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Best Rangefinder for Golf and Hunting

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Top Picks

Buying a rangefinder that is suitable for golf and hunting can be challenging because of the nature of the two. There are several factors that could possibly induce you to buy them separately. So, to make it easy for you, we have done extensive research and tried the best rangefinders for golf and hunting offered on the market.

Want to improve your game as well as plan a hunting trip? A rangefinder is a must-have accessory that you can knock out with one purchase. A good rangefinder will give you an accurate reading of distance which will help you throughout the golf game and any kind of hunting.

Tournament rangefinders are not allowed to have/use the “slope” feature. This setting assists the golfer or hunter to calculate the actual distance to the target (and not have to calculate anything). This allows the golfer/hunter to account for the ball drop, bullet drop, or arrow drop.  

Also, grab you one of these best golf magnetic rangefinder straps to easily access your rangefinder at all times. 

Can you use the same rangefinder for golf and hunting?

Absolutely yes. You can use a golf rangefinder for hunting. However, you may encounter some challenges like the slope setting mentioned above.  

Some rangefinders are equally good for golfers and hunters, like the hybrid rangefinders, which offer both priority modes (slope and normal). There are a lot of brands that are manufacturing these kinds of rangefinders with TRU target technology. This technology allows you to toggle between priority modes with a single click of a button.

The big kicker when trying to find a rangefinder that works for both golf and hunting, you need to find one with maximum range. Hunters often use the devices at longer distances, while golfers don’t need anything over the 500-yard mark (maybe a few exceptions). Another factor to consider is the type of display. Laser rangefinders with LCDs and good backlighting are good for golfing and hunting because they offer clear vision. During the bright part of the day, some rangefinders can become hard to see.

How much does a rangefinder help your golf game?

A rangefinder offers great value for your money and will save you a lot of time when you play golf. Those who have their iron distances dialed in can understand the importance of a precise rangefinder because it improves every bit of the game. You never have to guess or rely on someone else to give you an inaccurate distance.

1. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder - Golf/Hunting

Best overall rangefinder for golf and hunting

Suppose you are looking for an efficient rangefinder that can take your golf game to the next level, Consider our favorite pick. The professional golf rangefinder carries numerous features like a slope feature to improve your game. This rangefinder is equally useful when you are hunting or bow hunting.

The model has a slope function and a slope control switch, so you can also play a tournament with it. Its range is 650 yards, and its magnification is 6x, suitable for golfing and hunting. The fully-coated optic lenses give you a clearer image. You can see the target even in scorching sunny weather. It has a flag-lock feature that locks the flag efficiently. It is also very simple. The package includes a carabineer, a sturdy case, a soft cleaning cloth, and an operation manual so that you may be able to use it conveniently.

Overall, Gogogo Sports Vpro Laser Rangefinder is very cost-effective if you want to buy a bang for your bucks. It comes with highly precise and accurate reading with the features used for professional applications.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Offers high-precision distance measurement
  • Packed with multiple value-added features
  • Fully multi-coded optic lense
  • Accurate and easy to use


  • The clarity is affected when you adjust the focus

2. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

Second best rangefinder for golf and hunting

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser is another good-to-go rangefinder in our list of rangefinders for golf and hunting. This professional rangefinder is affordable as well as precise. It is equipped with a unique technology that identifies golf pins and the accurate, correct distance between you and the pin, so there is no chance left of a misread distance.

The easy-to-use starter rangefinder is the best gift for golf and hunting beginners at a competitive price. This masterpiece has an extended range than the ordinary rangefinders, so it is extremely suitable for hunting, especially where you need more range. It comes with three modes. One is a normal scan mode which measures distance with the range; the other is golf mode which is specifically designed for golf; and the third mode is the speed mode which measures the range of speed. It is also equipped with a pin-seeking and flag-lock mechanism to make the activity easy and accurate.

Overall, Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder has equipped with all the features that a professional needs. The power-packed rangefinder is a great addition to your golf cart bag and offers considerable value.


  • Greater magnification and range
  • Equipped with multiple modes
  • Affordable price
  • Equipped with a contemporary rangefinder technology
  • Fast and easy to use


  • The pin is hard to locate

3. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting

Most precise rangefinder for golf and hunting

PeakPulse is another rangefinder that will certainly grab your attention. The small instrument comes with great features and the preciseness and accuracy you can always trust. The device features a flatlock function, pulse vibration, slope unction, and a slope disabling switch to disable it for legal tournaments. The fast focusing system is another unique feature differentiating it from an ordinary rangefinder.

The rangefinder is equipped with a slope on/off switch, so you can take it for the tournaments. This cool and well-built rangefinder features Flag acquisition and pulse vibration technology so you can easily lock the flag and get the right distance when the device vibrates. The fast focus system allows you to find the target quickly. In addition, the device is water-resistant, weather-resistant, and can withstand any harsh weather. In addition, it has a combination of accuracy, precision, and speed, making it stand out from the rest.

PEAK PULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder is a state-of-the-art instrument with exceptional technology. It is a professional device with much more features you may ever have expected. Boost your game with its fast-focus system and obtain greater pleasure time and an improved gaming experience.


  • Fast focus system
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Easy storage and portability
  • Ergonomic contemporary and lightweight design
  • Easy to use

4. Callaway 350TL Laser Rangefinder with slope

Most high tech rangefinder for golf and hunting

Callaway is an industry-leading manufacturer of golf accessories. Its golf accessories and instrument are hi-tech and reliable, and so is this laser golf rangefinder. With an external on/off switch control, Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder is a legal rangefinder you can use in all tournaments.

If you are looking for a mid-level product, the Callaway laser golf rangefinder is the one. It is compact, lightweight, and well-built. It is also equipped with a powerful magnet to attach it to your golf bag or other accessories securely. The pulse technology allows it to target the flag and vibrate so that you may be able to find the target accurately. It can target multiple targets simultaneously, and the slope feature comes with an on/off switch so that you can disable the slope function for a legal tournament. This rangefinder is intelligent design but simple to use. It has an ergonomic design with a weather-resistant build.

Callaway Laser Golf rangefinder is also a great hit like Callaway’s other golf accessories. Packed with a bundle of features, this instrument is easy to use. It is simple yet intuitive, so we are sure it will definitely prove to be an intelligent choice.


  • Intuitive but easy to use
  • Weather-resistant and fog-resistant
  • It can manage multiple targets
  • Sporty design
  • The external slope on/off switch or legal tournament play


  • It is not as accurate as expected

5. REXMEO Rechargeable Laser Range Finder

Best rechargable rangefinder for golf and hunting

Boost your game or catch no matter what because the Golf REXMEO rangefinder is something you can rely upon. This highly-precise rangefinder is packed with a slope on/off function, a Flagpole log function, and a speed measurement mode that makes your game more interesting.

REXMEO rangefinder is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a useful buy in a few bucks. It is equipped with advanced technology and a bundle of features that professionals look for. The features include high precision up to 1000 yards range, so it is a great choice for hunters. The slope on/off function is used to disable slope when you go to play the legal tournament. It also offers pulse vibration and flagpole lock within 300 yards. Multi-coated optic lenses contribute to a clearer display, and an adjustable diopter helps you adjust the device for clarity, precision, and accuracy. Another plus is the contemporary sporty design, ergonomic built, and lightweight.

The ergonomic and sport REXMEO is packed with power as well as style. The contemporary design with many value-added features makes it a very strong choice in the list of best range finders for golf and hunting.


  • Great magnification and range
  • Clear optic lenses and an adjustable diopter
  • Easy to store, lightweight and portable
  • Packed with numerous advanced features
  • Compact and sporty design

6. Ragu Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Most universal rangefinder for golf and hunting

Ragu golf rangefinder is a modern rangefinder that is suitable for playing golf as well as hunting. This rangefinder is a considerable choice with multiple range finding modes, adjustable focal length, eye protection, and dual-screen. The rangefinder comes with slop compensation to take your game to the next level.

This laser rangefinder is great for multiple golfing, hunting, hiking, and measuring applications. The unique feature of this rangefinder has two screens for added convenience and a clearer display. It delivers high-resolution images so you can see the target. The ergonomic design features a leather-like matte finish which is slip-resistant and comfortable. It conveniently fits into your pocket, so you can easily take it on the go. You can also easily adjust the focal length by rotating the eye lens, equipped with superior technology to reduce eye strain.

Overall, the Ragu golf rangefinder is an affordable and versatile instrument. It is an exceptional tool that measures distance and elevation for you at a very pocket-friendly price.


  • Ergonomic, sturdy, and lightweight
  • Multiple ranges of fining modes and dual-screen
  • Offers eye-protection
  • Affordable and well-designed
  • Accurate and clear display

7. Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Most cost-effective rangefinder for golf and hunting

A profile Golf rangefinder is a very cost-effective product than the similar products available. Prophecy has an exceptional magnification and laser range and measures distance accurately, provided that there are no huddles in between. It is loaded with useful features like angle range compensation (ARC), Flagpole locking function, and pulse vibrator.

Prophecy is a highly-precise rangefinder with 1500 yards range, so it is great for long distance hunting. You can also use this rangefinder for other games and activities like golfing, hiking, measurements, etc. The flagpole locking function works up to 150 yards. The pulse vibrator function vibrates when the flag is focused. This rangefinder is equipped with a large-capacity battery. The 7500 mah battery is rechargeable, and you can recharge it with a micro-USB charging cable. The long-lasting battery ensures that you may be able to use it about 30,000 times after a single charge. The lenses are multi-layered, which reduces the reflection of light and allows you to see bright images. 

The Profey Golf rangefinder is a loveable gift to any professional golfer or hunter who is a perfectionist. The rangefinder is accurate and cheaper than the bigger names, offering great value for the money.  


  • Cheaper than the competitors
  • Competitive price
  • Great magnification and range
  • Scan multiple targets
  • Equipped with advanced technology

8. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder

Most durable rangefinder for golf and hunting

Gogogo GSMTL, like its predecessor, is also a great product. It is professional, precise, easy to use, and integrated with advanced features like continuous range reading, angle-range compensation, Pin seeking, speed measuring, etc. It is also very cost-effective, unlike other similar rangefinders available.

Like its predecessor, Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder GS24MTL also has a slope function and a slope control switch, so whether you play a friendly game or a tournament, this laser rangefinder is worth it. Its range is also 650 yards, and magnification is 6x like GS24, so it is also suitable for both golfing and hunting. The fully-coated optic lenses give you a clearer image. You can see the target even in all weathers. It has a flag-lock feature that locks the flag efficiently. It is also very simple but intelligent and well-built. The package includes a carabineer, a sturdy case, a soft cleaning cloth, and an operation manual so that you may be able to use it conveniently.

With all the features a professional needs, Gogogo sports Vpro laser rangefinder is no other exception. It is a bang for a buck and the competitive features that golfers and hunters look for.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Offers high-precision distance measurement
  • Packed with multiple value-added features
  • Fully multi-coded optic lense
  • Accurate and easy to use


  • The clarity is affected when you adjust the focus


Do you need slope on a rangefinder for golf?

When measuring the elevation difference from fairway to hole, you need to estimate the accurate yardage to give the precise shot. The slope function helps you find it, and you can choose the right club accordingly. Most golfers love to buy rangefinders with this function because it effectively improves the game.

However, one should disable this function while playing a competitive game because it is against the rules.

Most of the rangefinders come with the slope on/off switch control, through which you can disable the function for legal tournaments. All of our best picks contain this function so that you can use the rangefinders in all golf events.

What’s the difference between slope and non-slope rangefinder?

The difference is that one accounts for the elevation while the other does not. The slope has a lot to do with the game because it affects the distance of the ball, arrow, or bullet. The slope rangefinder is illegal for any golf tournament. However, it is a useful instrument to improve your game to the next level. It can be used when playing a friendly golf game with friends, family, and acquaintances.

Check out our best budget golf rangefinder here. 

Long Bombs Golf Final Say:

All in all, there are a few utility rangefinders that will work perfect for golf and hunting. So, you do not need to dish out the money on two different products, these rangefinders are the best on the market. We hope that one of them grabbed your attention so that you can dial in your golf game and take down that big game easily.


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