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Best Putter Holder For Golf Bag – External golf bag clips and attachments for putters

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For any golf lover, your golf clubs are one of your most valuable possessions. We know how it feels to your entire body when you hear the most expensive clubs bang up against each other. It is better to be safe than sorry, so this is why we have picked to review the best putter holder for golf bag.

The putter holders separate the putter from the rest of the bag so that the club heads do not scuff up against each other. Even with the best golf head cover sets, you still run a risk of damaging your clubs.

These putter holders can be mounted externally as well as internally on your golf bag depending upon the need. These putter holders are sturdy, well-designed, and easy to install. They also all offer great value for money. You really cannot go wrong with any of these best putter holders for your golf bag. You can check out our best putter under $200 here. 

1. Horne Golf Mighty Putter Clip Holder


Our favorite putter holder for golf bag

Horne Golf Mighty Putter clip holder is our favorite pick because of its extremely easy-to-install design. This mighty putter is suitable for cart golf bags with the golf grips pointing up. The putter attachment for the golf bag is our favorite pick out of the bunch.

The putter clip is equipped with two installation rings so that you may easily attach it to any golf bag. The putter clip is made using heavy-duty Nylon, which is more durable than the ordinary golf bag putter clips.

Horne Golf Mighty Putter Clip Holder is also suitable for small bags or those having bulky or fat grips. The attachments are great and sturdy and make sure that it never falls off the cart. You can simply grab it and go. 

The mighty golf putter clip is a great option for those having difficulty bending over and taking out the accessories from the golf bag because they are not close enough.


  • Works great for small cart bags as well as large bags
  • Suitable for fat and over-sized grips
  • Two installation rings for easy installation
  • Made up of a high-strength material

2. JEF World of Golf Premium Golf Putter Holder


Cheapest putter holder for golf bag

JEF World of Golf JR138 Premium Golf Putter Holder is another external putter attachment which can easily be attached and detached from your golf bag. The holder will securely hold your putter in place and allow you to access the golf bag conveniently.

Those having back strain should buy this golf putter holder to avoid bending over and grabbing the putter from the bag every time. 

JR138 Premium Golf Putter Holder has sturdy built with a nice design. You can also use it for your ball retriever or also use it internally to prevent the clubs from banging with each other like the best golf headcovers.

However, this clip is a bit loose. It does not fit securely when used with a putter head up, which is certainly a downside to this product.

The putter shaft is quite thin, so you don’t usually find your putter secure. But overall, JR138 Premium Golf Putter Holder offers great value for money and keeps the club heads secure and safe. 


  • Well-built and sturdy putter holder
  • Easy to install and remove
  • It can also be used internally to keep the club heads securely
  • It comes with a nice design
  • Best for those having back strain


  • The putter shaft is very thin, so it does not hold the putter securely

3. Golf Putter Clip Golf Bag Clip on Putter Clamp Holder


Best clip on putter holder for golf bag

If you are looking for a cool well-built black-colored putter to complement your golf bag, this putter clip is the best bet. The external putter attachment is made up of a high-quality plastic material that is sturdy and durable. The installation is simple and easy.

You can conveniently clip the holder to the golf bag to hold the putter safely. Each pack contains two clips which can also be used inside the golf bag to prevent damage to the clubs and organize your expensive golf clubs nicely.

The clip has a versatile design, and it can fit any place in your golf bag. It is easy to remove and replace and can be used internally as well as externally. It is perfect for those golf players who use wide-grips putters. It is great if you keep the cart bag or stand bag.

However, this putter clip is not suitable for the carrying bag. Overall, these putter clips offer great value for money at a very low price.


  • Two clips at a very affordable price
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • It can be used internally as well as externally
  • Best for wide grip putters


  • Not suitable for a carrying bag

4. Amy Sport Golf Club Bag Clips On Putter Clamp Holder Organizer


Best attachable putter holder for golf bag

Here is another affordable yet reasonable putter clip in our list of best putter clips for golf bags. It is a pack of clips that contains 3 sturdy clips. All the bag clips are made of sturdy plastic, which offers great durability. They come in stunning black color and a well-built design. The clips are easy to install and securely hold the putter in your golf bag.

You can hang these clips internally as well as externally. Hang your ball bag or keep your clubs or golf rods securely using these putter clips. Also, you can also use multiple putter clamp holders in your golf cart to add great convenience for all of your clubs.

The clips are lightweight and easy to install. All in all, they prove to be a great versatile choice at a very reasonable price.


  • Multiple clips come in a package
  • Well-built black-colored holders
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • The clips are tight, so there is always a fear of snapping

5. JP LANN Best Golf Bag Putter Holder


Best polymer putter holder for golf bag

Here is another useful putter holder you can buy for your golf bag. It is lightweight, well-designed, and easy to install. This putter holder also works great and can securely hold your golf bag, golf ball bag, or clubs.

The holder also features a unique little hook on the bottom, which is not usually seen in ordinary putter holders. This hook holds the holder in place.

This golf bag putter holder is made up of strong polymer, but it does not prove to be as durable as it is expected to be. The design and functionality win our hearts, but the build does not stand the test of time.

It sometimes can fall off, so if you are looking for a win-win option, this putter holder may not meet your expectations. However, it is a good choice from the price point of view.


  • Well-designed and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Features a unique, useful hook at the bottom


  • The material is fragile
  • The putter holder keeps coming off

6. GolfJOC Golf Putter Holder plus accessories

Best multi-tool putter holder for golf bag

If you are looking for a multifunctional caddy, then GolfJOC, the US Patented 4 in 1 accessory tool, is worth the look. This 4 in 1 putter hold is versatile and can add great convenience to your experience. It can be used as a Cigar holder, golf putter holder, golf wedges holder, or a divot repair tool. The patented US putter holder keeps your rods, wedges, and clubs safe and secure so that you may be able to retrieve them very easily.

The unique design easily fits the golf bag and can securely hold different putters. You can use this putter holder at various places like picnics, golf, or other events and utilize it as a cigar holder while enjoying cigars in outdoor events. It keeps the cigar clean and dry.

This unique patented tool can easily slide onto your belt buckle and proves to be a cool gift for golfers, fishermen, or for your dad on the coming father’s day. Overall, it is a value-added golf accessory and will definitely grab your attention because of its versatility.   

Check out more of our golf cart cigar holders here!


  • 4 in 1 accessory tool
  • Versatile and multipurpose
  • Unique and well-built design
  • Holds the putter securely.


  • It is bulkier than other holders

7. Dwawoo Golf Club Putter Clip Holder with ball markers


Best putter holder for golf bag with ball markers

Dwawoo Golf Club Clip is the sturdiest putter clip in our list of best golf bag putter clips. The clip is made up of high-strength plastic, which is stiff and stable and has stood the test of time. It is a perfect choice for everyday use and is extremely easy to install. You can hang it easily on the side of your golf bag and enjoy your game without worry.

Dwawoo Golf Club Clip is a useful gift for golf lovers. It comes in a pack of 5 pcs, which can be used for multiple purposes. The clips prevent your clubs from damage and prove to be the ideal putting partner.

In addition, it comes with a warranty so that you can buy this sturdy putter clip confidently. Overall, it is a great bet if you are looking for a high-quality putter clip with a sturdy and durable ball marker.


  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Easy to install
  • It comes in a pack of 5 pcs
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It comes with a warranty

8. Halo Golf Ball Pickup/Putter Holder Combo


Best combo putter holder for golf bag

Halo Golf Ball, a pickup/putter holder, is another versatile tool manufactured for your convenience. The multipurpose holder can pick up golf balls, pick up flagsticks, and can be used as a divot tool. The holder can fit any size grip, so it does not matter what type of putter you have. The clip comes with two rings, making the clip’s installation easier on the golf bag.

Halo Golf Ball Pickup/Putter Holder has a unique design different from the ordinary golf bag putter holders. It can hold any type of putter securely on the golf bag. It is also well-built, lightweight, and durable so that you can buy it with full confidence.

It is made up of high-strength spring-grade steel. The material is nickel-plated, making it more durable and stands the test of time.


  • Nickel-plated spring steel grade holder
  • Versatile and multipurpose
  • Unique design and built.
  • Easy to install
  • It comes with two rings for installation

9. Bluecell 6pcsr Golf Bag Clip on Putter Holder


Most valuable putter holder for golf bag

Here is another handy golf accessory that will definitely grab your attention. It is a great bag clip for oversized grips. The pack contains six pcs of bag clips which are sturdy and well-built.

The clips are best for everyday use. I, myself, am using this putter holder, and it proves to be a great companion during the play.

The holder works great. It is easy to install, fits almost all golf bags, and is suitable for putters of all sizes, especially oversized ones. However, the clasps are quite hard, so beware because they may pull on some of your grips. But overall, it has great functionality, design, and performance at a reasonable price which makes it a considerable choice for those looking for an affordable putter holder.


  • Six pcs set at affordable price
  • Best for over-sized grips
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Best for everyday use


  • The clasps are very hard

How should I organize my standard golf bag?

It is critical to organize the golf bag appropriately because you might need to retrieve your clubs and golf accessories quickly in order to play well. So, here is a quick guide on how you should organize your golf bag. You can also click here to find out what all you need for a round of golf!

Golf bags are of two types, i.e., those you carry while walking, and the latter are those carried by the golf cart while you ride. There is a difference in the design of both bags. The hand-carry bag has a handle on the front, while the cart bag does not normally have a handle for easy carrying.

Step#1: Organizing the clubs

Most of the cart bags have multiple segments, so organizing the clubs is rather easy and safe. The general rule suggests that you should place the tallest club at the back and the shortest at the front segment the way that the club heads are inclined towards you.  

Step#2: Organizing Other Accessories

Your golf bag may contain other accessories as well, like woods, long and short irons, ball retrievers, wedges and putter, etc. You usually have numerous compartments in your cart bag, so there is a lot of room in it, and you can organize all the accessories wisely so that no one gets damaged or scuffed.

Some cart bags come with 15 separate sections for 14 clubs and ball retrievers. However, some do not have so many compartments. So, it is not always necessary to keep all your clubs in the cart bag. Most of the bags are provided with a sleeve on the side to carry an umbrella. So, if you carry one, you can place it in the side sleeve.

Step#3: Arrange other items

Golf stand bags are equipped with front and side pockets where you can keep your frequently used items like tees, extra balls, cleaning and maintenance tools, divot tools, etc. Make sure that you place the important items in easily accessible pockets. Be sure to have one of the best golf bag rain covers on hand so that you can keep your clubs dry in the event of unexpected rain!

Where does putter go in a golf bag? 

The best place to put your putter in the golf bag is the front or center sections. Some bags have a separate sleeve for the putter. If you have one in your bag and have been wondering what that slot was for, now you know that you can conveniently place the putter in it.


Why do some golf bags have 15 dividers?

Some of the best value golf bags have 15 separate compartments or dividers. The compartments keep each club safe and secure. The clubs are also easily retrievable during a fast-paced round. Fifteen dividers are used to put fourteen golf clubs, while the last one can be used to put the ball retriever. You can only have a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag at all times

Where do you put a putter?

Soft golf cart bags have a separate compartment to place putters. If there is one in your bag, then placing the putter safely there is not a problem.

However, if you do not have a separate putter compartment in your golf bag, then you can put it in any pocket. The golf bags usually have pockets for tees and balls on the front so that you can place the putter in those pockets. It is better to put it on the right side because right side compartments are easily accessible, or you can keep the putter as the last club in your bag.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

Golf is a fast-paced game, and the excitement continues when you have all the important accessories organized in your golf bag so you may be able to retrieve them quickly and efficiently.

We hope our best putter holders for golf bags will add more convenience to your golfing and help you keep your clubs and golf accessories safe. 


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