strap. With its thick padding, easy installation, and adjustable length, it’s a great addition to your golfing experience.

ZINZ Bag Shoulder Strap

ZINZ Bag Shoulder Strap

If you’re looking for a replacing or upgrading your golf bag strap, the ZINZ Bag Shoulder Strap is a well-designed and comfortable option worth considering.


  • Comfortable padded shoulder pad
  • Highly adjustable length
  • Durable design with quality materials


  • Shoulder pad might be slippery
  • Might take time to adjust
  • Color options might be limited

When we tested the ZINZ Bag Shoulder Strap, it provided a comfortable upgrade to our existing golf bag strap. The fixed shoulder pad is made of soft, breathable cloth, giving us relief from the usual digging and sliding experienced with other straps. Additionally, the shoulder pad remained in place, preventing any awkward adjustments during our golf rounds.

The adjustability of this strap is quite impressive, allowing us to easily accommodate a range of body heights. Thanks to its nylon material and dual balanced buckles, we could modify its length from 37 inches to 57 inches, catering to people between 1.5 meters and 1.8 meters tall. This feature enables an even distribution of weight on our shoulders, making our golf bags feel significantly lighter.

ZINZ has also ensured durability and stability in their design. We were pleased with the strap’s twist-lock-hooks made of solid, high-quality aluminum alloy, which can support the weight of up to 18 kg. This feature, coupled with its non-slip DUAL CLASPS, gave us confidence in the strap’s ability to maintain its length throughout our game – regardless of the bag’s contents.

While we found the ZINZ Bag Shoulder Strap to be a fantastic addition to our golf game, there were a few minor drawbacks. Some users might find the shoulder pad to be slippery, requiring adjustments now and then. Additionally, the strap might take some time to fine-tune its length to achieve the perfect fit. Lastly, the color options available may not suit everyone’s preferences.

Nevertheless, with its comfortable, highly adjustable, and durable design, the ZINZ Bag Shoulder Strap is a worthy consideration for upgrading or replacing your golf bag strap.

CRAFTSMAN GOLF Adjustable Waterproof Star Black Blue Golf Bag Backpack Straps Replacement

CRAFTSMAN GOLF Adjustable Waterproof Star Black Blue Golf Bag Backpack Straps Replacement

Ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable, adjustable, and waterproof golf bag shoulder strap.


  • Water-resistant nylon material
  • Comfortable padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Suits both men and women, regardless of height and weight


  • Requires 4 D rings on golf bag for compatibility
  • Golf bag not included
  • Not designed with specific preferences for ladies

We had a great experience with the CRAFTSMAN GOLF Adjustable Waterproof Star Black Blue Golf Bag Backpack Straps Replacement. This strap is made of water-resistant nylon material, which ensures that it will endure different weather conditions. The padding on the shoulder straps is thick and comfortable, making it a great alternative to the standard straps on many golf stand bags.

The straps are adjustable, providing a suitable fit for everyone, regardless of height or weight. This makes it an excellent choice for both men and women. However, before purchasing, ensure your golf bag has 4 D rings, as this strap cannot be attached otherwise.

One downside we experienced was its general design and fit, which may not cater to the specific preferences of ladies. The rings may sometimes dig into the shoulder blades, causing discomfort.

Overall, the CRAFTSMAN GOLF Adjustable Waterproof Star Black Blue Golf Bag Backpack Straps Replacement is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable, comfortable, and versatile strap for their golf bag.

Mytag Golf Bag Cross Straps Replacement

Mytag Golf Bag Cross Straps Replacement

We highly recommend the Mytag Golf Bag Cross Straps Replacement for its easy installation, comfortable fit, and durable materials.


  • Quick installation on most golf bag brands
  • 4-point dual shoulder strap for even weight distribution
  • Adjustable length with swivel hooks for a perfect fit


  • May not be suitable for oversized or irregularly shaped bags
  • Load capacity limited to 60 pounds
  • Black color may not match all bag styles

We recently tried the Mytag Golf Bag Cross Straps Replacement, and it was a breeze to install on our Taylormade and Callaway golf bags. The adjustable straps with swivel hooks provided a perfect fit, even for different golfer heights. The 4-point dual shoulder straps evenly distributed the weight across our shoulders, making it much more comfortable to carry heavier bags across the golf course.

The high-quality aluminum alloy material and canvas straps made the product feel solid and durable, capable of supporting golf bags up to a 60-pound weight limit. However, we did notice that the all-black color option might not match all golf bag styles, so be aware of this minor limitation before purchasing. The straps also might not be the best fit for oversized or irregularly shaped bags, but they worked well on most standard-sized bags.

Overall, the Mytag Golf Bag Cross Straps Replacement provides a comfortable, convenient, and reliable solution for golfers looking for better support while carrying their bags. With its easy installation, adjustable fit, and durable materials, we think this product is a great addition to any golfer’s gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace a golf bag shoulder strap?

To replace a golf bag shoulder strap, first, remove the existing strap by unbuckling or detaching any clips. Next, find a replacement shoulder strap that fits your golf bag. Make sure to choose one for the proper compatibility with your Best Value Golf Bag. After securing the replacement strap, attach it to the bag using the provided clips or buckles. Finally, adjust the strap length to your preference for comfortable carrying.

Are double straps compatible with cart bags?

Double straps can be compatible with cart bags, depending on the design of the bag itself. Many bags have attachment points for both single and double straps, allowing users to customize their carrying preferences. However, it is essential to check your specific cart bag model for compatibility before purchasing a double strap. If double straps are compatible, they can provide increased comfort and balance while carrying your bag on the course.

How do I attach a new shoulder strap to my golf bag?

Attaching a new shoulder strap to your golf bag involves a few steps. Begin by locating the attachment points on your golf bag where the existing strap connects. Next, remove the current strap if it is still connected. Once removed, align the new shoulder strap with the attachment points on the bag. Secure the strap to the attachment points using the clips or buckles provided. Ensure the strap is correctly attached and will not come loose during use. Finally, adjust the strap length to suit your height and carrying preference for optimal comfort.

LongBombs Golf Final Say

In conclusion, no matter the type of golfer you are, looking for a comfortable and durable golf bag shoulder strap can be very daunting, look no further! We’ve done the research and found the best options available to make your time on the course more enjoyable and less exhausting. With features such as thick padding, adjustable length, and secure swivel clips, these straps will have you feeling like a pro. Plus, don’t forget to consider additional accessories like a Golf Tee Holder or a golf bag rain cover to take your game to the next level. So, get ready to hit the links with your new and improved golf bag shoulder strap.


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