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Golf Scorecard Holder – Best Leather Yardage Book Covers and Card Holders

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Golf is a sport that requires precision, focus, and attention to detail. One essential tool that can help you keep track of their progress during each round is a golf scorecard holder. This indispensable item keeps scorecards safe from the elements and makes recording scores a seamless process, allowing you to concentrate on your game and performance.

A golf scorecard holder is a simple yet practical accessory designed to protect and organize your scorecards. It usually features a dedicated section for the scorecard, a pencil holder, and sometimes extra compartments for yardage books, maps, or other small essentials. With various designs and materials available, a golf scorecard holder can be a functional and stylish addition to your golf accessories.

When choosing a golf scorecard holder, it’s essential to consider factors such as material, size, durability, and ease of use. The material of the holder should be weather-resistant and sturdy enough to withstand daily use on the golf course. Size is also crucial, as golfers often prefer compact holders that can fit comfortably in their pockets without obstructing their swing. Furthermore, the holder should be user-friendly, providing quick and easy access to the scorecard and other contents.

After assessing numerous golf scorecard holders on the market, we have gathered a shortlist of options that promise excellent functionality, durability, and style. Read on to discover our top picks and find the perfect golf scorecard holder to enhance your game and keep your scores organized.

Best Golf Scorecard Holders

We have compiled a list of the top golf scorecard holders for you to choose from. These products provide a perfect combination of functionality and style, ensuring your scorecards are well-organized and accessible at all times.

Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

The Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder is a great purchase for golfers seeking a stylish and functional way to keep their scorecards organized and in good condition.


  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Fits most standard scorecards and yardage books
  • Compact design with an interior pencil holder


  • Some scorecards may not fit perfectly
  • Elastic bands may eventually stretch out
  • Top section could be more adaptable

We recently had the chance to use the Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder on the course, and we were thoroughly impressed with its design and performance. The synthetic leather material not only looks classy but also provides great durability, ensuring that the holder will last for many rounds to come.

One feature that we found particularly convenient was the interior pencil holder. Having a dedicated spot for a pencil made it easy to keep track of it throughout our rounds. Additionally, the holder provided a sturdy writing surface, making it simple to record scores even when we were away from a solid surface, such as a golf cart.

However, we did notice some potential drawbacks during our time with the Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder. While it fits most standard scorecards and yardage books, there were a few instances where we had to adjust the scorecard or fold it to fit securely into the holder. Additionally, the elastic bands that secure the scorecard in place may stretch over time with repeated use.

Despite these minor issues, we believe that the Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder is a fantastic addition to any golfer’s gear. With its sleek design, compatibility with most scorecards, and added convenience of a pencil holder, it’s definitely worth considering to enhance your golfing experience.

Callaway Premium Scorecard Holder

Callaway Premium Scorecard Holder

The Callaway Premium Scorecard Holder is a durable and convenient accessory that every golfer should consider adding to their game.


  • Durable PU Leather material
  • Magnetic ball marker included
  • Fits most standard scorecards


  • Might be considered pricey by some
  • No extra storage compartments
  • Limited in color options

We recently tried the Callaway Premium Scorecard Holder during our golf rounds, and it served us well. Made from durable PU Leather, it delivered a real-leather feel and provided confidence that it would last for countless games to come.

The magnetic ball marker was a handy feature that we appreciated, as it saved us time from rummaging through our bags for one. The interior pencil holder kept our pencils secure, so we didn’t lose them during our rounds. The scorecard holder was designed to fit most standard golf scorecards, and we found that it indeed accommodated various sizes with ease.

However, while it proved to be a functional scorecard holder, it lacked extra storage compartments for small items like tees, ball markers, or coins. Additionally, the Callaway Premium Scorecard Holder is only available in black, which may not be everyone’s preferred color.

In conclusion, the Callaway Premium Scorecard Holder offers durability and convenience with its material, magnetic ball marker, and scorecard compatibility. However, golfers looking for more storage or color options might want to consider other alternatives. Overall, we found it to be a reliable addition to our game that kept our scorecards organized and accessible.

E.XINI Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

E.XINI Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

A high-quality and stylish scorecard holder that will add a touch of sophistication to your golf game.


  • High-quality leather material
  • Ample size for recording scores
  • Secure elastic bands for fastening


  • Color may not exactly match expectations
  • Higher price compared to basic holders
  • Limited color options

We recently used the E.XINI Leather Golf Scorecard Holder during a round of golf and immediately noticed the level of sophistication it adds to our game. The genuine leather material not only looks elegant, but it feels soft to touch, making it enjoyable to use while on the course.

The size of this scorecard holder is perfect for golfers who prefer to have ample space for recording scores, club numbers, and even practice data. The five secure elastic bands ensure the holder stays firmly on our golf bag, preventing it from being misplaced or lost during the game.

One thing to note is that the color may not be exactly as pictured – some users have found it to be more of a green shade than blue. However, this does not take away from the overall quality and functionality of the product. Additionally, with a slightly higher price tag compared to basic scorecard holders, it may not be ideal for those seeking more budget-friendly options.

In conclusion, the E.XINI Leather Golf Scorecard Holder is a great investment for golf enthusiasts who value both style and practicality. We were impressed with the high-quality materials and thoughtful design that makes it easy and enjoyable to use on the course.

On Par Premium Golf Scorecard Holder White/Blue

On Par Premium Golf Scorecard Holder

An excellent value golf scorecard holder that keeps your scorecards and course guides in order while you play.


  • Crocodile effect for a stylish look
  • Durable faux leather outer cover
  • Elastic holders for scorecards, course guides, and pencils


  • Made in China with good but not top-notch quality
  • A little tight for some scorecard sizes
  • Outer material may wear a bit over time

We’ve found the On Par Premium Golf Scorecard Holder to be a great addition to our golf gear. The crocodile effect design gives it a stylish look, and the durable faux leather outer cover ensures it lasts for many rounds of golf. The elastic holders for scorecards, course guides, and pencils are very useful and keep everything tidy and organized when we’re out on the course.

One minor drawback, however, is that the construction quality is good but not the highest since it’s made in China. But given the relatively low price, it’s still an excellent value for money.

Another thing to consider is that the holder might be a bit tight for some scorecard sizes, like GOLFLOGIX. It’s still manageable, though, and actually better than being too loose. Just keep in mind that you might have to trim down your scorecards slightly for a perfect fit.

Lastly, the outer material may show some wear over time. This isn’t a deal-breaker for us, as it’s mainly cosmetic, and the actual functionality of the holder remains intact.

Overall, we highly recommend the On Par Premium Golf Scorecard Holder for anyone looking to keep their golf scorecards and course guides organized and protected on the course.

FB FUZZYBUNKERS Quality Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

FB FUZZYBUNKERS Quality Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

We recommend the FB FUZZYBUNKERS Golf Scorecard Holder for golfers seeking an organized and stylish way to track their progress on the course.


  • High-quality scorecard holder
  • Comes with a free golf pencil and downloadable stat tracker sheet
  • Imitation alligator skin leather cover


  • Scorecards may require trimming to fit
  • Bulky for back pocket use
  • No significant impact on golf performance

We recently tried out the FB FUZZYBUNKERS Quality Leather Golf Scorecard Holder and were impressed by its design and functionality. The imitation alligator skin leather cover not only looks great, but it also provides a comfortable grip. This well-made golf caddie book cover offers an organized way to track our progress during a round of golf, helping us stay focused on our game.

One aspect we especially like about the FB FUZZYBUNKERS scorecard holder is the inclusion of a free golf pencil and downloadable PDF stat tracker sheet. With these tools, we were able to easily monitor various aspects of our game, such as putts and fairways hit. This added a level of detail to our in-game analysis that we appreciated.

However, there are a few aspects of this scorecard holder that could use improvement. First, we found it necessary to trim some of our club’s scorecards to fit into the holder. Additionally, the scorecard holder is rather bulky, making it difficult to store in a back pocket while playing. Finally, though it adds a touch of professionalism to our golf game, the scorecard holder itself does not directly enhance our golf performance.

Overall, the FB FUZZYBUNKERS Quality Leather Golf Scorecard Holder is a well-made and stylish accessory for golfers who want to keep better track of their game. Despite minor drawbacks like the need to trim scorecards and its bulky size, we believe it’s a worthwhile investment for those looking to improve organization and focus on the course.

Better Buyz Golf Scorecard Holder

Better Buyz Golf Scorecard Holder

A must-have for golfers seeking a reliable, high-quality scorecard holder with additional accessories.


  • Durable materials
  • Functional design for easy pocket fit
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • Limited color options
  • Only one pencil included
  • Elastic bands might stretch over time

We recently used the Better Buyz Golf Scorecard Holder and found it to be a fantastic addition to our golfing kit. The materials and construction are durable, ensuring that it can withstand the wear and tear of being in our pockets throughout many rounds on the course.

The dimensions of this golf notebook (7.25″ x 4.25″) make it the perfect size to fit in our back pocket or golf bag, ensuring it’s always accessible when we need it. Additionally, the two elastic bands inside the holder secure our scorecard and pencil, so they don’t get lost during gameplay.

One aspect that we particularly appreciated with this purchase was the extra accessories that came with the holder. The magnetic golf ball marker hat clip and additional golf ball markers are convenient and helpful during our game.

Although the scorecard holder only comes in black, it has a sleek and professional look that we think most golfers will appreciate. We do wish it included more than just one pencil, but this is a minor drawback considering the overall value of the product.

Our only concern is that the elastic bands might stretch over time, reducing their effectiveness at holding our scorecard and pencil. However, so far, they have held up really well, and we’re optimistic about their longevity.

Overall, we believe the Better Buyz Golf Scorecard Holder is an essential accessory for any golfer, offering durability, functionality, and valued extras, all at a fair price.

CRAFTSMAN GOLF Crocodile Pattern Scorecard Holder

CRAFTSMAN GOLF Scorecard Holder

This stylish and practical golf scorecard holder is a great accessory for golfers who appreciate quality and convenience on the course.


  • High-quality crocodile pattern PU leather
  • Protects scorecards from sweat, dust, and scratches
  • Compatible with most scorecards and yardage books


  • Large size, may not fit comfortably in pants pocket
  • Takes a while to receive the item
  • No pen holder included

We recently used the CRAFTSMAN GOLF Crocodile Pattern Golf Scorecard Holder and were instantly impressed by its elegant design and high-quality PU leather material. The crocodile pattern adds a touch of sophistication to this essential golf accessory. The holder did an excellent job of protecting our scorecards from sweat, dust, and scratches, ensuring they remained intact throughout our golf round.

One drawback we noticed is the holder’s size. While it fits into our back pocket, it might be a bit too large for some golfers’ preferences. If you don’t mind stashing it in your golf bag, though, it won’t be an issue. Another aspect worth mentioning is that it took a while to receive the product, possibly due to shipping from China. So, if you need it urgently, this might be an important factor to consider.

In our experience, this scorecard holder is not only fashionable but also very practical. It is designed to work with different types of scorecards, yardage books, and even accommodates custom orders for those who want their name stitched on the holder. However, we noticed that there is no built-in pen holder, which could have made it even more convenient to use.

In conclusion, the CRAFTSMAN GOLF Crocodile Pattern Golf Scorecard Holder is a stylish and practical accessory for golfers who value quality and protection. Its compatibility with various scorecards and yardage books, along with the option for personalization, make it an excellent investment, despite a few minor shortcomings.

ON PAR Premium Ostrich Effect Golf Scorecard Holder

ON PAR Premium Ostrich Effect Golf Scorecard Holder

The ON PAR Premium Ostrich Effect Golf Scorecard Holder is a stylish and functional must-have for golf enthusiasts.


  • Attractive ostrich effect design
  • Durable faux leather outer cover
  • Holds all scorecard sizes


  • Elastic straps are white instead of transparent
  • Stitching quality could be improved
  • Course guide holder may not suit all players

We recently tried out the ON PAR Premium Ostrich Effect Golf Scorecard Holder in Navy/Grey, and our overall impression was positive. The faux leather outer cover not only looked great with the ostrich effect design but also proved to be durable during our time on the course. The holder fits all scorecard sizes and includes a link to unlimited printable golf game trackers sheets, which we found quite useful.

However, we did notice a few minor drawbacks to the scorecard holder. The white elastic straps inside were somewhat distracting and we wish they were transparent instead. Also, the stitching quality could be improved upon, and some players may not find the course guide holder as useful as others.

Despite these minor issues, we still believe that the ON PAR Premium Ostrich Effect Golf Scorecard Holder is a valuable accessory for golfers looking to stay organized on the course. The overall quality, functionality, and design make it a great purchase, especially for its price point.

Buying Guide

When looking for a golf scorecard holder, it’s important to consider the materials and features that will best suit your needs. In this guide, we’ll provide some tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect golf scorecard holder for you.

Firstly, let’s talk about materials. Golf scorecard holders are often made of durable, weather-resistant materials like leather, synthetic leather, or heavy-duty plastic. Leather and synthetic leather holders not only look stylish but also provide excellent protection against the elements. Heavy-duty plastic holders can be more budget-friendly, but they may not be as durable as their leather counterparts.

Next, consider the features that are important to you. A good golf scorecard holder should have a sturdy and secure place to hold your scorecard and pencil. Some holders may also include additional slots for tees, ball markers, or other small accessories. An added bonus would be a holder that provides space for a golf stat booklet to help you track your performance and improvement over time.

Size is another factor to keep in mind. Golf scorecard holders come in various sizes to accommodate different scorecard dimensions. Ensure the holder you choose can comfortably fit the scorecards from the courses you frequently play at.

Lastly, think about the overall design and style of the holder. The market offers various styles, colors, and customization options – from sleek and minimalistic to personalized designs with your initials or club logo.

In summary, when choosing a golf scorecard holder, consider the materials, features, size, and design that best meet your needs and preferences. By carefully weighing these factors, you’ll be equipped to find a quality and functional holder that enhances your golfing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which professional golfers have signature scorecard holders?

Many professional golfers have their own signature golf scorecard holders, although it is not always publicly advertised. You can find some of these products as part of their merchandise lines or through collaborations with golf accessory companies. To discover more about these signature holders, a quick search online can help you find specific golfers’ products.

How do I choose the right size for my scorecard holder?

Selecting the right size for your golf scorecard holder depends on the size of your scorecard and personal preferences. First, you need to measure the dimensions of your scorecard, then look for a holder that can accommodate it comfortably. It’s important to choose a holder that provides easy access and visibility for your scorecard as you play through a round of golf. Consider factors like durability, material quality, and convenience when making your decision.

Are there customizable options available for golf scorecard holders?

Yes, there are many customizable options for golf scorecard holders on the market. Various designs, colors, and materials can be chosen to give your scorecard holder a unique and personalized touch. Some manufacturers even offer custom engraving, allowing you to add your name, initials, or a special message. Aside from scorecard holders, customization is also popular for other golf cart accessories to enhance comfort, style, and convenience. Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities and create a golf scorecard holder that reflects your individuality and passion for the game.


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