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The 15 Best Valentines Golf Gifts | Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Him

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your favorite golfing enthusiast how much you love them. Whether it’s a golfer on their very first lesson or an avid player with years of experience, there are plenty of great Valentine’s Day gifts that can help improve their performance, give extra incentive for practice, and just make them feel special. From branded clubs and accessories to high-tech training gadgets and cool apparel, our rundown has something for everyone – no matter what skill level or budget! So if you’ve got a golf-loving sweetheart in life, check out the best valentines golf gifts below.

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1. Mini Desktop Golf Ball Pen Gift Set with Putting Green

Best valentines golf gifts for work

Calling all golf fanatics! This is a perfect valentines golf gift for any golfer that always talks about getting out to the golf course or the practice range, but also has that 9-5 job where they do not always have that freedom and ability to do so. This gift keeps them dreaming a little bit more. It consists of (3) Ball Point pens that are shaped into golf clubs. This can be set up to practice mini-putting during the downtime at work. Trust me, any golf fanatic will love something like this to keep him dreaming of a great time they will have on the course.

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2. All-in-1 Golf Set

Best golf valentines gift for hiding your liquid aim

Any golfer knows that mostly all golf courses have a no-outside alcohol policy. Some courses are very strict, while some are not. This is a perfect valentines golf gift for someone who likes to bring the liquid aim (Alcohol) out on the course and keep it somewhat hidden from everyone. It holds a premium stainless steel 6 oz flask of your favorite liquid aim, as well as detachable golf ball markers, a large divot tool, and plenty of spots to hold your golf tees. It attaches directly to the side of your bag or your belt loop for quick and easy convenience. Your valentine will be very happy with this gift.

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3. “I’d Rather Be Golfing” – Funny Novelty Socks

Best valentines golf gifts for any golfer

These golf socks are the perfect valentines golf gift for anyone who plays golf and has a sense of humor. It’s also perfect for playing golf during the winter golf season. From the top, the socks look like normal golf socks with a pretty cool golf design that can be worn while playing golf or just around the house. On the bottom, when the feet are put together, it states: “I’d rather be golfing.” You will always get a great reaction (smiles and laughter) from the person when they open this gift. That person is always guaranteed to get great reactions from anyone else if they ever do see the bottom! These socks fit most shoe sizes from size 6 and up.

4. Phone Caddy Golf Cart Holder – Desert Fox Golf

Best Valentines Day gifts for the golf cart

Golf carts these days have plenty of space to mount this great golf cart phone holder while playing. The one thing these do lack is the availability of space to put your phone where you can still access it. With this best valentines golf gift, you no longer have to worry about that. The phone caddy is designed to fit directly to the golf cart rail and adjust to hold any phone securely to the golf cart. You then can access your phone hands-free. The phone caddy mounts using a velcro strap with anti-slip pads to keep the phone from sliding down the pole.

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5. Glow in The Dark Golf Balls – THIODOON

Best valentines day golf gifts for nighttime

These glow-in-the-dark golf balls make the perfect golf valentines gift for any golfer on the market. No matter the age, it is fun to hit and watch these fly through the sky at night. They are very bright and easy to find. You will never lose a golf ball again! They stay illuminated for 8 minutes upon activation. They will stay lit for a total of 40 hours each, which means you can expect each ball to activate over 300 times. The ball automatically activates once you hit it. Each pack has 6 different color balls: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, White

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6. Hard Case Protector & Organizer with Storage Slots for Golf Accessories

Best valentines golf gifts for unorganized golfers

Who is the most unorganized golfer you know? This golf gift is perfect for any man or woman who is like us and cannot stay organized. This allows you to keep all of those small (losable) golf accessories in one place. The best part about this gift is its amazing golf glove holder. It allows the golf to air out instead of drying up crinkled in your golf bag. The carabiner clip allows it to hook directly to your golf bag and you can easily get what you need from it. This is the perfect hidden golf gift that can keep your stuff organized and hopefully help you play better golf!

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7. Cell Phone Holder – For Analyzing Golf Swing

Best valentines golf gifts for the “more serious” golfer

For any golfer who is starting to take the game more seriously, one of the first things they do is to start filming their swing. If they have been to any kind of golf lesson, they know how much feedback you can get by filming yourself. This is the perfect golf valentines gift that can help any golfer get the film angles and footage of their swing. It holds any type of phone and can mount to any golf alignment stick, club, or golf bag. The versatile mount is perfect for getting the correct video.

8. Rechargeable Hand Warmer – for Golfing

Best valentines golf gifts for cold weather

Of course, golf is always affected by the weather. Sometimes it can be very hot and sometimes it can be very cold. Since we are in the cold season, this is a perfect golf gift that can keep any golfer’s hand warm. No more need for disposable hot hands. All you need to do is charge it for 2-3 hours before the golf round, and it will last you the full time. It fits directly in the palm of your hand and consists of a safety switch so that you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot.

9. Golf Shoe Carrier Bag with Mesh Ventilation

Best valentines golf gift for smelly feet

One of the biggest problems I always have with my golf shoes is the smell. The problem is that I normally keep them in my golf bag in a pocket that does not allow them to air out. This golf shoe bag solves that problem. I now have a spot I can put my shoes that has a mesh ventilation system to keep my shoes aired out and smelling fresh. I recommend this for any golfer with stinky feet. The zippered bag also comes with plenty of other pockets so that you can store way more than your golf shoes. This best golf valentines gift is perfect for someone always on the go looking to keep their golf shoes in tip-top shape.

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10. Magnetic Microfiber Golf Towel

Best valentines gift for golfers with back pain

This is a great valentines golf gift for any golfer who has back problems. One of the downfalls of golf is that you always have to bend over to pick up things whether it be your ball, a tee, a club, or a golf towel. This towel will save the golfer one less time he or she needs to bend over by allowing them to use their club to pick the towel up from the ground. It has a commercial-grade magnet that offers grab-and-go convenience. The magnetic pouch is removable so that you can easily wash the towel once it is dirty. You can also hook it to the side of the golf cart to keep it out of the way of your golf bag. 

11. Golfer’s Prayer Golf Coffee Mug

Best valentines golf gifts for mornings

This is one of our favorite golf gifts. For any golfer who is a coffee drinker, you cannot go wrong with this mug. This best golf valentines gift will gladly get a laugh and plenty of uses. The saying on the mug takes the serenity prayer and spins it perfectly for a golfer’s prayer for his/her next round. Just have a few cups of joe out of this in the morning before your round, and you are guaranteed to shoot a lower score! If your mom loves golf, you can also get this to go with the best mothers day golf gifts!

Coffee Mug saying: “God grant me the serenity to accept the shots I miss, the courage to never give up, and the wisdom to not throw my clubs in the water”

12. Golf Bag and Accessory Garage Organizer

Best valentines golf gifts for the household

Do you have more than 1 person that golfs in the household? Are you looking for somewhere to store everything? This is the perfect valentines golf gift for the household. It will fit pretty much anywhere and on any surface. it is designed with anti-rust material to keep it lasting for many years. This golf stand can hold up to 2 extra-large golf bags, along with all of your golf accessories. It comes with 3 medium-sized open shelves and 1 smaller closed shelf for your loose accessories. It also has an easy leveling adjustment just in case you need to place it on an uneven garage surface or carpet.

13. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Golf gift for any occasion

You cannot ever go wrong with this golf gift! The Titleist Pro V1x golf balls create more distance through the low long game spin and high trajectory. The new Titleist Pro V1x is the longest, softest feeling ball we have ever made. In addition to more distance off the tee, the new Titleist Pro V1x also delivers more control around the green with a softer feel and lower short-game spin. It is available in a white/silver color combination that not only looks great but makes it easy to locate your ball on the course. You cannot go wrong with gifting these to any golfer. They are the most popular golf balls on tour and are close to one of the most expensive golf balls made.

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14. BattleChip Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

Best Valentines Golf Gifts for both of you!

Are you and your significant other very competitive against one another? Who do you think has the better short game? Now you can find out!

This is a new game that is a mix between cornhole and golf that can keep you competing all day long while enhancing your golf skills. It is very easy to learn and fun for all ages. You can even get the kids in on the fun, and tailor the game to their skill level. You do need to make sure that you bring your own golf clubs with you. There are no golf clubs that come with the game.

***Disclaimer*** YOU DO NOT need to be a pro golfer for this product. All skill levels are welcome!

15. Swing Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor

Best valentines golf gift for high rollers

Are you feeling very thoughtful this valentines day? Do you have a little extra cash for your valentine? Here is a perfect gift for any golfer who is just starting to take the game seriously. From swing speed to carry distance, this monitor will announce all your golf numbers to help you get a better grasp on how each club works. It has been completely overhauled and now will video your swing and use swing tracing technology to overlay your data. For the low price, this is the best swing simulator out there. It is accurate to within 3 yards. If this is the gift you choose for this valentines day, I promise you that your valentine will not be disappointed.

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LongBombsGolf Final Review

We’ve compiled a brief but solid list of the best valentines day golf gifts for this upcoming season. And last but not least, if you made it this far, you should check out the Valentine’s day heart-shaped golf gift box. You cannot go wrong with buying these gifts for your significant other or any other golf lover for Valentine’s Day!


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