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Best Putter Under $200 – Cheap and Accurate Budget Putters That Wont Break the Bank

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Most golfers love putting because you can show off your skills without hitting the ball far. However, it requires you to buy a perfect putter, which gives you a technical advantage like a smooth stroke and a remarkable glide to make an accurate shot. It also requires you to practice, practice, practice. Putters can be very expensive, so in this article, we will discuss the best putter under $200.  

How to choose the best putter under 200?

To choose the best putter under $200, you need to take in many factors:

  • Style of Putter
  • Length of Putter
  • Head Type of Putter
  • Feel of Putter
  • Putter Grip

Buying a putter is challenging as several putters have different styles, shaft lengths, head types, and so on. So, let’s read down the lines about the best putter under $200, which will improve your game.

What putter do most pro golfers use?

The quality of a reasonable putter is its comfortable alignment, grip, and responsiveness. There are a lot of putters who meet the above requirements and successfully deliver improved performance. However, the pro golfers and the winners use top-rated putters, including Taylormade Spider X, widely popular and played putters in PGA and LPGA tours.

The winning golfers like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Jon Rahm chose to use Taylormade Spider X because it is very well-balanced and lines up very well. It features a considerately milled face, comfortable alignment, and optimum weight balance. Another great putter is the original Odyssey 2, popular worldwide for its forgiveness and responsiveness.

What is the proper putter length for your height?

The length of the putter is in relation to your height. If your height is between 5’8 to 6 inches, then a 34 or 34.5-inch putter is suitable, while if you are 6 feet or above, a 35-inch + putter is recommended. However, if you are taller than 6’4 or shorter than 5’6, you should buy a customized putter.

Do you need a putter cover? 

Yes! The putter is the most used club in the bag, and sometimes the most expensive. You want to protect it at all cost. You can find some of the coolest putter covers here!

1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

white hot putter under 200

Our best putter under $200

Odyssey is known to manufacture a long list of remarkable clubs and balls that help the best golfers of the world improve the quality of the game. The premium golf equipment company has made Odyssey white Hot pro 2.0 putter meet the demands of the world’s Golf winners. It is considerately designed to improve forgiveness and responsiveness across the face.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter features comfortable alignment leading to consistent performance. It is made by employing a laser milling insert cutting process which provides helpful details to the golfers. Moreover, it helps easy-to-hit straight shots, which deliver an optimum balance of distance, spin, and flight.

All in all, this putter is perfect for lag putting. (Click here to find out what is a lag putt) That is why it is one of the most used putters bought by pro golfers. It is far better than those putters you will have to spend a fortune for.


  • World’s widely used putter
  • Designed for precision and accuracy
  • Comfortable alignment for consistent performance
  • Large grip and long shaft is suitable for people with back pain
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2. Pinemeadow Golf PGX (Stand) Up Putter

pinemeadow stand up putter under $200

Best offbrand putter under $200

Here is another standalone putter which will grab your attention. The putter has a 34” height suitable for 5’8 to 6” height. It improves the game vividly and helps you make more puts smoothly. The milled face Pinemeadow Golf PGX Stand up putter is made with a perfectly balanced weight. The face is made with a cavity having two low-profile wing pods that help you maintain balance.

In addition, Pinemeadow Golf PGX (Stand) Up Putter has a stunning design and color scheme with a velvet-lined cover. The putters feel great in hand with a cool black look. Moreover, the grip is remarkable, and it is quite easy to line up with this putter. It comes with a lightweight shat, which is suitable for faster greens. This putter is great for beginners and pro golfers who want to improve their putting skills at a very reasonable price.


  • Stunning looks and striking color scheme
  • Lightweight putter with the perfect balance
  • Fantastic grip
  • Velvet lined headcover

3. Black Widow Blade - 100% Milled Premium Putter

black widdow blade putter under $200

Best milled putter under $200

Here is another great putter available at a very nominal price, and despite its very low price, it can deliver optimum performance and dramatically improve your game. The black widow blade has a milled face made of aero-grade stainless steel, which gives a great sound when you hit the ball. Moreover, the design and build make it durable and resilient enough to stand the test of time.

Black Widow Blade milled putter has a 365G head weight to create optimum balance, ensuring that you can make accurate strokes. In addition, it looks and feels great in the hands and is designed with a comfortable alignment so that you may be able to improve your game. This is a great putter for beginners and pro golfers who want to improve their putting skills at a very reasonable price.


  • Milled design
  • Creates optimum weight balance
  • Striking looks
  • Aero-grade steel made putter

4. TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Ardmore Putter

Taylor Made Budget Putter under $200

Best Taylor Made putter under $200

Taylormade Golf is another great golf equipment manufacturer which features innovative technology to improve your golf grip, consistency, accuracy, and overall performance. The company manufactures premium golf putters, and TP Patina Ardmore Putter 2 SB is one. The putter is made up of a new aluminum pure roll that offers durability and details that help improve your game.

TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Ardmore Putter 2 SB well-designed signature screws, innovative and adjustable weight system Kbs CT Tour Putter shaft made for perfect strokes. In addition, the putter has a remarkable grip which ensures improved performance. The uniflex chrome-colored putter loos striking and feels great in the hands. It has a 35-inch long shaft suitable for 5.8 to 6 foot-tall people.

Overall, TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Ardmore Putter 2 SB is a considerable bet when we look at the price and helps you improve your putting skills significantly. Check out our best indoor putting mats.


  • Premium golf putter
  • Optimum weight balance
  • The face is made up of durable aluminum
  • Oversized grip and long shaft
  • It is not painted

5. Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Odyssey Red Ball Putter under $200

Best mallet putter under $200

Odyssey Red ball putter is made for you looking for proper alignment and setup. It is made keeping the golfer’s concerns in mind, so it is the best of the bunch. Odyssey Red ball putters feature an intelligent design that allows you to position properly on the golf ball. Moreover, it is a forgiving mallet with great responsiveness and accuracy.

This club allows you to line up consistently, which is the most important skill. Moreover, the weight of this putter is great, so it gives you the confidence to strike smoothly and consequently improves your game.

The putter is designed with a high contrast red ball to improve alignment. In addition, it looks really pleasant and also feels the same in the hands.


  • World’s renowned brand
  • Offers exemplary alignment and consistency
  • Long shat with high-contrast looks
  • Ideal weight balance


6. Jamesmilr Topspin Putter

Jamesmilr Topspin putter

Best curved face putter under $200

If you search for a curved face putter, the AMESMILR TOPSPIN putter is a considerable choice. The putter is affordable yet remarkable and conforms to USGA rules. It is a short putting machine suitable for pro golfers and beginners to improve their putting skills. The putter allows the ball to roll smoothly and prevent hopping or skidding.

JAMESMILR TOPSPIN is a great gear to make easy strokes. It is made up of special ferrous alloy with a gooseneck painted striking black. The putter has a standard length that is suitable for almost all heights. The mallet-style face is suitable for accuracy and precision at the slower greens. No putter is better than JAMESMILR TOPSPIN Putter Mallet 2.


  • Suitable for easy strokes
  • Curved face mallet putter
  • Made up special ferrous alloy
  • It comes with a standard length

7. Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier Putter

cleveland golf budget putter under $200

Best HB Soft putter under $200

You want to play your game confidently, Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11 Slant 33″ RH putter can boost your poise. The putter is aesthetically very pleasant, featuring a grey satin PVC finish which looks stunning.

Also, the putter is equipped with an intelligent speed-optimized face technology that controls the speed of the ball across the face of the putter. The latest HB soft premier offers two grip options for a precise it.

In addition, Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11 has a diamond pattern milled face. This unique diamond pattern increases friction and produces a softer feel while the arc stroke type alloys golfers to strike the ball smoothly.

Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11 is a reasonable choice with all the value-added features a high-quality putter must possess.


  • It is aesthetically very pleasant
  • unique diamond pattern increases friction
  • grey satin PVC finish adding durability and good looks
  • Normalizes the speed of the ball with intelligent technology

8. JAMESMILR TOPSPIN Putter Blade 3 Easy Putter

Jamesmilr Blade Putter

Best scotty cameron look alike putter under $200

Here is another curved variant of the remarkable JAMESMILR TOPSPIN, which can make a considerable difference in your game. It is designed for golfers who play on faster greens. The blade shape putter is lightweight to strike faster shorts and ensure no skidding, hopping, or side-spinning.

The putter is reasonable and extraordinary and conforms to USGA rules. It is a short putting machine suitable for pro golfers and beginners to improve their putting skills.

It is made up of special ferrous alloy with a gooseneck painted striking black. The putter has a standard length that is suitable for almost all heights.


  • Designed for golfers who play on faster greens Curved face mallet putter
  • Made up special ferrous alloy
  • It comes with a standard length
  • lightweight putter strikes faster
  • long gooseneck

9. Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Seemore Black Mallet Putter

Best mini mallet putter under $200

You like blades and small mallets; the Seemore FGP Black Mallet putter is worth the look. The mallet putter comes with some great features that have made it a suitable choice. This mallet putter is made using cast 303 stainless steel heads with a high-quality milled face. It also features a patented RifleScope Technology, ensuring the comfortable alignment necessary to improve your putting skill.

See more FGP Black Mallet Putter is lightweight, stylish, and perfectly square, with perfect balancing. Moreover, the putter comes with a value-added headcover protecting its face from damage. Every golfer is different, so choosing a putter depends on personal preference and style, but Seemore FGP Black Mallet goes well with every winning golfer.


  • Head is made using cast 303 stainless steel
  • high-quality milled face
  • It comes with a headcover which prevents the head from damage
  • patented RifleScope Technology is used for accurate alignment


  • This putter is a bit heavy

10. Spider FCG Putter

Best mallet putter over $200

This one is just over the $200 price range. If you are a golfer with an arced stroke, then Spider FGC Putter #3 is the best bet for you under 200. The head of this putter contains only two-thirds of its total weight, which is quite beneficial for the arced stroke golfers.

This putter allows you to improve your putting because it is designed with front-edge alignment with a vertical line.

Spider FGC Putter produces a blade-like feel. The high-end putter uses the combination of forwarding CG and Pure Roll technology, which ensures that the ball stays on the intended line. The face is durable alloy steel with pleasing looks and stiff flex.

In addition, the adjustable sole weight allows the golfers to customize the performance according to their style.


  • Combination of forwarding CG and Pure Roll technology
  • Customize the performance
  • Lightweight face
  • Striking looks and durable built
  • The head is made up of durable alloy steel


What should I look for when buying a putter?

Buying a putter is a difficult task because there are many options available in the market, and it is probably a matter of personal preference and choice. However, certain considerations should be pondered over when buying a reasonable putter. Our quick buyer’s guide will help you to make a wise decision.


If you do not choose a putter with the right alignment, you will end up missing your targets, so it is highly recommended to choose a putter that makes you comfortable lining up with your target and gives you full confidence when you look down over the ball. You can practice this indoors using these golf mats!

Putter Head: Mallet or Blade

There are two types of putter heads, i.e., Mallet and blade. The mallet putter has a large head and more weight than the blade. This head gives you remarkable precision and accuracy on the slower greens. The blade head is suitable for faster greens because they are lightweight.

Length of Putter

Length is another significant factor that should be considered when buying a putter. Putters are categorized into three types according to length, i.e., long, belly, and traditional. The long-length putters are suitable for back pain because they reduce “wristiness.”

Putter Face

Putter face can be of various types. The metal face is the best choice because it makes the most vivid sound while hitting the ball.

Shafts and Hosels

Putters come with different shafts and hosels, i.e., the heel-shafted putter or a center-shafted putter. Choose the type of shaft according to the style of the putter.

Are expensive putters worth it?

Sometimes it is yes but sometimes no. It depends largely upon the individual. However, there are some benefits of buying an expensive putter like the intelligent design, which is made with many useful details that improve your game.

The expensive putters are made up of high-strength material, increasing the durability combined with an eye-catching design. Hence, the expensive putters are worth it if you have a good budget.

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

Putters are specialized clubs, so you should consider what putter will best fit you when purchasing one. Each person’s putting stroke is different, so choosing the correct one is very important. Keep in mind that putting is one of the most important aspects of golf, which makes your putter your most important weapon in golf. We hope our collection will help you in making a wise choice.


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