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What do you need to play a round of golf?

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A general rule of thumb is that your first experience with any activity can be complicated and scary, and a round of golf is not an exception.

For the experienced players who have been playing the game for decades, complacency can creep in, so that even from time to time, they can forget something very easily.

Golfing is a stylish sport with tons of fancy gear and special equipment. In this detailed article, we’ll share with you the different types of golf balls, golf tees, and accessories to equip yourself with, coupled with every other thing you need to play your first round of golf while avoiding unnecessary complications. Also, I would recommend getting a visor to protect your head and ears from the sun. You can get the best golf visors for men here. 

The proper golf clothing

So, what do you wear to the golf course? When it comes to golfing, the dress codes vary these days, especially as most facilities have eased up on the dress code to avoid coming across as being too “heavy.”

As a beginner, I’d recommend blending in with the right attire. For instance, men wear collared shirts, often tucked into shorts or slacks. Learn the difference between the golf shirt vs polo shirt.  I’d avoid denim because most golf courses look down upon that piece of clothing.

For women, golf fashion seems to be blessed with several options to pick from. You don’t have to try hard to fit in. You can wear slacks, crops, shorts, capris are all very stylish options. Ladies can also wear dresses, shorter pants, and skirts. The attire is basically endless!

So, explore the different options and express yourself on the course. Whether it’s the big box brands such as Adidas down to the smaller boutiques within the industry, one truth remains unchanged: all these brands offer clothes that will fit the golf attire.

What Golf Equipment do you need?

What are the essentials? When it’s time to play a round of golf, what are those golfing tools you’ll need to hit the green? For starters, you’ll need:

Golf Balls

There are different golf balls. Typically, they come in varying pieces. Usually, golfers will use two-piece golf balls, though it’s crucial to always opt for something that suits your swing.  

Slower Swing

  • One-Piece Golf Balls
  • Two-Piece Golf Balls

Mid-Range Swing

  • Three-Piece Golf Ballsk

Learn more about our best golf balls for slow swing speeds here!

Selecting the right ball

The number of balls depends on how many you’ll lose in a round of golf. If you’re a beginner or you rarely lose two or more sleeves, then I recommend buying balls that cost roughly $20 a dozen.

However, if you can’t pick between brands, putt a few to see how they come off the putter. Thus, when you reduce the number of balls you lose to three or four, you can buy balls that slightly cost more.

So, in simple terms, when it comes to investing in golf balls, on a sliding scale, the amount you can invest depends solely on a reduced number of lost balls per round. If you are feeling lucky that day, you can bust out the ProV1x’s. Just make sure to put them away before you lose too many!

The bottom line is, choosing a ball can be daunting because many golf ball manufacturing brands put out similar features. They are either the softest balls or the longest you’ll get in a pro shop.

Both beginners and experienced golfers need to understand that their skill levels, ball flights, and swing speeds, more than anything else, are factors to consider before opting for any ball.

Don’t buy expensive golf balls just yet if you still find it difficult to keep the golf ball in play during the golf round. Making an informed choice will help you a lot, and save you a lot of money.


No matter how good you think you are – if you’ve got the wrong equipment, playing to your optimal best will be next to impossible.

But do you need to empty your wallet just because you’re trying to get the best club? Of course not! It would be best to prioritize perfecting your skills but doing it with minimal expense. There’ll come a time when going after the premium products won’t be a bad idea, but first, you need to prioritize learning the basic fundamentals of golf.

How many golf clubs do you need? Well, you only need a few golf clubs to play your first round of golf. So, start with a sand wedge, a putter, a driver, and complement them with a six-iron, an eight iron, or a fairway wood, a pitching wedge, or a hybrid that has 18 to 21 degrees of loft.

These highlighted clubs are the most forgiving, especially for beginners. They are also easier to get airborne. Also, look out for the titanium drivers for less than $60 and putters that cost less than that online, though there are pro shops that offer used racks at a discounted rate.

You are allowed to use 14 clubs during a game. Meanwhile, the golf tools you opt for should be based on your height. Study the chart below to know the right golf clubs before your next round of golf.

Check out our best clone golf clubs here. 


  • Taller than 6’1” – ¼”-2” over standard
  • Shorter than 5’5 – ¼” – 2” shorter than standard
  • 5’5” to 6’1” – Standard


  • Shorter than 5’7” – ¼” to 2” shorter than standard
  • Taller than 5’3” – Men’s Standard or ¼” to 2” over than standard
  • 5’3” to 5’7” – Standard

Quick Facts:  The golf club numbers correlate with the angular design of the golf club’s face. The higher the number on the club, the more loft the club’s face has, and the less distance the golf ball will travel with it.


For shorter approach shots, you can grab any of the preferred wedges. The different types of wedges include gap wedge, lob wedge, pitching wedge, and sand wedge. All wedges are for your short game. You should practice with these clubs the most.


Putters come in different shapes and sizes. They are used for final strokes. The final strokes most of the time always occur exactly on the putting green. There are a few instances where the players will hole the ball out from the fairway or the fringe, but you need to be comfortable with your putter before any other club!


Irons are the number golf clubs with angled faces and small clubheads. These clubs are ideal for tee shots or shots from the fairway. The lower the number, the less loft of the club.


Drivers should be used during our initial stroke off the tee. These clubs are made from durable metal and cover a long distance. This is your long bombs showoff club!


Traditionally, mounds of sand were used to help prop golf balls. However, the tee has evolved, thus making it easier for beginners and professionals alike. Most tees are designed off of plastic or wood. They also come in four lengths:

  • 2 1⁄8”
  • 2 3⁄4”
  • 3 1⁄4”
  • 4”

An ideal tee works best for your swing. The tee has to offer you comfortability and be good enough to adapt to your swing, though if you are in doubt, opt for combo packs that have the needed sizes.

Tees will only be functional when hitting right within the tee box and not on the fairway. You are not allowed to tee the ball up on the fairway.

Tees are also needed for picking the grass whenever you make a nice divot on your approach shot. Interestingly, most golf clubs provide complimentary tees with a paid round of golf, but most of the time it is only 3 of them, which break by the 9th hole.

Ball Markers

To know where to take the next shot, ball markers are used to place the golf ball. Most of the time ball markers are used on the greens.

A marker can be a tee, metal disc, a coin, or sometimes, a poker chip. Before professional players lift the ball, the marker is placed behind it.

Don’t worry, and it’s not illegal, so you won’t be penalized even if you accidentally move the marker when marking the ball or lifting it.

When it comes to playing golf, you can never be too prepared. This is why it’s important to have plenty of extra tees or ball markers in your golf bag.


When purchasing the right golf gloves, understand that you’ll only be wearing them on your non-dominant hand. This means, if your right hand is your dominant hand, then the glove will be worn on your left hand and vise versa. There’s nothing much to it, other than that.

You’ll appreciate bringing both gloves as you can change into a new one when the glove gets too sweaty. Also, having extras won’t hurt. Grab you one of the best golf glove wallets to keep your glove lasting a long time!

Do you still have room in your bag?

If you’ve got space in your golf bag, there are a few other essentials to make sure you churn out great points during your first round of golf. So, put these “extras” in your bag to have the best possible game.

Divot Tool

A divot tool is fairly a turf that gets destroyed after a high approach shot into a soft green. However, you can fix this by using a divot repair tool. Most of the time these are paired with ball markers.

Rule book

Many Golf Associations update their official rules on a yearly basis to ensure that you’re not involved in any arguments on the course. The rules are always changing, be sure to invest in a rulebook before every season. (Or do your research!) In the end, it’s just a game. You can always use your phone to lookup any rules needed. Dont forget one of the best golf power banks!

Stocking a Golf Bag

First you need to check out the best ladies golf bags here! For beginners creating an amazing experience by playing a round of 18 for the first time, properly stocking up your golf bag is an essential process. Just as we’ve pointed out earlier, you can fill your bag with several items that aren’t necessarily classified as golf equipment. To begin, make a detailed list of your typical necessities before going to the fairly important “extras.”

  • First, visit a pro shop and take a look around. These stores are equipped with different tools you’ll need to take along with you to the golf course. The objective is to stock up on essential on-course accessories and, of course, golf balls and clubs. Anything you need from this article.
  • Golf clubs? Check! Golf balls? Check! Your golf shoes? Double-check! Are golf shoes worth it? By the way, some golf courses don’t have rules that make wearing soft spiked golf shoes a must. But before getting these tools, especially the golf clubs, let the sales rep match you up with the appropriate one that suits your skill sets and size.
  • Acquire the vital accessories. For instance, get your Tees, head covers, and divot repair tools. Reiteratively, tees are important to help enhance your game, and they come in different lengths. But it’s best to stock up on the long and short tees, as course and weather conditions may alter the condition of the gaming scenarios.
  • Finally, it would be best if you stocked up on accessories that are vital to your first round of the game, though those that’ll serve you better on the golf course – and that often includes a water bottle, umbrella holder for your golf cart, first-aid kit (who knows what might happen on the course?), ball markers, and bug spray.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

You should also ask yourself: Should I get golf lessons? While learning to be a great player, for now, you can step on the golf course with the aura of an experienced golfer. With these tricks and tips, we’ve highlighted above, you’ll show up to your next round of golf looking like a pro. 


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