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Golf Glove Holder – Best cases, pouches, and sleeves for your glove wallet keeper

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If you play golf regularly during the summer, you know how sweaty and dirty your golf glove can get. Your golf glove helps you control your swing. After all, your glove keeps your hand from slipping off the club and ensures proper gripping power in each shot, so it is an important golf accessory to have during your round. However, sometimes we don’t always take care of our gloves as well as we should, and can always be better! With the right golf glove holder in place, you can keep not only your glove looking new but also extend its life span significantly! Saving you money and time in the long run! 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best cases, pouches and sleeves that will make sure you get more out of your investment when it comes to golf gloves. Read on to find out which ones are the best options on the market today!

Buying Guide – What to look for when choosing the best golf glove holder

What are the benefits of using a golf glove holder

Using a golf glove holder is one of the best ways to ensure that your glove lasts a long time and stays in great condition. A golf glove holder not only helps protect the integrity of your glove, but it also makes it easier to access when you’re ready to play. Here are some of the main benefits of using a golf glove holder:

No more crinkly golf gloves

One major benefit of using a golf glove holder is that it prevents your gloves from getting crinkled up in your golf bag. When you store them in the proper way (like in their respective holders), they won’t get smashed or creased like they would if they were just thrown in with other items, or put into a pocket/bag without protection. This will keep them looking better for longer!

Easier access

Another great thing about having individual holders for each pair is that you don’t have to search through multiple pockets or bags before finding what you need – all your gloves are organized and easy to find at once!

Storage Options

Cost-efficient and durable storage options are important. Golf gloves can be expensive, so investing in something that will help preserve them makes sense. With an individualized holder, each pair will enjoy its own dedicated protection which helps reduce wear and tear on each individual one. Plus, these holders last much longer than any other kind due to their unique construction material which ensures maximum durability over time!

Overall, having individualized holders for each pair is an essential part of preserving the quality and life span of your precious golfing gear – so utilizing this simple accessory definitely has its advantages!


How long will my golf glove last?

The longevity of your golf glove depends on the type, quality, and how well the glove is maintained. A good leather golf glove can easily last up to 20 rounds of play if taken care of properly. To make sure your glove lasts its full lifespan, it’s important that you regularly clean and condition the glove after each use. Store your gloves in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving them exposed to direct heat or cold. When putting on or taking off the glove, never pull or stretch the material; rather than making an effort to break in a golf glove, just let it naturally soften with wear over time.

Does a golf glove keeper or wallet really work?

Absolutely! A golf glove keeper is an excellent accessory for any golfer. It provides the perfect combination of protection and convenience, so you can keep your glove in pristine condition when it’s not in use. The glove keeper works by using a special snap-closure or velcro, which keeps your glove snugly secured while preventing rain, sweat, and dirt from getting to the material of your glove, ultimately extending its life span.

How do I care for my golf glove holder?

Make sure it stays free of debris (grass, dirt, mud, etc). Also, you want to keep the holder with plenty of air circulation to keep it from smelling. If you do happen to get it dirty, you can scrub it with some old-fashioned soap and water. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub the hard-to-reach places. Learn more on how to clean your golf glove here.

8 best golf glove holders of 2023

1.     Stripebird – Golf Performance Glove Holder Case

Overall best golf glove holder

The Stripedbird Golf Glove Holder Case is the perfect way to store your golf gloves. The case allows you to store your gloves easily and keep them flat and dry. The high-quality mesh back helps aerate your gloves and prevent them from retaining moisture. The key to long-lasting golf gloves is to air them out for as long as possible. The case also has an inner pocket that is perfect for storing smartphones and keys. The pocket is also great for storing other valuables during a round of golf. The heavy-duty carabiner ensures that the case will not move or fall off during your game. Tired of hanging your golf glove on your cart to air it out? Grab this golf glove holder case and enjoy your next summer round much more!

2.     Platypus golf glove holder case

Best value golf glove holder case

The Platypus golf glove holder is one of the best golf glove cases on the market. It contains a plastic holder that helps maintain the shape of your gloves and prevents them from wrinkling. It basically comes with two layers of protection to keep your gloves looking pristine. It also has airflow holes that help dry your gloves. 

The hard case golf accessories organizer features a large mesh pocket that can comfortably and securely hold phones, keys, and other golfing and non-golfing essentials. Gartered slots inside the golf glove storage provide secure storage for golf tees, divot tools, and ball markers. A sewn-in carabiner clip allows you to attach this golf travel case to your bag or belt loop for easy access.

3.     HOW TRUE 2 Pcs Golf Gloves

Best frame for your golf glove

Looking for a way to keep your golf gloves in shape? Look no further than the HOW TRUE 2 Pcs Golf Gloves! These golf glove holders work well with all athletic gloves and are suitable for most sizes. They’re easy to clip to the clothesline or golf bag, and they even come with a bonus – 3 colors to choose from! Yellow, Red, and White!

The glove holder fits best on men’s or women’s golf gloves that are sizes S, M, or L. Anything smaller or larger, the reviews say it will not fit or function properly. There are very few complaints and these gloves really work great to keep your golf gloves in shape and air out any sweat accumulated during the round. 

4.     CreateG Golf Glove Waist Velcro Loop Holder

Best waist holder

Looking for a way to keep your golf glove handy while you play? Look no further than the CreateGolf Glove Waist Velcro Loop Holder. This high-quality product features metal lobster clasps that attach to your belt or golf bag with ease, as well as a tenacious velcro band that will keep your glove where you need it when you need it.

Additionally, the CreateGolf Glove Waist Velcro Loop Holder comes in a set of two, so you can keep one at home and one in your bag. And if that’s not enough, the holder also reduces scuff marks and odor from your clothing, making it one of the best golf accessories for any golfer.

5.     Zero Friction Golf Glove Wallet

Best glove wallet

The Zero Friction Golf Glove Wallet is the perfect way to organize and protect your golf gloves. The wallet features six nylon dividers to keep your gloves clean and feeling brand new. The breathable mesh Lycra material at the base of the wallet promotes air circulation, keeping your gloves dry. The golf glove holder also includes a built-in tee pouch with ten bonus zero friction 3″ power tees. The wallet is crafted with supple sheepskin leather for superior comfort and durability. You can put up to 6 golf gloves in a wallet-style fashion, and after testing this, you can actually fit more than 6 golf gloves pretty comfortably

6.     Generic Golf Glove Holder Stretcher/Shaper Tool

Most versatile golf glove holder

Looking for a versatile golf glove holder that can also help with hand shaping? Look no further than the Generic Golf Glove Holder Stretcher/Shaper Tool. This handy tool is perfect for both right and left-handed golfers, as well as other sports who use golf gloves and need to keep them in good shape. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, while the durable construction ensures lasting performance. It’s made of quality, durable material and is very resistant to deformation. You can install this on any best value golf bag. Plus, you can efficiently use the glove holder to hold the perfect glove shape after cleaning. The holders are easy to put the gloves on and take them off. These best golf accessories prevent the glove from wrinkling in the golf bag.

7.     EGG PRO Golf Glove Loop Holder – 2Pcs

Best loop golf glove holder

EGG PRO Golf Glove Loop Holder is the perfect way to keep your gloves close at hand and avoid losing them on the golf course. The high-quality metal lobster clamps let you easily attach the golf gloves to your belt or golf bag, and the loops on the back of the holder make it easy to hang gloves in the bag after play. This convenient holder is also great for drying gloves out after a round. With each EGG PRO golf glove loop holder comes extra features than a standard holder. You can use both sides of the loop, which means it’s easy to store two golf gloves for those extra hot summer days.

8.     Steez Golf Glove Holder and Accessory Case Organizer 

Best golf accessory case

Looking for an easy way to organize all of your golf cart accessories? Look no further than the Steez Golf Glove Holder and Accessory Case Organizer. This case comes with everything you need to keep your essentials close at hand, including golf tees, ball markers, divot tools, and more. A sewn-in carabiner clip also allows you to attach the case to your bag or belt loop for easy access.

But that’s not all – the Steez Golf Glove Holder and Accessory Case Organizer also feature a hard EVA protective foam case with waterproof zippers. This ensures that your valuables are protected from the elements, whether you’re on the course or on the go. So don’t forget anything – grab the Steez Golf Glove Holder and Accessory Case Organizer today!

LongBombs Final Say:

To be honest, having a golf glove holder is a great way to protect your golf gloves and ensure that the club does not slip from your hand. It’s incredibly practical and convenient to have one. On hot summer days, you can air out your glove while still staying within the safety of its holder. Not only this, but the holder can also be used for storage or as decoration for when you want to show off what an avid golfer you are. Furthermore, regardless of how expensive or inexpensive it is, a golf glove holder will be beneficial to anyone who loves playing golf. We believe that everyone should invest in one for their own convenience! Get you one of these great golf glove holders today and make sure to keep those golf gloves looking brand new!


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