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Best golf club cleaner

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A Golf club needs regular maintenance and cleaning. The dirt and grass build-up affects its performance if you don’t take care of your clubs. If you are a golf club owner, you better know how important it is to pamper such a prized possession than with the best golf clubs cleaner.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to clean a golf club. So, buying a good club cleaner can save you cost and time.

If you are looking for a reasonable and reliable solution to keep your golf club clean, then we are here to help. In this article, we have come up with a variety of best golf club cleaners that can prove to be a piece of club-saving equipment and help you keep your club neat and tidy so that you may be able to perform at your full potential.

How do I make my golf club shiny?

A shiny and well-polished Golf club is every club owner’s wish, but getting it done takes time as well as patience. Polishing it regularly is a key to a shiny Golf club. Polishing it not only improves its appearance, but also protects it from dirt and grass build-up. Moreover, it ensures a clean golf club and helps ensure that each shot is hit with its full potential.

So, polishing your golf club must be one of the standard maintenance routines you must follow. Polishing involves the following steps;

You must clean your golf clubs before you polish it. There is a different kind of polishing material available in the market. You can apply steel shining polish, window cleaning shine, metal polish, or car wheel polish to clean the clubs. You can also use spray polish. Apply the polish on the club’s surface with the help of a soft towel or cloth and keep wiping the clubs after a few strokes so that they may remain shiny.

How do I clean my golf clubs?

You can clean the club with any dish-washing soap or specialty soap. Mix a few spoons of liquid dish-washing soap in hot water and soak the club so that it may lose stubborn dirt and grass-build-up in hot water.

Take a toothbrush and gently rub and scrub the club’s face with soapy water until it gets cleaned. Now rinse the club with water. Get it dried with the help of a towel or a clean cloth. Now it’s the right time to polish the club.

Here are some best golf club cleaners to help you clean your golf clubs.

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1. Caddy-Clean The All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner

Our favorite golf clubs cleaner

Caddy-clean is a great solution to clean your golf clubs because it contains all the equipment you need to clean them in one piece! All the tools are organized in the small gadget, ensuring that you will not lose any of them. Just attach the mini cleaning organizer to your golf bag and take it anywhere on the go.

This mini tool set contains a bronze brush having high-quality bristles which can clean any club head without snagging your fingers or clubs. In addition, the package includes a spray bottle and a cleaning pad. The spray bottle lasts for 500 sprays, and the cleaning pad is very soft, washable, and reusable. Another great feature is the pointed grass groove that is also included. This groove can gently clean dirt or grass from the club’s head without the risk of scratching it. A cotton towel is also included to help you dry out the clubs.

All in all, this golf club cleaning set proves to be a great travel partner as well as a giftable item to any Golf lover who is very conscious about his clubs and other golf equipment and accessories.


  • A complete cleaning solution
  • All tools are made up of high-quality material
  • Anti-snag tool
  • Portable, you can attach the set to your golf bag.


  • Overpriced

2. ProActive Sports Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner Squeeze Bottle Brush

Best golf club cleaner with nylon bristles

ProActive Sports Groove Tube is a simple and portable golf club cleaning tube that you should always keep in your Golf bag. It is lightweight and comes with a quick-release clip so you can attach it to your golf bag like a keychain.

The groove tube is extremely easy to use. It is constructed with a leak-proof tube that stores water. When you press or squeeze the tube, the water gets out from the hole into the brush so you can clean your clubs conveniently. You can fill the tube with liquid washing soap and water to clean the clubs properly. The brush has large Nylon bristles, making it easy for you to clean every corner of the clubhead.


  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • It comes with a quick-release key ring to attach
  • Leak-proof reservoir
  • The brush has large Nylon bristles for full coverage


  • The water bottle storage part is small and does not hold much water

3. Club Doctor - Iron Polishing Solution - 8 oz

Best golf clubs cleaner polishing solution

Clubs are prone to scratches and scuff, so here is a great solution to get them repaired and look like new. No matter what type of golf clubs you have, a club doctor is a solution to clean your clubs and keep them clean! The club doctor is a polish used to keep the clubs shiny like new. It is a basic cleaning formula in your golf kit. It is suitable for steel, aluminum, and zinc clubs and prevents them from corrosion.

The formula is extremely easy to use. Just apply the formula to a soft towel or a clean cloth and gently rub and buff the clubs to get them shinier. The solution is safe and effective. It does not damage your clubs like other ordinary harmful formulas. They are proven to reveal shine and bring your club back to its original position.


  • Suitable for all types of clubs
  • Affordable and handy
  • Safe and effective
  • Prevents clubs from corrosion


  • This does not work on black clubs

4. Scotty's Golf Armour Club Cleaner

Best multi-use golf clubs cleaner

Scotty’s Golf Armour is the best product to buy If you want a multipurpose product that can clean all your golf accessories. Scotty’s Golf Armour can clean your clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, grips, and other golf accessories. This club cleaner can remove dirt, grime, grass, and another kind of debris to clean your golf accessories properly.

This professional-grade cleaner is extremely simple to use. Just spray the formula, and wipe it off to clean all types of debris, including dirt, grime, mud, grass, and so on.

Scotty’s Golf armor ensures better control and spins on the surface. The manufacturer gives a money-back guarantee ensuring its performance so you can buy the product confidently to keep your clubs shinier and clean.


  • It is a professional-grade product
  • A multipurpose product, suitable to clean all types of golf accessories
  • Simple to use
  • Cleanses all types of debris
  • Biodegradable and environmental-friendly

5. Simply Kleen USA Biodegradable Golf Club Cleaner

Best Biodegradable golf club cleaner

Simply Kleen is a simply amazing solution every golf-lover would like to keep in his golf kit. It is a USA-made Golf Club Cleaner that offers a spray-and-wipe formula that only requires you to spray the material on the clubs and wipe them gently to remove all the grime, dirt, mud, or debris.

This formula is made to clean all clubs and other golf accessories to improve your game.

This formula ensures clean clubs so that they may strike the ball better on the surface and give you excellent control and spin. The formula is made in US facilities and is safe for environmental use. It has biodegradable contents, which are environmentally friendly. The bottle is handy and portable, so you can conveniently take it on the go.


  • USA Made high-quality formula
  • Simple to use
  • Environmentally safe
  • Clean all types of golf accessories
  • Removes dirt, grime, mud, and debris

6. ClubPur Multi-Purpose Golf Club Cleaner Kit

Best value golf club cleaning kit

Here is another versatile cleaning kit that will grab your attention. This kit is a complete solution to your everyday club maintenance problem. The kit includes a soft microfiber cloth, a cleaning bristled brush and a cleaning solution. This kit contains everything you need to pamper your golf accessories anytime. It is multipurpose and can also clean your golf shoes, golf balls, grips, and even your coolest golf belts!

The cloth included in the kit is made up of soft anti-abrasive microfiber, which is gentle on the club’s surface. The brush has large bristles which gently scuffs the club’s surface to reveal pristine shine.

A special washing solution is also included, so you will not have to make the solution yourself or buy a separate solution for club cleaning. The solution is enough or 200 uses and cleanses your clubs to look shinier than ever.


  • A complete kit to clean the clubs
  • The microfiber cloth is soft and anti-abrasive
  • The brush has long bristles to clean the grooves and face in detail
  • The washing solution is enough for 200 uses.
  • Odorless and kid’s friendly

7. GolfERASERS Instant Golf Eraser Dual-Sided Sponge for Cleaning Clubs

Best sponge golf clubs cleaner

Here is another instant golf club cleaner that can improve your golf clubs and all of your golf accessories. It is a dual-sided scrubbing sponge that can clean clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, etc.

These sponges are specially designed to clean your clubs appropriately and remove debris, dirt and grime, etc. They are super-simple, and you need to wipe them gently on the club’s surface to get them cleaned. The sponges are portable, and you hang them to your golf bag with the key chain.

These sponges only work when they are wet, so make sure they remain wet throughout the cleaning process. They are reusable, so you can add more water to reactivate when they get dry.

The sponge is equipped with a scouring pad which improves its durability and toughness to erase the stubborn dirt and debris. The sponges tend to work better than well-known expensive brushes and towels and can be used between strokes to improve the performance and accuracy of each golf club.

Make sure to use a good golf headcover once clean to keep your clubs clean!


  • Dual-sided cleaning sponge
  • It reactivates when you add water
  • Multipurpose sponge for all golf accessories
  • Simple to use


  • They often fall off the keychain

8. IZZO Golf Scrub Club & Ball Cleaner

Best portable golf club cleaner

IZZO Golf club cleaner is a very small and handy cleaning scrub that can clean your golf clubs and golf balls.

This golf cleaner is available in only one color set (green and black). It is constructed of extremely durable material that does not wear down with use. 

It is an accessory you always need to put in your golf bag. You can use the scrub by adding some water. It scrubs well when wet. You can simply attach this IZZO golf scrub to your golf bag or belt’s loop.  


  • Small, handy, and portable
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Made up of hardwood material
  • Works when hydrated well


  • The material does not hold water for the long time

9. ProPlay Club Grip Cleaning Wipes

Best golf clubs cleaner wipes

If you are looking for specialty wipes to clean your club grips, then ProPlay Club grip cleaning wipes are the best bet.

Twenty wipes are available in a single pack infused with a unique cleaning formula to remove grime, dirt, and debris from the grips and restore their tackiness. The formula is safe and environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful ingredients. It is odorless and removes does a great job removing dirt/debris.

The cotton cloth wipes are disposable, and you can trash the wipe as soon as it gets dirty. The wipes are more effective and convenient than any ordinary towel or cleaning cloth on the market.

They are safe for your hands as well. The wipes come in resalable packets, so you can always keep them in your golf bag and use them whenever needed without the chance of them going bad. They are easy-clean wipes, and you need not scuff or buff the clubs to get them cleaned. They wipe all the stickiness in a matter of seconds.


  • Affordable formula-soaked wipes
  • Safe and environmental friendly
  • Come in resalable packets
  • Easily clean the grime and dirt from the grips
  • Handy and portable


  • It does not seem to increase the tackiness of the grip all too much

10. Dr. Acces Universal Golf Ball Cleaner & Club Head Washer for Golf Cart

Best golf club cleaner cart attachment

If you are looking for a heavy-duty professional-grade cleaner or club head washer for the Golf cart, Dr. Acces Universal Golf Ball Cleaner & Club Head Washer is the best bet.

The equipment is very well-designed and made specifically for the golf carts. It has an integrated mounting base that can easily be mounted to any golf cart. 

Dr. Acces Universal Golf Ball Cleaner & Club Head Washer can clean the golf ball and the clubhead simultaneously. It has large and high-quality bristles that ensure proper cleaning and effectively removes stubborn grime, dirt, and debris, without damaging the club.

The equipment works well with most golf clubs and golf carts. It is reasonably priced and has a solid construction. It is well-built and handy so that you can take it anywhere with you.


  • Golf club cleaner as well as club head washer
  • Professional-grade cleaning equipment
  • Universal – Works well with all golf carts
  • Suitable for cleaning all golf club heads
  • Well-designed solid construction


  • Relatively expensive


How do I keep my golf clubs looking new?

If you want your golf clubs to look like new, you would have to store them properly in a safe and tidy place. Make sure you don’t keep them wet. Use a Golf towel to dry them out and cover the head with the best golf headcovers. Keep cleaning the club’s head ongoing basis and also clean the grips appropriately. Make sure you check them for wear and tear before the grips start to wear down over time.


What soap should I clean my golf clubs with?

You can use any dish-washing soap. There are specialty soaps available in the market, but you can use a local dish-washing liquid soap if the specialty soap is not conveniently available in your home.

Dawn is specifically rated the best in the market to get rid of dirt and grease. You cannot go wrong with getting some dawn dish detergent. 

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

Maintaining a golf club is a challenging and persistent task. The golf clubs need proper golf club maintenance and ongoing cleanliness so they will perform to their full potential. This will also allow you to control the spin and distances much better.

We understand its not easy to find the best golf club cleaners. That is why we listed some of our favorite ones above; including different cleaning equipment, washers, scrubs, etc.,

We believe that our research will help you buy good cleaning accessories and equipment for your treasured golf clubs. You should have no excuse to keep them maintained and in the best tip-top shape!

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